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Found 41 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Let people know when you are typing. Suggestion Description: When you begin to type in chat, there should be a Text on top of your truck below your username. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It will be a nice little feature to add, and might be pretty useful. edit - removed some spelling mistakes
  2. Suggestion Name: Possible fix: Kick for Unreliable Connection Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, since TruckersMP refuses to do a reconnect button I have another Solution. Me and every single of my Friends have the same problem: If we are trying to go to the mechanic or garage in a city were many players are you get kicked for unreliable connection. So i dare to argue that this problem has everyone. Problem: you can't spawn in cities with many players. So the explanation is that you get kicked because you are having a to high ping while connecting. This is only a thesis but I'm pretty sure its like that. But anyways: The solution: What ever trigger this message /kick -- make an exception: Option 1: To not trigger in an No-Collision Zone. Note: This Option can also be Modified with Option 2/3. Option 2: A little timer so you can load everything. Option 3: To not trigger until the game from the user is FULLY synchronized. Note: When you are in a queue you also first load the map and then (if u are queue 0) you sync to the multiplayer. (= connect with delay -- but you still get (sometimes) kicked because you have to load much at once) I hope this problem is going to get fixed. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This would make the gameplay much nicer and fix peoples problem
  3. Suggestion Name: To clearify the rules to remove abuse and/or grey areas. Suggestion Description: There are some rules that are unclear. I was recently banned just because of a rule being too unclear. For example, there used to be a rule regarding useless traffic. The question was, what exactly was useless traffic? The way I understood it was that basically, driving on a very populated road without any true reason was considered useless traffic. But the issue was, how would a moderator know that a player did not have any business being on that road? They couldn't, so it basically became a guessing game. I just noticed this rule was gone, but it's still a solid example as it becomes up to the moderator to choose whether they want to punish a user or not. Another example of a rule we still have is part of the §1.5 rule which states; The biggest issue I am having with this rule is that it have "normally" in it. "Normally" should NEVER be in a rules page. It basically gives a game moderators the choice to kick/ban a user or not. And it can come down to whether this game moderator have a good or bad day, whether they like or dislike a user and so on. It basically enables corruption. I recently got kicked and banned because I said in-game that doing a certain thing was idiotic, I've also talked with other players who claim the same. And this is also something I often see in-game by other players, including staff members. But the rules page states that such light, or sometimes called "polite", insults are normally not punished for, unless abused. In a case I know, I believe a moderator had a bad day, as they were part of the heavy traffic, probably lagging a bunch and had to deal with many troublemakers and doing exactly what was said to be idiotic, which puts them at a bias. So there is no wonder the choice was to kick, and later add a ban, because apparently they could by the rules, or at least how they interpreted the rules. There just has to be clear what words are and aren't allowed. "Idiot" seems not to be allowed, as I've learned from a feedback ticket, because the case was about what was "normally" and not. We also have rule §1.9 which states; The way "normally" is interpreted favours the moderator more than the player in the case of rule §1.5, just because of this "normally". The rules should be in place to protect users, from players but also punishments from the staff members. I'm saying it is to protect users from punishments because unclear rules can be misunderstood or interpreted in different ways. Just like words like idiot can be interpreted in different ways. Why should it be added?: §1.9 states that ambiguities are to be reported, so this suggestion is sort of a report to remove the ambiguity and clearify rule §1.5. EDIT: I'd like to add that I was just told by Game Managers of TruckersMP that "staff can decide to ban or not for any offence, whether it's written or not it doesn't hide the fact that we have the right to issue punishments when and if deemed necessary". Apparently Moderators are allowed to punish users however they like, even if it goes against their own rules or is not within their rules at all. I'd almost suggest removing the rules all together, because it doesn't even seem to matter.
  4. Suggestion Name: dangerous people warning Suggestion Description: A Banner, colored name or symbol in front of the name to show other players that someone was banned at the last week or two, or to show that a player has more then for example 5 bans (5 and more could get Yellow so you got a difference between players who got banned shortly and often banned players Any example Images: Why it should be added: it should be added so players who are not paying attention to the rules are shown to every player so they can be more carefull drivin around those, and also when everyone knows that you can get banners or colored names like this showing that you are ramming and doing bad things to players maybe they will stop chrashing and trolling. I took 2 examples of how it could look, if anyone has ideas tell me under the post
  5. Suggestion Name: As the title. Suggestion Description: Send notification Any example images: N / A Why should it be added?: As Promods is compatible with TruckersMP, many players are enjoying Pro Mode. But often, there are many promods application errors or questions posted on the TruckersMP forum. I would like to suggest one to prevent this problem. 1. Display a message if the DLC is not recognized - If you have downloaded all Promods mode files and you do not have all the map DLCs (this includes Scandinavia DLC, Going East DLC, Vive le France! DLC, Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC), Does not. So if you find that a DLC is not owned on TruckersMP, it would be nice to let them know about the DLC you don't have. 2. If Promods Files Are Insufficient, Message Pops Up for Missing Files - When you download Promods with the current paid version, you need to apply 15 mod files. However, when downloading a mod, many users do not receive a def file, so many users do not apply Promods. So I would like to add a system to report missing mod files. I think of it in this case. If you solve this case alone, many players will be able to resolve the error quickly. Thanks to all the administrators who always manage TruckersMP and multiplayer.
  6. If a person types out a filtered curse word, it will replace it with hashtags or a warning message saying "Don't Curse!". Instead of forcing kicks and bans upon hundreds of people that swear throughout a server, wouldn't it be easier to just eliminate swearing as a whole? This system can save in-game admins tons of time and it will be really effective, simply just add common curse words to a blacklist and there, if someone swears, the server will either turn that message into hashtags, or it will send a warning to the person saying "Don't Curse!", and if they curse 3 times, the server will issue either a kick or a 1-3 day ban for the person that cursed. This once again, saves in-game moderators/admins lots of time as they can respond to serious offenses.
  7. Suggestion Name: Travel Conditions Signs Suggestion Description: The travel conditions signs would be signs that would inform players about the traffic in different cities. Any example images: Why should it be added?: If I am going to Brussels and I am traveling the CD road, I am going to want to know what the traffic is going to be like in Brussels i.e: Mild, Congested, Heavy, etc. Instead of stopping on the side of the road, causing more problems for other drivers, and check my phone for a traffic update, it would be right in front of my face in game! I think this addition will help reduce traffic hazards on the roads making the game more enjoyable for everyone.
  8. Suggestion Name: Make double trailer jobs. Suggestion Description: Double trailers are now allowed in Europe outside an area, but to use one in France for exemple, you must buy it in Scandinavia(so you must own the DLC) and then drive towards France... where there are no jobs available. I suggest you to add "parts" of this mod (link) or to make one similar, it allows you to buy a double trailer in Europe, and it add cargoes for it. It also adds double trailers in freight market, but I think that it is not a good idea because everyone would use it... Any example images: --my images are bigger than 500kb-- IMG1 IMG2 Why should it be added?: If it is added, it would help to integrate double trailers in the game! I am French so sorry if my english is bad
  9. -Suggestion Name:Default SCS Truck Swap -Suggestion Description: Swap trucks in both games. -Example Images: -Why should it be added? This is a little far fetched and not very plausible, but what if you could drive your favorite american semi truck in ETS 2, or your favorite European semi truck in ATS, in Multiplayer? That would be cool. The first image show, a Scania truck at a Peterbilt dealer in ATS. The second image shows a Peterbilt hauling a load in ETS 2. Like I said, a little over the top, but still a wish nonetheless.
  10. Suggestion Title:Reconfigure Option Suggestion Description:The option to reconfigure the TruckersMP app with maybe a wizard without having to reinstall it Why it should be added: This should be added because I am sure someone has already installed the truckersMP app then bought eather American Truck simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 when the app has already been configured for the other game.
