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  1. Suggestion Name: SCOUT New flat beacons Suggestion Description: As the title says, I thought that adding new type of beacons, both yellow and blue would make driving experience a bit better. Example Images: Attached Why should it be added?: This should be in this game for ages now yet we don't have it, small thing that many users can enjoy, I can only guess but many users would like to have different type of beacons, this one is only simple flat design, but in my opinion it is something nice both us users and TruckersMP staff members can enjoy. [EDIT 26.04.2019] Additional Info: If staff n
  2. make sure you have the newest .net FRAMEWORK and Direct-X installed, also you can check java, check for viruses.
  3. If this is logitech g27, you will need to download Logitech Profiler, which cant be found on logitech main wepsite. If you connected the wheel without the drivers to your computer, it would be necessary to manualy remove drivers which installed with the steering wheel.
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