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    The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that you play with wireless keyboard and mouse, you log in, realize that your keyboard ran out of juice the second you hit the road and boom, kicked! This is just stupid bullying over rules you * made up! Get your minds straight. I understand it's really important for players not to drive as ghosts but this is stupid. Limits or everyone likes cars but SCS and TMP don't care about it. Let me show you the bitter truth! You had EU1 with realism. You made EU2 with cars and unlimited speed. You realized people like it more then your * 'realism' You added speed limit to EU2 because you *can't stand that people like something else then trucking 90km/h You give us arguments that there are less accidents, of course because all the normal players QUIT WHY haven't you made EUx server just to see if people would rather drive with speed limits? BECAUSE YOU KNEW THE ANSWER If you are so sure about the accidents rate, show us charts! Come on, do it. Show me the accident rate BEFORE and AFTER speed limitation. You have none? Oh my bad, wait NO. You made your heads on something based on your subjective feelings and force it upon your community as facts and reasons you make your decisions. That's what I call hypocrisy! If your report system worked, you would have all the data I'm asking you to show, but it doesn't work so you are left behind with 2 things: Unlimited power over your own product Wrath and anger over people who enjoy driving cars (200km/h on highways, overtaking, and all the other entertaining thigs) I usually drive on CD road 200kmh with overtaking and no accidents. I can even add a video for you to prove it. It's not about speed, it's about community. Your childish attitude mirrors in your players. You force your community to play by your rules just like a little kid that wants all his little friends to play with trucks, even tho they want to play with cars. You are a shame. SCS I'd explain myself very briefly. I added a whole A4 page to their forum about what should be changed, what should be added. I'm not going to post the link here unless someone asks for it, but the answer to my ideas and suggestions (which would have been a real enrichment for both community and wallet of SCS) was unexpected and came from one of their testers: 'The game is fine as it is, I don't think anything should be added' Tell me what kind of company doesn't give a * about it's customers and only thing in it's eyes is profit and milking the same old game over and over again by creating paid DLC maps which aren't that hard to make. I doubt they pay more then 7k for one DLC to make and milk their fans in one of the worst ways. I am very angry with you, you ruined my all time favorite game just because YOU want to play it by your own way. Shame on you
  2. stop trying and repair the system that should prevent accidents, this is bulying. 220 is not racing, ill uploqd video and youll see...
  3. Thats why SCS should make their own standalone cars and buses so we wont use those made by turkish kids(no offense) that are build from trucks and act badly on roads. I've already made a suggestion on SCS forums but they seem all hyped up about cables(cables u cant even see if not driving this 'simulator' in 3rd person with rotated camera sideways.) and focus only on dlcs. But that doesnt change the fact that breaks work good, even better then truck's. No, I can drive 220 without causing accidents, I've done it like 50x on CD road, during the weekend ill get some recording software and show you all how to drivd corectly with some advices and tips. My record consist only one ban for insulting, I've always driven carefuly, yet fast, i know my limits and got patience as good driver must have. No, the reason why they added this limit seems to be to lower the accident rate. But in reality what would do the thing is functional report system, not this kind of bulying, same goes with 15seconds light rule, stupid bullying that helps no thing. I don't know what are you talking about, perhaps some forum-game connection but im on mobile now, tired. And to say, I'm playing the game once or twice a week, im busy, but i've got tons of hours played on car, theres no reason for me to make up stories, ill record you a video how do i drive
  4. Driving slow =/= driving safer! I can drive safe 220 km/h and I'm about to loose my # and record a video for you guys to prove you are all wrong. I don't care about your speed limits, I care about game limiting my engine! Learn the difference between what's given by the law and by the horsepower. NO! We are not talking about rules! Again, learn the difference between rules and horsepower limited by game! Stop making up numbers as you wish! And the fact that your max speed was 120km/h doesn't mean i can't go 220 on CD road, i've made it several times without accidents caused by me. So stop taking your low skills as arguments in discusion about speed limitation of engines... WHAT?! When you overtake, you ussualy want to maintain a speed thats at least 10km/h higher then the speed of car being overtaken. And if the overtaken car starts pushing throtle, you have to slow down and get back behind it. But that has nothing do to with engine limit set to 150km/h. It's called blocking of overtake. And this limit only makes evryone going the same speed, or make overtake maneuvers slower(imagine truck going 145 and car overtaking at 150, nonsense!). Or to make a fully functional ban system that kicks players that are reported for bad overtaking by more then one person in 10 minute radius. Nothing too complicated. But one musn't be lazy... Bro what is this nonsense? Lags? Desync? Nothing to worry while overtaking on highway, that's why there is a left lane and a fast lane mate. I really don't understand the concept of your highway 'overtaking'... Or you just can't take that there are better drivers who can do more then 150, or you simply forgot about the cars... Guess what, that's the reason why is evryone so pissed of because of this limitation. Not only it's unrealistic but totaly ### up For you hardcore truckers there's a server without cars, for us who play this whole game only because of cars, it's pain in the #. The breakes in cars are absolutely great, you just need to set it in the settings. You've just proven that you never played a car, yet deciding on what's good for us. I can drive with car at 220 or more. Just because you all lack the skill that I have, to drive a car properly in higher speeds without accidents, is not the reason to set engine limits. It's bullying!
  5. Terry A: If you have to slow down on !highway! not to pass the other truck "recklessly" then I really hope you don't drive a car irl... That has nothing to do with speed limitation! I really don't see any rational reason to limit speed in order to prevent this from happening. Are you even listening to the ... you are writing here? What? You are joking right now? You know what helps to prevent people from reckless driving? Functional reporting system, not this april joke MP platform uses! You are sucking these numbers out of your finger, aren't ya? Biggest server [EUROPE 2] capacity is 3700 players at once. IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE to make an automatic ban system! But in that case someone must be working on it, not just bragging and putting limits on his players. Haha this is so funny! Are you sane? Which car should have speed limit at 120km/h? And yes my mate! That's the point! With this limitation you've made overtaking almost immposible! What kind of reality is this?! WELL SAID! You are mah boy! Accidents in this game were, are, and will be ! Why are you guys trying to eliminate a crucial part of multiplayer simulator! THIS IS LIFE! Make an automatic teleport when car/truck rolls or engine gets 50+% damage ..and accident's are solved! 93mph is plenty fast? WHAT?! Just because you can't handle superb at 220kmh, doesn't mean I can't too! Haha lol get out... how does speed limitation solve any of this guy's offenses? I'm disturbed by new rules, your opinion PROVED WRONG! What does his driving have to do with speed limitation? I will drive in oposite direction be it 100km/h or 200 km/h... GET REAL! Just because you can't handle truck in higher speeds doens't mean I can't! When you steer on keyboard you are nowhere near the simulation, you can be playing both super mario and see no difference between ets2 and that! THATS RIGHT!
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