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  1. Hello. If you drive the car (skoda) in the game, do you also use the trailer (caravan)?
  2. Hello truckers and carrers! () It seems that a lot of you want to use the Scout car mod in singleplayer. Either just for fun, or to solve issues; like your car turning into an old Scania when you load your multiplayer profile in singleplayer. I have a simple solution that doesn't require you to download anything. This solution allows the game to use the files of the mod that came with the TMP client. It works by creating a symbolic link in windows, which will allow the game to find the files from multiplayer and use them in singleplayer. It works for both ETS2 and ATS. This will also make sure you always use the latest version released with the TMP client, until the devs change the file names or add additional files. There are two requirements: You need to have administrator rights on your computer and you need to have file extensions enabled. To enable file extensions, check this guide: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-extensions-in-windows Start by creating a new text (.txt) file. It doesn't matter where it's located or how you name it. Open the file and paste the following text: mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods\skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ats\mods\skoda_car.mp pause Save the file and change the filename from anything.txt to anything.bat Right-click on the file and execute it as an administrator. Administrator rights are required because the Scout files used by the TMP client are located in a system folder. If you don't own both of the games, you will see 2 errors. That's normal because this batch file tries to enable the mod for both games, regardless whether you own them. Now start the game and check the mod manager. You should see two new mods: "sh_skoda_car" and "skoda_car". Enable them both and you will be able to use the car in singleplayer. Happy trucking carring!
  3. Suggestion Name: Change the 2nd or 3rd gear of the Scout Suggestion Description: I suggest to change the 2nd or the 3rd gear of the Scout because if you gear up from the 2nd to the 3rd gear, the RPM goes down drastic. That sounds bad and makes it more hard to shift up. The same thing when you're shifting down but then the RPM jumps up very hard. The best thing I would do is to higher the 2nd gear because it doesn't make any difference when you're in the 1st or 2nd gear. It's kind of almost the same. Why should it be added?: It makes it easier to shift and sounds better. With best regards, Martin
  4. More infos: SCS Forum, there you can find my first post. Hey, I've got a problem. My ETS2 is crashing after like 1-60 minutes when I'm driving the Scout in the Multiplayer. The TruckersMP support couldn't help me and told me I should ask in the SCS Forums, but I still didn't find a solution. So I wanted to make a parallel thread next to the other one, maybe someone can help me here. More details below. I'm using: Windows 10 64 Bit Intel i7-2600 GTX 780 16 GB RAM Log file: Game Log: https://pastebin.com/dG6gEU9V Game crash: https://pastebin.com/eHqZzute [...] 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] error creating render target view 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] meta_copy: failed to create SRV (0x887a0005) 00:01:44.330 : <ERROR> [dx11] error creating render target view 00:01:44.331 : <ERROR> [dx11] meta_copy: failed to create SRV (0x887a0005) [...] It continues forever... Location: Everywhere, it always happen after 1-60+ minutes driving the Scout. The location doesn't mind. Game Settings: Mid-High, running smoothly with 70+ FPS. Mods: No mods except of TruckersMP. I've already tried: Reinstall TruckersMP Reinstall ETS2 run in OpenGL (very bad performance and buggy) make an sfc /scannow update and reinstall NVIDIA drivers delete all overlays I can installed SpedV again and try to reset the settings use an older savegame make another profile Problem / More details: I can drive every truck as long as I want. But when I drive the Scout in the Multiplayer, the game crashes after a few minutes because of an DX11 error. So to try it yourself you need TruckersMP and a Scout. Then drive it for like 1 hour and look if it crashes or not. It's only me having the problem because nobody has reported it before. So someone told me to change some settings: uset cf_asus_aura "1" to "0" and uset cf_razer_chroma "1" to "0". But it didn't help as well. Then I tried a new profile in the singleplayer and it crashed after 30 minutes (game.log (3).txt). After reinstalling ETS2 the second time I've tried to play in the Multiplayer again and it crashed after 2 minutes with this game log: game.log (4).txt I really don't know what to do... It's unplayable. ? I hope somebody can help me. Kind regards, Martin
  5. I was driving the Skoda car in Multiplayer and I needed to stop to grab something IRL and I came back and brought it on the highway and it’s stuck at 46mph. It won’t go any faster. Yes, I shifted gears, changed the engine, and repaired it. I never had a speed limiter and I was wondering if anyone could help me. Thanks!
