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  1. The skodas are too powerful they should be slowed down with a more powerful option for admins.
  2. Can you add LED lightbars to the scout car? Also, Variable Message Boards would be nice. These boards should be able to be customized at any time with a command like /vmb <text here|clear>.
  3. Thanks everyone, I have worked out the problem and fixed it/worked out a solution. Toxic_Monster Toxic Monster Logistics CEO crash.log last_crash.log game.log.txt
  4. Every time I go into accessories on scout extra d my game crashes. Any advice?
  5. Who is allowed to use police cars? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi @Crashon and @JJay, Thank You for your help I have decided to settle with TrucksBook. Do you want to join my company? It is called Toxic Monster Logistics with the lovely five min photoshop logo.
  7. I am not sure either, are you allowed short lettering on your licence plate? Currently I have 3 letters but if that is not allowed I would happily change that.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a VTC panel and can't quite find any that suit my needs. If you own a VTC can you give me a link to the VTC panel that you use. If you don't have a VTC but know of VTC panels that might help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks [TML] Toxic_Monster
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