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Found 35 results

  1. Oracle

    Variable message sign

    Suggestion Name: Variable message sign Suggestion Description: actually, theres a lot of people playing tmp, this means theres a lot of traffic, which means a lot of accidents, well, a variable message sign would be cool, and useful, because tag is not really realistic. Why should it be added?: For informing people there is an accident or something else ahead Any example images?: yes
  2. Garrixon

    SCOUT New flat beacons

    Suggestion Name: SCOUT New flat beacons Suggestion Description: As the title says, I thought that adding new type of beacons, both yellow and blue would make driving experience a bit better. Example Images: Attached Why should it be added?: This should be in this game for ages now yet we don't have it, small thing that many users can enjoy, I can only guess but many users would like to have different type of beacons, this one is only simple flat design, but in my opinion it is something nice both us users and TruckersMP staff members can enjoy. [EDIT 26.04.2019] Additional Info: If staff needs me to take some photos of them, I have them both so I can take as many photos from whichever angle you like.
  3. Mohammadus

    More cars and engine options

    Suggestion Name: More cars and engine options Suggestion Description: It would be pretty cool to have more models of cars to chose as a scout, and also more engines to put into then. Any example images: More cars could be added, like hatchbacks, SUVs, maybe even some pickups. And some new engines are welcome too, like some more diesel engines, some naturally aspired, more turbo engines, maybe even a V6 or a V8. Why should it be added?: The players can express themselves very well with all those models of trucks, paintings and engines to choose from. But I think this should be something possible to do with the scout cars too. I would love to drive another car models with more engines to choose from, and I know I'm not the only one.
  4. DiZiO

    Maximum Speed for cars

    Suggestion Name: Maximum Speed for cars Suggestion Description: My suggestrion is to make speed limit for cars about 140KM/H Any example images: Sorry don't have any Why should it be added?: Many users and me have enough players in cars which overtaking trucks mainly down country roads and then they lose stability; and rollover; and then they blocking all road; and then making traffic jams. This idea was mentrion in this thread https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/30483-police-public-car-update-info/&page=27#comment-416343 and user @[GB]pete_agreatguy said its not bad idea Other reasons why should be added is amount of trolls will decrease same as amount of swearing words that ussually happen in those kind of traffic jams.
  5. Just_AHD

    Allison transmission for the Scout

    Suggestion Name: Add Allison Transmission Upgrade for the Scout Extra D Suggestion Description: Since the transmission is like a truck transmission, allison transmission will be realistic and with the same gear ratio of Manual Gearbox Any example images: Why should it be added?: Automatic transmission will be more realistic shifts like a real car. I know this not a car simulator.
  6. Toxic_Monster

    Scout Lightbars

    Can you add LED lightbars to the scout car? Also, Variable Message Boards would be nice. These boards should be able to be customized at any time with a command like /vmb <text here|clear>.
  7. Hello truckers and carrers! () It seems that a lot of you want to use the Scout car mod in singleplayer. Either just for fun, or to solve issues; like your car turning into an old Scania when you load your multiplayer profile in singleplayer. I have a simple solution that doesn't require you to download anything. This solution allows the game to use the files of the mod that came with the TMP client. It works by creating a symbolic link in windows, which will allow the game to find the files from multiplayer and use them in singleplayer. It works for both ETS2 and ATS. This will also make sure you always use the latest version released with the TMP client, until the devs change the file names or add additional files. There are two requirements: You need to have administrator rights on your computer and you need to have file extensions enabled. To enable file extensions, check this guide: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-extensions-in-windows Start by creating a new text (.txt) file. It doesn't matter where it's located or how you name it. Open the file and paste the following text: mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods\skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ats\mods\skoda_car.mp pause Save the file and change the filename from anything.txt to anything.bat Right-click on the file and execute it as an administrator. Administrator rights are required because the Scout files used by the TMP client are located in a system folder. If you don't own both of the games, you will see 2 errors. That's normal because this batch file tries to enable the mod for both games, regardless whether you own them. Now start the game and check the mod manager. You should see two new mods: "sh_skoda_car" and "skoda_car". Enable them both and you will be able to use the car in singleplayer. Happy trucking carring!
  8. alekexe

    Car savegame modding

    When the rules updated I have actually read them and found out about car modding. I decided to try it myself today, used Car Modification Guide from Forerunner(which is btw great) but I got in a weird situation. Even though "It is permitted to save edit default trucks' paint job on cars", which I did(I used Volvo FH16 Paint job A), I get kicked out of the servers because of invalid accessory set is detected. Am I in some gray area? Did I mess up with modding? What can I do to fix it? Please share the fix and explanation with me, it would be greatly appreciated. :))
  9. My car accelerated from 128km/h to 166km/h in 1 second:/ There is video:
  10. MirEso