  11. Hello truckers! I found an idea to improve the TruckersMp server and having a RolePlay side has it all! Let's start ... Description of suggestion: My suggestion basically allows the boss of each company to check the status of employees and their journey. I basically summarize a system that allows to see the information of the employees such as: Trip, Time of departure, Time of arrival, Companies, Amount won, etc ... This will give a fairly RP side to the game and allow to pay the employees thanks to the money that employees have earned ie if the mission is 1000 € low they will earn 750 € because 15% will be for the boss and the boss will decide to make a transfer to the employee in question roughly one system like http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/ but no longer develop Why should it be added ?: Because it will give a realistic side to the game by forcing people to make cards for their bosses to earn money is clearly better and RP and fun! Drooxy
  12. Hi why TMP don't have rain for all players in online mod?!!!
  13. Suggestion Name: Trailer for Scout Car Suggestion Description: I'm from the GCEE escort group, and I have a suggestion for a trailer with "arrows" for trajectory guidance. The same as random events in the course of the game (construction). When engaged with the escort car and the activation of the rotating lights, we could use the "traffic controller" in safe locations and without blocking the highway, to guide participating players on the way to the conclusion of the convoy. Why should it be added?: For players and convoy managers who use the painting "escort", be able to have a mechanism that brings more safety, driveability of participants and which significantly reduces any unexpected "event" during your convoy. Any example images:
  14. Suggestion Name: as the title Suggestion Description: This is the system that you think would be better if you added it from the event server. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I've always thought about it for a better escort while holding many events. Here's an example I've been thinking about. 1. Request for change of nickname color to event server requester. - When requesting an event server, according to your manager, Manager want to know the event staff clearly. So, in the case of event staff, we usually write "Event Staff" on the tag. However, if you see the event staff without stopping, it is difficult to determine exactly. If you're not an event staff member of each team, I hope that at least as many nicknames as the event server requester can be colored so that the participating team, individual participants, and administrators can recognize them. 2. Added notification commands only from the event server. - Event servers often have server requests centered around them, guiding them through server notifications. But sometimes, it's hard to command a regular chat. ( ex. If the port of Calais is the origin, no chat is visible in the city of Calais. ) To supplement this, I would like to grant permission to event server requestors to write down announcements. (not red announcements like Game Moderator, but a system that can notify all users) You usually do events of the server, free roaming is prohibited. But when you lead a convoy, you often see Free-Roameras, so it's hard to control them. I hope that this will add further notice. 3. I hope that Tab will show all users who connect to the server only for the event server - As I mentioned earlier, Free-Roaming is prohibited on most event servers. In order to find these users, I want to know the location of all users on the server. (Press Tab to check the distance of all users, not just users, within 1km. ) Once the system is introduced, it will not only prevent Free-Roamer but also provide more accurate information about users who have broken the rules. 4. When connecting to an event server with temporary rules, I would like you to let me know more about temporary rules, such as the notification that comes when the TrucksMP Rule changes. - Many event staff, or the master of each team, often write temporary rules when requesting an event server. However, there may be users who participate in events without reading these temporary rules properly. To warn you of these users first, we would like to have a temporary rule alert issued. 5. kick system modification - Kick automatically for user when a large number of reports are received. - For the first team to host the event, you may not be able to obtain support from the Game Moderator. TeamAudi's Alliance Clan Team Coupang also didn't get support because they didn't know how During the escort, the troller may interfere with the escort. Of course you can call us web-report, but at that time the escort event must be in progress, and we can't cut it off in the middle. In order to prevent this, I hope you can change the kick system and automatically click the user on the server if you receive a lot of reports. Although not all of the parts I requested can be reflected in the event server, I thought it would be nice to have this added, so I came up with a suggestion. Although my proposal may not be possible, I hope it will give you a chance to think about it. I would like to thank you for all the TruckersMP Staff's efforts to keep TruckersMP clean. Always have a good day.
  15. Hello I have an Idea to improve gameplay: Suggestion Name: Ingame Reconnect Suggestion Description: An Button or command ingame that alllows you to reconnect to the server without restarting the game and/or reloading the map Any example images: - Why should it be added?: So you dont have to restart the game if you get kicked because your afk for example. It can also help for bad pc´s so they can load in and just reconnect without loading the map again.
  16. Suggestion Name: Copy from ingame chat Suggestion Description: Currently you cant copy stuff from the chat. I suggest to make that able Any example images: - Why should it be added?: It would make it much more comftible, for example to copy others TMP ID.
  17. Hi Team! My suggestion is.... add please hungarian GPS voice into the TruckersMP client. It's not a simple GPS voice, it's a funny GPS voice also. Until You drive, You will much more enjoy the drive! Here the URL where from possible download the GPS voice: Click Here! Thanks!
  18. Suggestion Name: Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights" Suggestion Description: Add a message [with a beep] in the Navigation. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I've got kicked of the servers many times before because I didn't had my headlights on [according to the game]. It would be a great addition to add a beep and a message at the navigation-system to "Turn on your headlights within 20 seconds or you'll be kicked from the session". And why 20 seconds? Because there are people at TruckersMP/ETS2 who are new and still need to have the chance to get used to their button-layout/keyboard-config. Let's hope that the devs/mod-creators will consider this option if possible.
  19. Hello! I'd like to share a suggestion of mine for in-game features. I'd love to see the following... Let me know what you think, I will take any opinions Suggestion Name: Speed Limit removal adjustments. Suggestion Description: As TruckersMP is mostly about trying to implement the realism into play, I thought it would be a great idea to also match the national speed limits for motorways in different countries (e.g... No speed limit in Germany), although I would recommend not to decrease the speed limit any lower than what it is right now which, I believe at the moment the speed limit is 150 kilometres per hour everywhere, at least on EU2. This could be done by a similar method which was used for the double trailer restricted areas. Why should it be added?: This should be added because it adds more realism and accuracy into play, which most players would love to see. Feel free to disagree, just please provide a reason alongside. Best Regards, Zombiez
  20. Suggestion Name: Change the: You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your truck message. Suggestion Description: It changes the message when you are moving and try to go into menu Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because, cars have been added so it would make more sense to have it as : You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your vehicle. .
  21. Suggestion Name: Timestamps in the in-game chat Suggestion Description: As a prefix to a players name time would be shown in the format of [h: mm tt] Any example images: Yup, take look below Why should it be added?: Detailed video reports, abusive chat reports or just nostalgia triggers when you take a look at old screenshots. I'd love to hear the thoughts of other players.
  22. Sup truckes! So I was wandering if it is possible to add van transportations for TruckersMP. We have Scouts with caravans so why not to have for example VW Crafters or Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that we can drive and transport cargo in. It could be drivable in 2 types of jobs. 1.: Cargo only in van. It would be A-B transportation without trailer. 2.: Cargo in both van and trailer. Trailer would work just like caravans for Scouts. It would also make the traffic more varied so we will be finally meeting something else than just trucks and Scouts. What do you think about it?
  23. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @heyhococo. Bonjour à tous ! Vous souhaitez envoyer une suggestion aux développeurs de TruckersMP ? Voici donc un guide assez rapide pour vous expliquer comment envoyer une bonne suggestion aux développeurs de TruckersMP, pour avoir le plus de chance que votre idée soit acceptée et qu'elle arrive dans le jeu par la suite ! Avant toute chose, vérifiez que votre idée n'a pas déjà été proposée. Si vous allez dans le sous-forum des suggestions (pas n'importe où, juste suggestions) et que vous cliquez sur le barre de recherche en haut à droite de votre écran (ou la loupe si vous êtes sur un téléphone), et que vous cherchez votre idée, vous pourrez voir s'il y a des suggestions similaires, soit déjà acceptée/rejetée ou déjà ouverte aux discussions. Si votre idée est déjà ouverte aux discussions, vous pouvez ajouter votre avis/point de vue sur le sujet existant. (NOTE: Ne répondez pas juste avec "+1" ou "Je suis d'accord" ou quelque chose de similaire, cela n'ajoute rien d'important aux suggestions et votre message peut être caché par les modérateurs car cela *pourrait* être considéré comme du contenu inutile/spam). Il y a aussi un sujet sur le forum créé par un développeur expliquant les différentes suggestions qui seront automatiquement rejetées, ainsi que la raison: Tout changement en rapport avec le jeu lui-même comme des nouvelles cartes, de nouveaux camions, de nouveaux véhicules en général ou quelque chose qui modifie le jeu existant est à discuter avec les développeurs de SCS, et sera rejeté par