  6. Sempre que eu me deparo com um carro durante a viagem, isso sempre me dá uma sensação de frio na barriga, aquela sensação de que um troll está se aproximando, mas lembrando que nem todos os motoristas de skoda são motins, há muitas pessoas boas que gostam de dirigir por prazer, mas esse medo nos dá que não podemos negar.
  7. Hello, I would like to save edit both of the pilot beacons onto the skoda. I would describe myself as reasonably proficient in save editing and I copied the extra accessory, before adding it to the list of accessories and changing the number of accessories by +1. Unfortunately, this did not work. How can I do this successfully? Regards, Quality_Productions
  8. Today I bought Scout but I can't find any caravan jobs for it (there always were when I played before). Do I need to buy my own caravan or I just can't find any jobs?
  9. Suggestion Name: Brake car boosting Suggestion Description:In my opinion, the brake should be like a trailer brakes, and if the brakes were suddenly braked, the car would be able to control it. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?:Because the brakes need to be stronger
  10. Suggestion Name: Maximum Speed for cars Suggestion Description: My suggestrion is to make speed limit for cars about 140KM/H Any example images: Sorry don't have any Why should it be added?: Many users and me have enough players in cars which overtaking trucks mainly down country roads and then they lose stability; and rollover; and then they blocking all road; and then making traffic jams. This idea was mentrion in this thread https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/30483-police-public-car-update-info/&page=27#comment-416343 and user @[GB]pete_agreatguy said its not bad idea Other reasons why should be added is amount of trolls will decrease same as amount of swearing words that ussually happen in those kind of traffic jams.
  11. Hello everyone, When speed got limited up to 110 kph, cars stopped to be too funny. That speed is slow because all trucks in game are going 110. 6th gear isn't usable anymore. And if you decided to do that, at least you can add more hp to cars. They are slow and you can't overtake truck easy. That makes a lot of dangerous situations because car can't accelerate in front of 700hp truck. 250hp car would be best option. Speed is limited to 110 kph so it won't be dangerous, but it would be actually safer for cars. ( and more interesting :)
  12. Obrigado a todos por visitarem este tópico, aqui serão postadas as fotos dos comboios semanais da GCEE, para vocês ficarem por dentro dos acontecimentos e quem sabe ver se você apareceu em nossas fotos . Estarei editando este tópico, removendo as fotos antigas e adicionando novas, toda semana. https://discord.gg/566tPxu Fotos por @sQCF - Beater, @[G.ACC]#01FALCON @David Edson: ~DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior GCEE | TruckersMP - Game Moderator COMBOIO GCEE - FOTOS OFICIAIS Neste comboio tivemos um total de 68 caminhões e administradores auxiliando no patrulhamento até o final da rota, obrigado a todos! Agradecendo a equipe TruckersMP que sempre nos acompanha em nossos comboios! @LUIG @Mike Dragon @Nataliia @aluizio' @OBrasileiro @[FC-COO] Flindix @Thiago_TMP ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fiquem ligados nos próximos comboios por este tópico abaixo que será atualizado toda semana! DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior GCEE | TruckersMP - Game Moderator
  13. Suggestion Name: Skoda unlimited speed Suggestion Description:As result from an very old truckersmp update The speed limit has been lowered to 110km/h. I agree The speed limit with The truck, but why does The skoda has to have IT too? If you are driving a skoda, and you want to overtake a truck and he is going with 110kmh you can t overtake him. And this is unfortunate because IT makes The game very unrealistic. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: IT makes The game more realistic.
  14. Suggestion Name: Obnoxious, loud and earraping car sounds has to be removed. Suggestion Description: This suggestion is to remove the really loud car engine from the mod. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Right, I first thought this was done by save editing, that people placed a truck transmission/engine into their car. I rarely drive cars in TruckersMP mod, so it wasn't important to me. But I was recently informed that this is actually default to cars in TruckersMP mod. And it's literally earrape. It should definitely not be in the mod. The noise is boisterous, loud and depending on how the car drives near you, it can go on for a prolonged period of time, and it can literally damage someone's hearing. I sincerely hope that damaging someone's hearing is not something you want or intended. I'd suggest temporarily disabling cars on all servers until it is fixed, instantly fix it or kick players who drive with said transmission/engine that causes this. I was told it was done by cars equipped with TSI Engines, I have not confirmed this myself though. EDIT: Thanks for whoever moved the thread to Add-On Suggestions. I completely forgot that the Skoda car is in fact an Add-On. ^^
  15. Suggestion Name: Official skins for scout car Suggestion Description:Hey guys, this is my first post on forum, so i want to bring this suggestion, add the official company paints for scout cars Any example images: Why should it be added?: Think it will help the VTC's, and add more different types of skins on game
  16. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, Oyunda hemen hemen hepimizin kullanmış olduğu socut marka araçların ekipman parçaları oyuncu ve yöneticiler arasında farklılık göstermekte. Üstelik yöneticilerin araçlarına takabileceği parçalar oyunculara göre oldukça fazla ve çeşit oranı yüksek. Bu konu hakkında bilet atarak konu hakkında çalışılabilir mi ve oyuncular içinde araçlarında kullanabileceği yeni parçalar gelebilir mi diye soru yönelttim. Gelen cevapta ise konun forumda tartışılması gerektiği, oyuncuların isteği doğrultusunda ise yeni parçaların gelebileceği söylendi. Sizlerde scout marka araçlarınıza yeni eklentilerin gelip, farklı çakar ve tepe lambalarını kullanmak istiyorsanız eğer fikrinizi mutlaka belirtin. Gelmesi muhtemel olan eklentilerin kısa süre içerisinde oyuncular ile buluşmasını dileyerek, iyi oyunlar, iyi çalışmalar. :)
  17. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, Forumda yeniyim. Forumu kullanmaya başlamadan önce "Önerilenler" kısmında istediğim şey için bi konu başlatayım dedim. Evet oyunda bulunan kişiye göre değişen sorun olan hız sınırı için Diyorum ki; - Hız Sınırı Multiplayer için Kaldırılsın ya da - Hız Sınırı Tır Sürücüleri İçin 120 Olsun, Skoda Araç Sürücüleri İçin 150 Olabilir. Öneri Hakkında Yorumlarda Bulunmayı Unutmayın Arkadaşlar İyi Forumlar.
  18. Suggestion Name: Ban Skodas and tractors with no trailers from Duisburg-Calais Suggestion Description: A ban for Skodas and single trucks (no trailer) from the Countryroad between Calais and Duisburg as specally 70-80% of all Skodas drive realy bad and overtake all the time. Also there are many of them ramming on purpose and queze through every tiny space in traffic jams. And they are useless and unnecessary trafic as they dont transport any goods. Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: It would reduce the trafic and overtakers on this very bussy road and would make this road saver for all normal driving players. Also, as our admins cant ban all of those bad drivers at once as there are to many bad drivers and not enough admins, it would be a useful improvisation.
  19. The skoda cars should be removed. Because of all those who don't drive it properly. Moreover there is so much crashes because the car control is really hard. This is not a car driving game, thats a truck game. And cars are full of bugs. Cars want to overtake trucks but they cant because of the 110 km/h limit.
  20. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @The_Wish. La voiture Scout Skoda est disponible pour tous les joueurs jouant sur le serveur EU#2 ainsi que sur les autres serveurs n'interdisant pas les voitures, et elle peut être acheté chez n'importe quel concessionaire de la map. Puisque les contrôles de cette voiture ne sont pas les meilleurs, je vais essayer de vous donner quelques astuces dans ce guide qui vous permettront de jouer avec les meilleures capacités de cette nouvelle voiture ! Je vais également passer en revue chaque fonctionnalité et chaque option de cette voiture, alors restez à l'écoute. Maniabilité Actuellement, la maniabilité de la voiture n'est pas des meilleures, mais si vous avez un volant, il vaut mieux mettre la sensibilité de direction à 0, si vous utilisez un volant à 270 ou 900 degrés en plus d'un clavier (pas vraiment testé pour un volant de 90 degrés). Faites attention à bien ralentir lorsque vous arrivez dans des virages serrés, sinon votre voiture basculera probablemen, car elle fonctionne de la même manière qu'un camion au niveau du handling (= tenue de route). Freinage Depuis que j'utilise le clavier pour contrôler ma voiture ou mon camion, je mets l'intensité de freinage autour de 75%, et ça fonctionne plutôt bien jusqu'à présent. Faites attention à bien contrôler votre vitesse lorsque vous arrivez à un intersection ou un carrefour à sens giratoire, car vous pouvez perdre le contrôle de votre véhicule (cela est déjà arrivé). Si vous avez des pédales, je vous conseille de laisser les paramètres par défaut. Vitesse La voiture ne peut pas aller au-delà de 150km/h, mais à grande vitesse (+ de 100km/h), la voiture devient plus difficile à contrôler et vous devrez vraiment faire TRÈS attention lorsque vous dépasserez quelqu'un. Acheter et customiser la voiture Comme Clarkinator a dit dans le sujet Police & Public Car Update, la voiture peut être acheté chez n'importe quel vendeur de camions au prix de 50 355€. Par défaut, elle possède un moteur 170cv TDI, une boite de vitesse manuelle à 6 vitesses (vous pourrez toujours conduire avec une boite de vitesse automatique à partir des réglages), un réservoir de carburant de 360L et l'intérieur "Standard" (en noir). Mais vous pouvez l'obtenir en y ajoutant des options. Premièrement vous pouvez choisir la peinture: soit une couleur personnalisée, une couleur métallique ou le skin Pilot (qui est grandement recommandé pour la gestion de convois, pas une conduite de tous les jours). De plus, vous n'êtes pas autorisé à avoir le skin Police ou les accessoires de police ! En ce qui concerne les options d'intérieur, vous pouvez soit mettre l'intérieur "Standard" soit l'intérieur "Exclusif", les deux sont très jolis ! Pour le moteur, vous pouvez mettre le 1,8L TSI ou le 2,0L TDI, ce dernier ayant 10cv de plus que le TSI ! Pour la customisation extérieure, il n'y a pas trop de choix pour le moment. Vous pouvez choisir d'avoir des feux anti-brouillards qui s'allument lorsque vous activez les feux de route, ainsi que les gyrophares Pilot ! Paramètres Merci à @Spongebloke, j'ajoute ces deux captures d'écran de mes réglages quand on utilise seulement le clavier avec une transmission automatique. Comment utiliser la voiture pilote lors d'un convoi ? Merci à @Ozy, voici son guide pour savoir comment utiliser correctement la voiture pilote. Vous pouvez le voir en cliquant ici. Conclusion et derniers mots C'était l'une des mises à jour que les gens ont le plus attendue, et je pense qu'ils ont pu enfin obtenir ce qu'ils avaient demandé. Une heure avant de créer ce sujet, je jouais sur TruckersMP et il y avait tellement de monde avec des voitures, et ça donnait encore plus un effet réaliste d'avoir des voitures et des camions sur la même route. Oui, il y a encore beaucoup à faire concernant la voiture, j'en suis sûr, mais c'est quand même une excellent ajout à ETS2MP et je suis sûr que les gens l'apprécient autant que moi. PS: Si vous pensez que quelque chose doit être ajouté, n'hésitez pas à me contacter en message privé (@The_Wish) ou bien postez un message à la suite de ce sujet. Merci d'avoir lu ce guide, j'espère qu'il vous aura aidé. Et n'oubliez pas, CONDUISEZ EN TOUTE SÉCURITÉ !
  21. Suggestion Name: Scania Touring 1.34.x Suggestion Description:Features bus: - independent bus model - hiqh quality 3D model - hiqh quality detailed interior - hiqh quality detailed exterior - passangers seats - the model has own interior– the model has AO Texture – A lot of Options And Addons – Interior Accessory DLC Ready! – Template Ready! - Indonesia Flag Cabin addon- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer - the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat - the choice of engine power - the choice of transmission and gearbox - the choice of wheels configuration - choice of color body / metallic paint / skins - correct position of the Scania logo - Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals; - The correct position of the player – There are external tuning - passangers mod included - Supports all major functions of the game - buy in Scania dealer Any example images: no Why should it be added?: because I like buses and that is something different than the truck and the skoda car and I think that most people also agree that there is a different type of vehicle than the truck and the car you and because there is 1 some cities is a bus stop and miss is therefore also ludic to add a bus and this is not so overpowert and not the bad so normal speed and acceleration
  22. Merhabalar ben yeniyim Skoda nasıl alıcam acaba? Steam atölyeden Skoda SuperB aldım ets2 yerine girerek ama oyunda nasıl aktifleştireceğimi bilmiyorum. Lütfen yardım edin.
  23. Can admin just remove that loud annoying Skoda engine sound? it's like 20db+ more noisy, it's earraping when ETS2 cabin sound is low as ****.
  24. Suggestion Name: Add new beacon for Skoda Suggestion Description: A lot of people like to have lot of light on their truck or car. I think a orange beacon at the back of the car can be good. It can be very good if we can control the lights (Right, Left and more ...) Any example images : Yes there is + a video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9DmH1n8Mbw&amp;t=] Why should it be added? For more signalisation, some cars are very nice people and help us to signal an accident.
  25. Здрасте! как сделать новые колеса на шкоде(имхо.) видел их на скринах где размещены изменения в правилах игры. спасибо!
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