    The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that you play with wireless keyboard and mouse, you log in, realize that your keyboard ran out of juice the second you hit the road and boom, kicked! This is just stupid bullying over rules you * made up! Get your minds straight. I understand it's really important for players not to drive as ghosts but this is stupid. Limits or everyone likes cars but SCS and TMP don't care about it. Let me show you the bitter truth! You had EU1 with realism. You made EU2 with cars and unlimited speed. You realized people like it more then your * 'realism' You added speed limit to EU2 because you *can't stand that people like something else then trucking 90km/h You give us arguments that there are less accidents, of course because all the normal players QUIT WHY haven't you made EUx server just to see if people would rather drive with speed limits? BECAUSE YOU KNEW THE ANSWER If you are so sure about the accidents rate, show us charts! Come on, do it. Show me the accident rate BEFORE and AFTER speed limitation. You have none? Oh my bad, wait NO. You made your heads on something based on your subjective feelings and force it upon your community as facts and reasons you make your decisions. That's what I call hypocrisy! If your report system worked, you would have all the data I'm asking you to show, but it doesn't work so you are left behind with 2 things: Unlimited power over your own product Wrath and anger over people who enjoy driving cars (200km/h on highways, overtaking, and all the other entertaining thigs) I usually drive on CD road 200kmh with overtaking and no accidents. I can even add a video for you to prove it. It's not about speed, it's about community. Your childish attitude mirrors in your players. You force your community to play by your rules just like a little kid that wants all his little friends to play with trucks, even tho they want to play with cars. You are a shame. SCS I'd explain myself very briefly. I added a whole A4 page to their forum about what should be changed, what should be added. I'm not going to post the link here unless someone asks for it, but the answer to my ideas and suggestions (which would have been a real enrichment for both community and wallet of SCS) was unexpected and came from one of their testers: 'The game is fine as it is, I don't think anything should be added' Tell me what kind of company doesn't give a * about it's customers and only thing in it's eyes is profit and milking the same old game over and over again by creating paid DLC maps which aren't that hard to make. I doubt they pay more then 7k for one DLC to make and milk their fans in one of the worst ways. I am very angry with you, you ruined my all time favorite game just because YOU want to play it by your own way. Shame on you
  11. ChrisMaveGR

    Scout Car Wipers Malfunction

    Hello , could you please fix the UK version of car SCOUT . I'm here reporting a windscreen wipers bug . Thank you very much . Suggestion Name: Windscreen Wipers Malfunction Suggestion Description: UK's version Scout's wipers are moving but aren't wiping any water/rain off the windscreen + the turning radius is a bit small (on EU and UK model) and would be better for them to extend to the edge of the windscreen when operating and reach high-end-extended . Any example images: My low quality sample picture below Why should it be added?: Because it does not function at all *As seen on the picture below droplets at right and left side of the wiper exists , the wipers move but don't affect water* http://prntscr.com/ln4tij
  12. ChrisMaveGR

    Scout Car Wipers Malfunction

    Hello , could you please fix the UK version of car SCOUT . I'm here reporting a windscreen wipers bug . Thank you very much . Suggestion Name: Windscreen Wipers Malfunction Suggestion Description: UK's version Scout's wipers are moving but aren't wiping any water/rain off the windscreen + the turning radius is a bit small (on EU and UK model) and would be better for them to extend to the edge of the windscreen when operating and reach high-end-extended . Any example images: My low quality sample picture below Why should it be added?: Because it does not function at all *As seen on the picture below droplets at right and left side of the wiper exists , the wipers move but don't affect water* http://prntscr.com/ln4tij
  13. Suggestion Name: Official skins for scout car Suggestion Description:Hey guys, this is my first post on forum, so i want to bring this suggestion, add the official company paints for scout cars Any example images: Why should it be added?: Think it will help the VTC's, and add more different types of skins on game
  14. SkyMas7er23

    Can we mod the Scout car?