l'équipe de TruckersMP car ils ne pourront pas changer le jeu lui-même. SCS a leur propres sous-forum des suggestions sur leur site web ici: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5 où vous pouvez poster les changements relatifs au jeu que vous souhaitez voir apparaitre. Aussi ne suggérez pas "plus de voitures" ou "bannissez toutes les voitures" ou quelque chose à faire avec les voitures. Juste, ne le faites pas. Ensuite, toujours poster dans la section New Suggestions (Nouvelles suggestions). Cela peut sembler ridicule de dire ça, mais croyez-moi, plusieurs personnes postent des suggestions en dehors du bon sous-forum. Donc soyez sûr que vous suggestions sont toujours dans le sous-forum "New Suggestions", voir le lien ici: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/8-new-suggestions/ Si vous postez n'importe où comme dans General Discussion, vous risquez que votre message soit archivé/supprimé car il sera dans la mauvaise section (Bien que la plupart du temps elles sont justes déplacées dans la bonne section et que l'on vous demande de modifier votre message pour suivre le format correct pour poster une suggestion). Rappelez-vous de garder ce format, cela permet aux autres de bien comprendre votre message et de poster des avis intéressants. Aussi, veuillez utiliser l'anglais pour les suggestions. Si vous avez besoin, demandez à quelqu'un de traduire correctement votre suggestion, ou commencez par la poster dans le sous-forum de votre langue, car très souvent Google Traduction n'aide pas du tout pour poster des messages. Maintenant que vous avez commencé à créer votre sujet, il est important de donner le plus de détails possibles. Si possible, ajoutez des images ou des vidéos de votre suggestion, car cela aide les gens à bien visualiser votre idée et à bien comprendre ce que vous voulez proposer. Si vous ne pouvez pas montrer d'images/vidéos, faites attention à donner assez de détails pour que les joueurs puissent comprendre ce que vous voulez changer/ajouter. Les idées vagues ne sont pas très bien comprises la plupart du temps, donc les gens ne sauront pas trop donner leur avis et votre suggestion ne sera pas déplacé en dehors de la section "New Suggestions" jusqu'à ce que vous éditiez votre post pour ajouter plus de détails. Après ça, votre post sera dans la section "New Suggestions" et un modérateur ou manager/développeur vérifiera rapidement, pour être sûr qu'elle n'a pas déjà été suggérée et que le format est respecté et qu'elle n'est pas destiné à SCS. Si votre idée rentre dans ces critères, le modérateur qui l'a vérifié la déplacera dans la section "Open for discussion" dans la bonne catégorie (Par exemple: In Game, Website, forums, etc.). Cette section est l'endroit où tous les joueurs peuvent écrire leur point de vue à propos de telle idée, et souvent ils vont écrire "+1" et une raison, ou "-1" et une raison pour que vous et les managers/développeurs puissent avoir une bonne idée de ce à quoi les gens pensent. Ils peuvent aussi vous donner de la "réputation" à votre message original s'ils aiment votre idée. Notez que les joueurs qui postent juste "+1" ou "-1" font du spam, donc ce genre de réponse sera caché par les modérateurs. Pour finir, après quelques temps dans la section "Open for discussion", un manager ou développeur ira regarder votre idée, et en fonction de ce qu'ils en pensent, il l'a déplaceront soit dans la section Rejected (Rejetée) soit dans la section Accepted (Accepted) (et éventuellement Accepted>Done). Ils donneront souvent une raison à la fin du sujet pour expliquer pourquoi ils l'acceptent ou la rejètent. Cette décision est souvent basée sur ce que pense les joueurs, si c'est possible que cela soit ajouté, et à quel point ce sera compliqué de l'ajouter. S'ils ont besoin de plus d'aide avec ce que vous souhaitez ajouter, ils laisseront votre sujet ouvert et demanderons plus de détails (bien que normalement vous auriez dû ajouter assez de détails lorsque vous avez posté votre suggestion ) afin qu'ils comprennent mieux ce que vous souhaitez. Et c'est tout ! Bonne chance pour faire de vos idées une réalité et à bientôt sur la route !
  24. Hello Forum ; By opening my own company and recruiting online players. making money is a good idea I think Good Forums Good Games
  25. The skoda cars should be removed. Because of all those who don't drive it properly. Moreover there is so much crashes because the car control is really hard. This is not a car driving game, thats a truck game. And cars are full of bugs. Cars want to overtake trucks but they cant because of the 110 km/h limit.
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