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  1. Also important to know: §3 - Save Editing Causing extreme lag or game crashes by save editing is not permitted. Extreme lag will not occur from duplicate parts unless the amount is truly excessive. If you save edit to create a very long trailer combination but cannot safely handle it, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving and/or blocking and it is recommended that you remove the particular modification(s). If the Game Moderation Management thinks that your modification is not fit for our servers or negatively impacts other people, you are liable to be banned until the modification has been removed. With best regards, Saugi
  2. So it still happens but with another crash reason I believe. Newest game log: game.log.txt
  3. Update: This time it's a completely different crash reason, look at the lines below: I could play for 2 hours and 43 minutes before it crashed. Last time I played for like 2 hours or something and it didn't crash, so maybe the error which I had before is fixed somehow because it isn't the same error like before, is it? Kind regards, Martin
  4. Okay so it's working now for like 2 hours. I'll give you an update tomorrow if it still does work or not. Let's hope for the best. ?
  5. Hey @ASIR [CZE], like I said I've already created a topic and I'll try to delete the config, thanks. My GPU is not overclocked and I've never tried to overclock it. MSI Afterburner tells me the standard values for my GPU. And also it doesn't crash the whole time in the singleplayer, it was only one time when I created a new profile and tried to buy a truck. Someone told me to change uset r_buffer_page_size "10" to "30" and I thought it works because I could drive to more than 1 hour. But after restarting the game and driving 5 minutes it crashes again. And like I said it's only the Scout, I didn't have this problem with a truck. Newest game log: game.log.txt
  6. Hi, like I said I can't play the game with OpenGL because I only have 20-30 FPS in Singleplayer while everything is clear. In the Multiplayer it's even worse. But anyways thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately I've tried it a few times already. ? I can reinstall DX11, can't I? If yes, how do I do that? I mean it worked before but since christmas it crashes... Nothing has changed except of my new G29 and the Trucky Overlay (which I uninstalled recently). I've even tried to switch from LGS to GHub because there was a device error. After that the device error disappeared but it still kept crashing.
  7. Suggestion Name: Change the 2nd or 3rd gear of the Scout Suggestion Description: I suggest to change the 2nd or the 3rd gear of the Scout because if you gear up from the 2nd to the 3rd gear, the RPM goes down drastic. That sounds bad and makes it more hard to shift up. The same thing when you're shifting down but then the RPM jumps up very hard. The best thing I would do is to higher the 2nd gear because it doesn't make any difference when you're in the 1st or 2nd gear. It's kind of almost the same. Why should it be added?: It makes it easier to shift and sounds better. With best regards, Martin
  8. More infos: SCS Forum, there you can find my first post. Hey, I've got a problem. My ETS2 is crashing after like 1-60 minutes when I'm driving the Scout in the Multiplayer. The TruckersMP support couldn't help me and told me I should ask in the SCS Forums, but I still didn't find a solution. So I wanted to make a parallel thread next to the other one, maybe someone can help me here. More details below. I'm using: Windows 10 64 Bit Intel i7-2600 GTX 780 16 GB RAM Log file: Game Log: https://pastebin.com/dG6gEU9V Game crash: https://pastebin.com/eHqZzute [...] 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] error creating render target view 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] meta_copy: failed to create SRV (0x887a0005) 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] error creating render target view 00:01:44.331 : <ERROR> [dx11] meta_copy: failed to create SRV (0x887a0005) [...] It continues forever... Location: Everywhere, it always happen after 1-60+ minutes driving the Scout. The location doesn't mind. Game Settings: Mid-High, running smoothly with 70+ FPS. Mods: No mods except of TruckersMP. I've already tried: Reinstall TruckersMP Reinstall ETS2 run in OpenGL (very bad performance and buggy) make an sfc /scannow update and reinstall NVIDIA drivers delete all overlays I can installed SpedV again and try to reset the settings use an older savegame make another profile Problem / More details: I can drive every truck as long as I want. But when I drive the Scout in the Multiplayer, the game crashes after a few minutes because of an DX11 error. So to try it yourself you need TruckersMP and a Scout. Then drive it for like 1 hour and look if it crashes or not. It's only me having the problem because nobody has reported it before. So someone told me to change some settings: uset cf_asus_aura "1" to "0" and uset cf_razer_chroma "1" to "0". But it didn't help as well. Then I tried a new profile in the singleplayer and it crashed after 30 minutes (game.log (3).txt). After reinstalling ETS2 the second time I've tried to play in the Multiplayer again and it crashed after 2 minutes with this game log: game.log (4).txt I really don't know what to do... It's unplayable. ? I hope somebody can help me. Kind regards, Martin
  9. Yeah that's normal, just turn them on then you won't get kicked. I think it's because of the snow mod. It changes the times when it gets darker/brighter but I'm not sure. But did you fix your problem?
  10. Hey @owen80898, I would like to know if you use VoiceMeeter or something. Check your audio settings ingame and in Discord, maybe you've just missclicked somewhere. Kind regards, Martin
  11. We have enough trucks, why we don't get more cars? I mean it's a great idea and I really like it, for me it would be greater if the vehicles will be permanent. But anyways still a great idea, I really appreciate your work! ? I think so because it wouldn't make any sence else. ?
  12. Hab jetzt auch das Problem, jedoch nur wenn ich mit einem Scout fahre. ETS und TMP schon neuinstalliert, sfc /scannow durchgeführt (es hat sogar 1 Fehler gefunden jedoch war der anscheinend nicht relevant) usw..
  13. Hey, I've already done what you told me to do. The version is up to date and I already use Geforce Experience. Next time I'll start it as an administrator, maybe that'll really help. Best regards, Martin
  14. So I've reinstalled TruckersMP and now this error occured one time: 00:04:55.135 : <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create shader! (/effect/eut2/_shd/db0f73091daa45458e79f9990211293d.sm5x.fso) 00:04:55.137 : <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture (/vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/wheel/disc/disc_120_01_matt_gray_d.tobj) (0x887a0005) My G29 is running with Logitech Gaming Software and I tried different port already, doesn't help. With best regards, Martin
  15. Hey, I have a big problem. Always when I drive a skoda my game crashes. It crashes only when I'm driving the skoda, not a truck. Here's the newest game log: https://workupload.com/file/sTqWLNy3eDP I've already tried to delete the ETS2 shared, ETS2 and ATS files but nothing helped. Switching to OpenGL and back to DX11 didn't help. But I saw a little thing. Before my game crashes, there's a warning because of my steering wheel. I don't know if it does mind: With best regards, Martin
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