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  1. It tooks a lot of work. I would be very happy about your Feedback! Follow me for more content.
  2. Hello What do you think about random road events ? TurkısCrew | Enver ----------------------------- Respects
  3. Hello. I'm LPmitElias (Elias). I'm 15 and I'm a passionate Editor since 3 years. I'm cutting some cool Videos in ETS2 and TruckersMP. Here I will post all my new projects. And I would be very happy about your feedback! (I know I posted it again, but i just want to have it in this Topic. But I would be happy if you can give me here Feedback, too.)
  4. Hola a todos! Somos una empresa virtual creada en el año 2009, la cual en sus origenes empezo con ETS 1 y seguimos dando guerra despues de tanto tiempo. Fuimos los pioneros en muchas de las cosas que hoy en dia podeis encontrar en casi todas las VTC,S. Nos gustaria reclutar personal de habla Hispana para nuestra VTC que ya pertenece a la historia de las empresas virtuales en España. Tenemos: Comunicación via DISCORD Que pedimos: Gente mayor de 16 años Gente responsable y participativa Como pertenecer a TNT: Registrate en www.vtctnt.com y sigue los pasos tal y como se piden, no sin antes leer y entender nuestras normas. Recuerda, que una vez te registres, tendras 24 Horas para completar tu registro tal y como se pide. si no tu cuenta sera borrada. Os esperamos a todos! Para dudas: [email protected]
  5. Welcome to Dylan’s Gallery! Not the 10/10 media person, but love to take photos This gallery will consist of ETS2 and ATS photos, maybe some videos! All photos come from status updates but also include some unseen pictures; in which I took too many for a status update, or they’re just not worthy to post in a status update! GOODYEAR Trailer! Special Transport DLC Courtz&PrimeLogisticPartner Convoy! Caravan Touring Simulator 2
  6. Are you looking to join a great VTC that offers Discord Nitro as a reward? Are you also looking to join a no stress, no requirements VTC? Then RevGaming is the number 1 VTC for YOU. After launching recently, we have many staff opportunities including convoy control and driver manager; do you want to fill this roles? Why not apply today! However, if you’re interested in doing lots of miles, then we also cater for that too! We use Trucksbook, meaning there’s a competitive aspect to being here too. We would love to be within the top ranks in the UK and I’m sure you would be too. So if you’re a serious driver, you’re also welcome here! But we are still a No stress, No Targets VTC so you will never be pressured to do anything. Right now, Applications are open and we can't wait to welcome new Drivers in our Company and on our Discord Server For more information, please visit our Homepage https://revgaming.co.uk/, the new TMP VTC System https://truckersmp.com/vtc/757 or our Trucksbook page https://trucksbook.eu/company/41122 If you have any questions left, please feel free to ask them here or contact us on Discord (Geo#1111 or Linciano#9362)
  7. Cronka

    Server Stabilität

    Hallo, momentan sind die Server zimlich instabiel. Die schmieren permanent ab und man muss das Game neustarten und wieder auf den Server Connecten. Dann sind die Server wieder online und man connectet wieder neu drauf. Nach einiger Zeit wenn man ein paar KM gefahren ist, schmiert der Server wieder ab und das ganze fängt von vorne wieder an. Leute ist das euer ernst???? Gruß Cronka
  8. I wrote an app to help players sync their job lists. UPDATE: ETS2 1.25 changed some aspects of the binary save, which made the app stop working. I was already working on a rewrite of the app from scratch to fix bugs and make it faster and smaller. I just posted that as version 4.0.0 beta. Unfortunately, it's not able to sync binary saves. When you open the app it will tell you if you need to change the save format. If that's the case, be sure to close the game before clicking the ‘Change to “Text”’ link. Then, be sure to create a new save before syncing. UPDATE: Version 5.6.0 has been released. It supports: ETS2 1.35: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia Beyond the Baltic Sea High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack ATS 1.35: New Mexico Oregon Washington Heavy Cargo Pack Forest Machinery How to Sync Save the game (“Save & Load → Save Game”). Use Alt+Tab to minimize the game. In ETS2Sync Helper, make sure that the profile you are using and the save you just created are selected. If everyone you are going to drive with have either or all of the DLCs in the app, select them accordingly. Click “Sync Jobs” and wait for the “Sync complete” message. Go back to the game, and load the save that was synced (“Save & Load → Load Game”). Save Format The app won't be able to sync if the save you are syncing is binary. You can keep the save format as Text, but that might introduce a small lag whenever the game creates an autosave (i.e. every 5~10 minutes). If you know how to enable and use the Developer Console in the game, you can keep the save format as Binary and ignore the message in yellow in the app saying that the recommended format is Text. Just, before saving the game to sync, open the console and issue the command “g_save_format 2”. Save the game, open the console again, and issue “g_save_format 0”. Then proceed with the sync process as usual. Unfortunately I haven't been playing ETS2 all that much lately, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to dedicate the time to figure out the changes in the Binary save format that were introduced in ETS2 1.25. If I ever do, though, I'll release a new version that syncs with a Binary save format once again. Clearing Jobs After you are done playing using the synced job list, if you want to get rid of the synced list and have the game generate a new, random job list, you just need to do the same procedure as you do for syncing, but use the “Clear Jobs” button instead of the “Sync Jobs”. When you load the save, the Freight Market will be empty. Just call Assistance (i.e. F7) and the game will generate new jobs for you. Download link: http://sync.dsantosdev.com/ Source code and license: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4
  9. I want to publish a small tool that started as a code practice base back in 2016. In this summer of 2018 I returned to multiplayer and playing ETS and start rewriting this tool from scratch. Slowly it grew up from little tool to this state. Important Right now, this tool is in alpha state and can broke save file so be caution. If you encounter problem please make a screenshot, leave a message and send me a save file (if it required). Supported game version 1.33.xx - 1.35.xx Description This program created for editing game save files. You can: add Custom paths for save files. edit Local and Steam save files. edit Player Level and Skill. edit and share saved User Colors for truck and trailer. edit company HQ and amount of Money on account. visit cities and be able to grab cargo from discovered cities. buy and\or upgrade Garages. repair and\or refuel your truck. share truck paint job. repair trailer. create custom jobs for Freight market. make basic edits to Cargo market. share Truck position. share GPS paths. share Multiple Truck positions as one Convoy Control pack. Short term goals: finish sharing functions for truck parts. add editing and share functions for trailers. Long term goals: add the ability to creat jobs for Cargo market (have couple ideas) get map data from game\game generated files. scan mods for data (trucks, cargo...) This tool depends on: .NET Framework 4.6.1 Tested on: Windows 10 x64 Download Latest stable version - https://rebrand.ly/TS-SET-Download Archive contains folders: img - folder with images from game (provided only for simplicity and can be acquired with Game Archive extractor) lang - folder with translations and files for translation libs - folder with files needed for program to work gameref - folder with cache of standart game files Localization en-US - English - Translated by LIPtoH (All) ru-RU - Русский - Translated by LIPtoH (All) es-ES - Spanish - Translated by tHernandez (UI) de-DE - German - Translated by RattleSnK (UI) pt-PT - Portuguese - Translated by The Rock (UI) zh-CN - Chinese (Simplified) - Translated by All Man Are Bros (UI, Cities and Countries) Source code https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool Special thanks for support to llh Chillpadde UniNub Support If you like this programm and want to support me then you can do this via PayPal Me
  10. İnternetimde herhangi bir sorun yok Forumdaki her çözüm yazılarını uyguladım ama olmadı oyuna giremiyorum hata kodu ve fotosu linkte fotoğraf olarak mevcut yardımlarınızı bekliyorum... ( https://s2.dosya.tc/server11/fc89s5/SSS.png.html )
  11. | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS | - | GÜVENLE TAŞIR | - İletişim: [email protected] HAKKIMIZDA: Kendini kanıtlamış 3.Yılını tamamlamış sağlam bir ekibiz. Ekibe alımlarımız başladı. | Türk Logistics | - | GÜVENLE TAŞIR | Ekibimiz 24.07.2016 tarihinde kurulmuştur. Yeni arkadaşlar ekibimize katılmaya devam ediyor. Ekibimizde büyüklere ve küçüklerimize karşı saygı ve sevgi ortamı vardır. Ekibimizde sizleri de görmek isteriz ... YENİ ÜYELİK İÇİN YAPILMASI GEREKENLER - Ekibimize katılacak üyemizin elektronik posta ile başvuru yapması zorunludur. Elektronik Posta: [email protected] - Üyeliği kabul edilen üyelerimize üyelikleri elektronik posta ile bildireceğiz. - Vtc şirketimiz üzerinden kayıt gerçekleştirmeniz gerekmektedir. Truckers Mp VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/1156 Bu linkteki Vtc sayfamızda sol üstte bulunan "Social" kısmının üstünde henüz üye olmayan kişilerde yeşil renkte bir kutucukta "Apply Now!" yazmaktadır. O butona tıklayarak kısa bir başvuru metni yazmanız gerekmektedir. - Steam grubumuza katılım zorunludur. Steam Grubumuz: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/turk-logistics - TruckersMP oyun içi etiketinin ekibimizin tagı ile değiştirilmesi gerekmektedir. Örnek: [Türk Logistics] l İsim - Yaş - Discord Sunucumuz: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt İlk günkü ruhla yeniden yapılanıyoruz. Sizi de aramızda görmek isteriz. | Türk Logistics - since 2016 | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS ALIM ŞARTLARI - Türk Logistics Ekibine Katılmak için +17 yaşında olmanız. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 ve Amerikan Truck Simulator oyununlarına sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dlc haritalarından olan; Scandinavia, Going East , Vive la France, İtalia harita DLC'lerine, American Truck Simulator de; New Mexico, Oregon harita DLC'lerine sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Türk Logistics'e katılmak için Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dlclerinden Turkish Paint Job, Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack, Heavy Cargo Pack dlc'lerine sahip olmanız gerekiyor. - Euro Truck Simulator 2 için steam üzerinde toplam 100 saat oynama süreniz bulunması gerekiyor. - Ekibimizde üyelerin birbirinden bağımsız olacağı bilgisi ve konvoylarda rahat iletişim kuracağından mikrofonunuzun olması gerekiyor. TÜRK LOGİSTİCS KONVOY KURALLARI - Konvoy günü konvoya katılamayacaksanız sunucumuza nedeniniz ile beraber konvoya katılamayacağınızı belirtin. Discord Sunucumuz: https://discord.gg/6rXpnmt - Eğer üst üste 3 konvoya açıklama yapmaksızın katılmazsanız ekibimiz ile ilişiğiniz kesilecektir. - Konvoy günleri belirtilen konvoy saatinden en az 30 dk önce hazırlığınızı tamamlayıp sunucuda olmaya gayret edin. - Konvoy esnasında kesinlikle sollama yapmak yasaktır. -Konvoy esnasında pinginiz veya lagınız var ise size konvoyun en arkasına geçin talimatı verilecektir,talimat dışına çıkmayınız. -Konvoy esnasında kaza yapmanız durumunda direkt olarak emniyet şeridine çekiniz ve konvoya konvoyun en arkasından dahil olunuz. - Konvoy esnasında konvoyun akışını bozan, dikkatsizce ve tehlikeli süren, kurallara uymayan arkadaşlarımız ilk olarak cezalandırılır aynı tutumun tekrarı halinde ise ekibimiz ile ilişiği kesilir. - Konvoy save dosyamızı sunucumuzda bulabilirsiniz. Her konvoyda saveler güncellenecektir. En güncel olanı indiriniz. - Konvoy esnasında önünüzdeki araçta ping - lag vs. durum varsa lütfen belirtiniz. - Konvoy esnasında ani fren yapmadan hemen önce dörtlülerinizi yakınız. Gereksiz dörtlü kullanmayınız.
  12. Hallo liebe Trucker! Es weht ein frischer Wind auf den Straßen von Europa und Amerika. Black Angel Logistics (BAL) wurde frisch gegründet und sucht noch Verstärkung! Black Angel Logistics sucht fleißige Fahrer/Mitarbeiter, die mindestens 16 Jahre alt sind und Spass am Fahren haben. Da wir noch ein ganz kleines Unternehmen sind hoffen wir auf eure Unterstützung uns groß zu machen. Wir sind ein familienfreundliches Untternehmen, Privatleben geht immer vor. Also wenn ihr Lust habt kommt zu uns auf den TS und bewerbt Euch. Sollte mal keiner da sein ist auch ein Kontakt über Steam möglich. Geschäftsführer HammerGames : https://steamcommunity.com/id/LPHammerGames/ Wir freuen uns auf euch! Firmenprofil FPH SpedV Firmensoftware Homepage: https://balogistics.wixsite.com/blackangellogistics Teamspeak: BlackAngel.teamspeak.me Gründung: Dezember 2017 Hauptsitz: Bremen Geschäftsführung: HammerGames Beste Grüße Das Team der Black Angel Logistic
  13. 7 YEARS OF EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 Hi guys, you know, on October 19 on this year [2019] a great event is held for most of the SCS Software and TruckersMP community, as well as any fan of this wonderful game, Euro Truck Simulator 2. According to my account and registration of Steam has been playing this game for more than 1,200 hours, in my opinion, they are the best hours I've lived, many experiences in TruckersMP (for example: bans) and offline mode (using mods). The first time I played ETS2, I had a poor quality computer. I still remember when I was very anxious to play and see what would be of this game, I started the game in version 1.1.1, the first version released on Steam by the developer. I still remember my first profile, the first truck I drive was the Scania R730, the first city of the game I met was Paris, that time I made a small delivery, then, I went to drive a DAF, an Iveco and so I was adopting a game mode. With the passage of time I have seen that the game has been changing a lot, some changes did not please me!, others I did not realize of affected me, but the most important were when they put new trucks, or when SCS brought to light a new DLC. From the first time I play, I..... i no have words to describe my emotion. Noe the game is more interactive and more extensive in a matter of the map. All of this is for the community and the workers of SCS, for all, thanks to make one of my dreams. Well, after all my boring speech I get to the point. I created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, so that generations that could not have the ability to know what the game was like before, how we felt in, how the graphic was then. Video Link: The other grain, is that, I want everyone who is reading this topic, to get a little nostalgic and tell me, how was the first time they played Euro Truck Simulator 2, as you felt at the time. For your attention, thank you very very much everyone. Sorry for bad english, I translated with Google Traductor
  14. As your know october is the international month for breast cancer awareness. Let's share among all our trucks using the pink ribbon paintjobs! This one is my truck
  15. https://pastebin.com/Sc9kHxZB (crash.log) Thanks :c
  16. سلام . از اونجا که خود شرکت اس سی اس اعلام کرد که آپدیت ۱.۳۵ یک آپدیت بزرگ بوده و تراکرز ام‌پی هم با وقفه تونست لانچر رو با ۱.۳۵ فیکس کنه . الانم که اوکی شده باگ های زیادی توی چند نفره هست که ورژن های قبلی این باگ ها رو نبود. از شایع ترینشون بالا رفتن تریلر ها در باربری هاست . . . شما این عملکرد تراکرز رو چطور می بینید؟؟؟
  17. Estamos abrumadas por su generosidad dicen las Pacientes y Profesionales de Breastcancer.cz una ONG que Reúne a 47 organizaciones de pacientes de mujeres que han sufrido o están sufriendo cáncer de seno. y Gracias al evento o sea ustedes, camioneros virtuales que ayudaron a recolectar CZK 255.000! Su donación ayudará, por ejemplo, a pacientes jóvenes con cáncer de seno metastásico. GRACIAS, TE AMAMOS. Y sí, realmente nos encantó conducir Felicidades por este Gran Apoyo de todos!!! link:
  18. Hello good, I would like to open this new debate so that the ARCADE server is in a collision and is more "striking" for the rest of TruckersMP players which would not be a bad idea for the TruckersMP team and also to be able to give space to drivers who like to walk fast and even better on a server with collision which will make it more attractive to other players. I will leave this proposal open for the other players and the TruckersMP team
  19. I believe that if developers added other cars to players, Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer would be much more interesting and would bring more success to MultiPlayer mode. Add cars like: '' Skyline '' https://ets2.lt/en/nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-v2-0/ ... Some buses and bus trips, such as: '' EAA BUS '' http: //www.ets2world.com/eaa-bus-map-v5-1-update-1-35-ets2/ ... It would be much more interesting and would arouse more interest in many more users ... And if adding more car options to the '' Simulator '' in '' MultiPlayer '' mode would be much more interesting and not just a specific car model on the road. ! (Just a good tip for Multiplayer mode creators and good for players who just want to ride a varied car in Multiplayer mode) - ((Would make Multiplayer Simulator Mode a lot more realistic)) Ass: Sérgio L.
  20. Como todos estábamos ocupados con el evento Pink Ribbon, es posible que algunos de ustedes no hayan anticipado la próxima actualización. Trae algunas delicias nuevas, pero la razón principal es el cambio de DirectX y la preparación para la expansión del mapa del Camino al Mar Negro. Repasemos la lista de Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.36 Open Beta juntos. Primero, una advertencia: evite esta versión beta si planea completar más entregas para el evento Pink Ribbon : no es compatible con 1.36 y NO podrá volver a ninguna versión anterior del juego con un perfil modificado por la versión 1.36 del juego. Hay cambios fundamentales, incluida una versión de guardado diferente, así que haga una copia de seguridad de los perfiles que desea conservar (haga una copia de seguridad manual solo para asegurarse) utilizando versiones 1.35 o anteriores. Un gran enfoque de la actualización está en DirectX 11 (11.1 para ser exactos). Hemos decidido dejar de admitir DirectX 9 en aras de un desarrollo más rápido y fácil. Entonces, desde la Actualización 1.36 en adelante, nuestros juegos no serán compatibles con los sistemas que se ejecutan en DirectX 9. Sin embargo, 1.36 no solo se trata de cambios en el sistema, ya que también hay algunas delicias. La primera noticia importante es la recientemente anunciada isla de Córcega , que viene como una adición gratuita a Vive la France. Mapa de expansión. Se puede llegar en ferry desde Marsella en Francia o Sassari en Cerdeña. La segunda adición importante es la adición de desvíos al juego. Los jugadores de American Truck Simulator adoran y odian esta característica , probablemente por su imprevisibilidad. En cualquier momento, su reserva de tiempo puede desaparecer al encontrar un letrero sobre el cierre de una carretera o un policía que lo despide de la carretera. Esta incertidumbre es lo que queremos en nuestros juegos, ya que hasta ahora ha demostrado ser completamente predecible. Queremos que tengas que improvisar de vez en cuando (algo de estrés para darle vida a las cosas, ¿no?), Tal como lo hacen los conductores reales. Pero el objetivo principal es que te diviertas, así que para aquellos a quienes no les gusta esta función, hay un control deslizante para aumentar / disminuir la frecuencia de los desvíos (con la opción de desactivarlo por completo). Y para cumplir más deseos, 1.36 le ofrece la opción de ver a sus conductores, camiones y remolques en el mapa del administrador (y solo en este mapa). Además de eso, también tendrá pines de evitación a su disposición, lo que le permitirá establecer lugares que no desea atravesar en su GPS. Además de lo anterior, hay una serie de adiciones más pequeñas como algunos vehículos nuevos de IA, mejoras de Anti-Aliasing, entrada de caracteres chinos y otros caracteres no latinos (conocidos como IME) y algunos cambios de soporte MOD. Esperamos que disfrute de todas estas nuevas incorporaciones, pero recuerde: es solo una versión beta abierta, no una versión pública estable, por lo que puede encontrar errores, inestabilidad, problemas o bloqueos . Está completamente bien si quieres esperar el lanzamiento final. Pero si está interesado en ayudarnos a llegar más rápido, apreciaremos todos sus comentarios sobre nuestro foro y sus informes de errores allí. Durante las versiones beta abiertas, estamos operando un sitio alternativo dedicado para World of Trucks, que se utiliza para probar de forma segura todas las nuevas funciones. Por favor visita World of Trucks Open Beta web para más información. Además, consulte nuestra wiki de modding para obtener detalles relacionados con las modificaciones del juego. Si desea participar en la versión beta abierta, puede encontrar esta versión en la rama public_beta en Steam. La forma de acceder es la siguiente: Cliente Steam → BIBLIOTECA → haga clic derecho en Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Propiedades → pestaña Betas → public_beta → 1.36 beta pública. No se requiere contraseña. ¡No cambie si planea completar más entregas de Pink Ribbon ya que no hay vuelta atrás! ¡ABIERTA BETA NO APOYA EL EVENTO DE CINTA ROSADA ! Registro de cambios: MAPA Córcega ( Vive la France! DLC) CARACTERISTICAS Desvíos Pasadores de navegación de evitación Nuevos vehículos de IA Conductores / Camiones / Tráiler visibles en los mapas del administrador Soporte completo DX11 (DX9 eliminado) Entrada de caracteres chinos y otros caracteres no latinos (IME) Mejoras anti-aliasing (SMAA, elemento de cables el.) MOD Cambios en el perfil del sol (HDR) Cambios de LP para AI (tipos basados en datos, datos de textura de fondo) Elementos de la interfaz de usuario de la pantalla del tablero (indicadores digitales, barra de consumo de combustible) Historial del editor de mapas (deshacer / rehacer) Selección continua de nodos
  21. RLC 2nd Anniversary | 29th February 2020 Hello everyone and welcome to RLC's 2nd anniversary. After another year of great times it is finally time to celebrate our 2nd year of being a VTC. RLC is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary on the 29th February and we want you to join us in the scenic countryside of France! There will be a truckfest and a convoy with plenty of prizes up for grabs. With hosting more than 100 convoys we are glad to say that it has been an amazing journey and we are happy to celebrate another year of great convoys with you guys. We hope so to see you there! RLC Event Information ◉ Event server opens: 16:00 GMT | 17:00 CET ◉ Event staff arrives: 17:00 GMT | 18:00 CET ◉ Truckfest starts: 18:00 GMT | 19:00 CET ◉ Truckfest judging: 18:20 GMT | 19:20 CET ◉ Announcing truckfest winners: 18:30 GMT | 19:30 CET ◉ Convoy start: 19:00 GMT | 20:00 CET ◉ Starting Location: Clermont-Ferrand, A89 Fuel Station ◉ Destination: Salzburg, Quarry ◉ DLC: Vive La France & Italy DLC ◉ Route: https://imgur.com/a/KqxdMfN ◉ Your Time Zone: https://notime.zone/Lr0r9ZO2397GQ ◉ Best Public Truck - Raven Truck Design Pack ◉ Best Save Edited Truck - Actros Tuning Pack ◉ Best VTC Attendance - Italia ◉ Best VTC Parking Formation - Road to the Black Sea ◉ ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/83035/john-marston-clermont-ferrand-a89-fuel-station ◉ Discord servers: https://discord.gg/R8uDVgF | https://discord.gg/Qk5eh6b   ◉ VTC slot booking: http://bit.ly/2m6n196
  22. Truck Global Radio Korea We're Crews Thrive Company Since January 2015, Our VTC has Shipped a lot of cargo across the Europe safe and fast We have 42 Best Drive Crew Members in our VTC shipping cargo every week Thanks to the experience of our management and our attitude, we can make our operations more differentiated and tell you that our employees are extremely satisfied with our company. We host our convoy every twice a week on Simulation 1 & 2 server with our best Crew Members in our VTC Each convoy we drive +1,000km in Europe for our Crew communication In the holiday season we open a huge convoy for friendship with other trucker and VTC DISCORD JOIN OUR VTC DISCORD SERVER OUR VTC LINK Truck Global Radio VTC WEBSITE https://cafe.naver.com/tgrkorea ANY MORE QUESTIONS? CONTACT ME! [TGR KOREA VTC] RYAN#1467
  23. Córcega Rodeada por las cálidas aguas del mar Mediterráneo entre Francia e Italia, se encuentra la isla de Córcega, mejor conocida por sus impresionantes paisajes y zonas montañosas. ¡Nos complace anunciar que podrá explorar esta hermosa isla por usted mismo como una adición gratuita para Vive la France! expansión del mapa en la próxima actualización 1.36. La isla de Córcega en Euro Truck Simulator 2 presenta 6 ciudades (Ajaccio, Calvi, Ile Rousse, Bastia, Porto Vecchio y Bonifacio), una serie de puntos de referencia, pueblos con sueño y una atmósfera similar a las regiones circundantes. Y como con otras islas, la carretera más grande que encontrarás aquí es una autopista. Entonces, si te gustan las subidas de meandros en caminos rurales rodeados de viñedos que conducen a espectaculares miradores costeros, ¡Córcega es el lugar para ti! Para llegar allí, puede tomar un ferry desde Marsella hasta la pintoresca ciudad de Porto Vecchio o, si ya es un isleño en Cerdeña, puede tomar un bote en Sassari y bajar en Ajaccio, la ciudad más grande de la isla, sirviendo también como su capital.
  24. Wir die DHT - Dark Horizon Transporte suchen weitere Verstärkung für unser Team. Herzlich Willkommen bei DHT (Dark Horizon Transporte) & Tochterunternehmen FEC (Friendly Energy Club). Die Dark Horizon Transporte wie auch die Tochter Spedition FEC wurden am 15. Januar offiziell gegründet, wobei DHT das Hauptunternehmen ist & FEC als light Version gilt. Für eingefleischte Fans einer Virtuellen Spedition ist DHT genau passend. Möchtest du nicht mehr alleine in Ets2 oder Ats fahren? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! ● Convoys werden nicht geplant & ergeben sich von alleine; ● Es wird gestreamt 5 Tage die Woche; ● Das Fahrtenbuch System ist Trucksbook; ● Spaß am Fahren mit Freunden & der Spedition; ● Firmen Lackierung & Trailer Lackierung werden gestellt; ● Kein mindest Fahrziel im Monat; Weitere Screenshots von dem Treffen der DHT & Freundes Speditionen, findet Ihr hier unter diesem Link: https://imgur.com/a/9viDe9U Unsere Regeln gegenüber der Spedition wurden klein gehalten & die mindest Vorraussetzungen werden hier aufgelistet. ● Mindest Alter: 16 ● Minimum Spiel Stunden: 20 (Steam) ● Funktionierendes Headset ist wünschenswert ● Discord Für weitere Informationen, schreibe einfach einen Kommentar unter diesem Topic oder Kontaktiere mich hier im Forum per Privat Nachricht. Die Dark Horizon Transporte freut sich bald von dir zu hören!
  25. Hello everyone Sometimes when I am driving on the Calais-Duisburg road with my Skoda I slip away when I am driving over the train track. Am I the only one who has this sometimes or are you also having the same problem? Is it with your truck or with your car you are having this problem? Greetings Brett2003
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