    Hello, I have a question - because I've already seen somewhere that we have permission to mod the Scout car (at least the wheels), I want to know how to? I've been searching tutorials, etc. on Google around 10 minutes, but I do not found anything. So I would like to know is there any possible way to mod the car, and to be visible for the others? If yes, please, tell me how. I will be very thankful ! Thanks!
  15. Gjeaneman

    I can't find a caravan (ets2)

    I have restarted the game several times and done g_force_economy_reset but nothing helps, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
  16. now_max

    Scout does not switch gears

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.31.1s) Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard & mouse Description of Issue: Scout does not switch gears. First time gears switchs from first to third. And after it gears doesn't switch. How to reproduce: Just ride Scout Videos:
  17. Guest

    Scout Dashcam POV

    Hello. recently I saw this video about Bad Drivers in Europe in a Dashcam POV in the scout. I got a question: How can I get this view? Does somebody have a mod or something? I already tried editing a Unlimited Seats Mod and set the paths to the scout but it didn't work. I really want to try the dashcam POV out
  18. To preface: I am referring to the Scout Extra_D Standard. (Trucks will not encounter this issue) What's Happening: The car will not exceed 47 km/h (not MPH), and right after it reaches that speed, it will slowly decline to around 30 km/h, and no amount of acceleration will help. This is both within city limits and on the highway. I am in Europe 2, which is an unregulated server for car speed, or cars in general. What I've tried: I tried shutting off the speed limiter in-game (which should be 90 km/h, but nonetheless, I tried). It actually will not shut off, when I untick the box, it will simply retick itself. (This issue is non-existent when I use a truck) I tried shutting off the speed limiter in the TruckersMP setting. This was already off and won't turn back on without my conscious decision. I tried selling my old Scout car and buying a new one. Nothing changed. Not sure what else to say. This is a very strange glitch. If you need any follow-up information to address my problem, I'm ready to provide. Thank you so much in advance.
  19. This is rather strange, I've been seeing it everywhere. It's always "cars are an issue" blah blah blah. Just to lead you into this, cars are a good transportation to discover the map when you want to take a break from following the GPS, sure, you could do that with a truck, but is it really that great? Slow acceleration, forced to follow the truck limits, is that what heaven is to you? Sure, cars cause problems, but that's only how it seems to you. It's the driver, not the vehicle. Just because the bad drivers have coincidentally chosen the cars doesn't mean it wouldn't happen without cars. They're just as reckless, regardless of the vehicle. As for the car drivers, to improve your driving skills with the magnificent (totally) Scout Extra_D, try following the speed limit and increasing your breaking intensity to 100%
  20. DJFrontier

    Novo Giroflex e Strobo nos Scouts?

    Galera seguinte, com essa nova DLC que saiu, vejo que entrou um novo carro (ou uma vanzinha) escolta e principalmente vejo que existe uns novos Giroflex e Strobos (cor branca) no carros escolta na parte offline do jogo, queria saber se os desenvolvedores do TrucksMP iram adicionar esses novos acessórios no Scout Extra_D, seria bem melhor um novo giroflex e um par de strobos nesse carros, e será que eles iram adicionar aquela vanzinha escolta também? eu sei que os strobos e giroflex já estão prontos, basta fazer uma conversão e ajustar algumas coisas em seu código para adicionar ele no MP, pelo menos isso acho que deveriam fazer, ta na hora de uma mudança no visual dos carros Pilots nessa questão de segurança <3 DJFrontier - Escolta Oficial do Servidor South America
  21. Mazzi8732

    Where's the car?

    I bought a new PC and first game I wanted to play was ETS2 MP But now that I want to buy the car, its not there... Ive reinstalled the game, reinstalled the mod and restarted the pc a few dosin times. Can you upload the mod somewhere or? Everything is full updated, but it's still missing and im tired of waiting for it to fix itself.
  22. bryangullickson

    Scout Missing floor texture ATSMP

    Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Scout car has missing textures in ATSMP How to reproduce: Drive any variant of the Scout car in ATSMP Screenshots / Videos:
  23. Tanker751

    How I can buy a car on MP?

    Hello everyone, I saw online on TruckersMP some ppl that were able to use a Skoda car (Superb or Scout) and I'm wondering how to drive sometime with one of them as well... Any tips? Like if it is a mod where to download it? To be clear I'm referring only on normal car, not police or pilot ones (I'm assuming them are only for admins, right?) Tnx!
  24. DJFrontier

    Faça jus ao titulo ESCOLTA (Scout)

    Nick: DJFrontier Sim, existe gente que usa os carros para o bem e faz jus ao nome ESCOLTA. O maior comboio que já escoltei sozinho, foi perfeito <3, agradeço a CTI Logística. E aos que usam os carros para causar acidentes, vocês são a pior especie do trucksmp! ___________________________________________________________________________ [ENGLISH] Yes, there are people who use the cars to serve the good and lives up to the escort name. The biggest convoy I've ever escorted alone, was perfect <3, thank CTI Logistics. And to those who use cars to cause accidents, you are the worst kind this game
  25. Lukiskywalker

    Infiniti Money with Car

    Mod Version: Controllers Used:Keyboard + Mouse Description of Issue: You can get Money for free if you have the Car How to reproduce:If you choose Rims at the Car (doesn't matter which),don't buy it and swap back to the original rims,you get 18.000 for free Screenshots / Videos: