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  1. Cannot play on event server, honestly, usually get 190ms in EU 1 Sim (cuz i'm play from south america), in event keep get constantly kicked for 700ms, fix that, what a flop event
  2. Mine is the same thing, very populated areas i get this, but is weird, it start happens in 1.33 update, not know why, but thx for help :), will try the mouse thing
  3. So, i dont know right, i already reinstall but sometimes(like after 1 hour and half or 2 hours) i get the error,especially when i get a new job. Execute as admin give this aditional time, but the error still on my game, not so bad, but thanks for the help
  4. Yes, it was my mistake, thx for all answers, i already logged in and play normally, thx again guys
  5. So guys, i having a problem to login, i reinstall truckersMP laucher, and everytime i go to login i get the message "Invalid email or password" i already made a new password, i login in the truckers page normally, but in laucher its not work ''/
  6. Hey guys, i see others players with this same problem, since update to 1.33 become i got this error, its weird. i want to know if this have a temporary solution or i need wait till support team solve this
  7. I like the ideia, but, i dont know if someone said, but use just a few models(about 4 or 5). Like the lancer, peogeot 407, bmw and other 2. use all AI models can made the updates much bigger.. BTW hope the dev team think about it
  8. I saw your post on the topic of suggestions, I liked the idea. Since the caravan was introduced for the cars (which now became a service to deliver them) it would be nice to have the paintings of the companies in the cars.

    1. Roiekito


      i agree, maybe in future, caravans can have some special paint or a sticker to identify the companies

    2. Leandro Santiago

      Leandro Santiago

      The main purpose of SCS Software, I believe, is the trucks, not the cars (kind of obvious that). But fortunately, the developers of TruckersMP entered the car upon requests from the community, which is legal to observe. It would be really cool, really, to have special paintings for the cars.

  9. Suggestion Name: Official skins for scout car Suggestion Description:Hey guys, this is my first post on forum, so i want to bring this suggestion, add the official company paints for scout cars Any example images: Why should it be added?: Think it will help the VTC's, and add more different types of skins on game
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