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  1. Hello dear Truckers and Staffs of TMP, In all my years (and there are a hell of a lot of them that I've already spent in TMP) I've seen a lot of people who haven't learned from their spells and continue to drive just as badly as before. According to the motto: "Well now I'm unbanned again, now I can carry on like this, what should happen except another weekly break". And it is precisely because of such attitudes from some players who misunderstand the seriousness of the simulation that we should take much tougher action. I'm not talking about extending the ban period in general, but simply putting a stop to the user and sending him to the online simulation forever for his serious offenses. Many of you know the infamous situation on the route from Duisburg to Calais, and know about the dangers that lurk there on the route - players who think they have to turn a simulation into a racing game, recklessly overtaking oncoming traffic, possibly endangering others and simply ignore it. This must be the end of it! For all these years I've had enough of seeing sensible truckers being put in danger by other reckless drivers! That's why I don't want to beat around the bush any further and get to the point. Set a maximum upper limit of 20 bans at most, after which a stop must be put in place if such drivers simply cannot make a clear decision from their punishments and believe that by re-acting they are muddying the waters of TMP's moderation work! Because if they took this seriously, they would behave differently, which they have not done so far. Ergo: pull the ripcord and or take a kind of online driver license test. Because things absolutely cannot go on like this. I understand that drivers from other countries are used to different situations, but that doesn't give them the right to bring that into the game and drive exactly the same as wherever they come from. I can only speak for Germany, but our country has significantly more decency in traffic than in certain other countries. I can of course understand why TMP would reject this proposal, as they would lose money by losing players. But is it really worth it? So I would rather have an online experience with perhaps fewer players, but with serious players who take the simulation seriously. And I think I also speak for the well-being of the TMP moderators who sacrifice their valuable time every day for our gaming experience, because God knows they have better things to do than explaining to such players every day what they have done wrong, despite that all those who confirmed TMP regulations at the start of the game. Therefore, at this point I would like to express my appreciation for your valuable time and work that you sacrifice every day for our gaming experience. @TMP-Management think about it calmly. So where do you put your priority? For the benefit of a better gaming experience, or is money really more important to you due to the constantly increasing number of players? I would appreciate it if you would pay some attention to the suggestion. (I understand the aspect that the servers obviously have to be paid for and are not run by air and love.) I would therefore like to thank you in advance for at least considering this for the benefit of everyone. Not only to relieve the burden of moderation, but also to promote a better gaming experience for the players. I would therefore like to thank you for your valuable time reading. Sincerely, Optimus Prime. o7
  2. -Suggestion Format: Event Suggestions -Suggestion Name: The Next TruckersMP Rally Championship Race -Suggestion Description: To the people in charge of TruckersMP: I want to first start by saying that I was accepted to be a racer in the first ever TruckersMP Rally Championship races. I didn't even get through qualifying because of a stupid mistake on my part. But I still had fun and was excited to be apart of it. I wanted to give you my ideas or suggestions for the next TruckersMP Rally race Championship in ATS. 1. I know this one is the most hardest of my ideas. Racing was very hard because people were inside you and you couldn't see where the road was and judge maneuvers properly. But, American Truck Simulator is not a crash simulator so any contact would be a catastrophe waiting to happen. 2. Make race tracks easier and then get harder as we go along. 3. The "flag man" at the starting line should have a mic because it was hard to judge it when it was in the chat. 4. Racers at the starting line should turn off their engines and lights while waiting for their turn because there was noise pollution and frame rate drops. I know there was some night racing, but racers waiting don't need their lights. 5. Send the accepted drivers the race track info earlier so that they can practice the tracks earlier than a few hours before. 6. And last but not least, car racing! Yes, let's try and race the Scout car. That could be fun and exciting. And if we do that, adding some race customizations would be great. Thank you again for making such a great event. Keep up the good work. Here's to more to come! -Any Example Images: -Why should it be added?: Because it would improve the event.
  3. I am aware that not all the truckers use mods but i have seen a lot of people using modded trucks and stuff, such as lights interior and etc. I was wondering what a lot of truckers use, steam workshop trucks that are for tmp? or local mods?
  4. Suggestion Name: as the title Suggestion Description: This is the system that you think would be better if you added it from the event server. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I've always thought about it for a better escort while holding many events. Here's an example I've been thinking about. 1. Request for change of nickname color to event server requester. - When requesting an event server, according to your manager, Manager want to know the event staff clearly. So, in the case of event staff, we usually write "Event Staff" on the tag. However, if you see the event staff without stopping, it is difficult to determine exactly. If you're not an event staff member of each team, I hope that at least as many nicknames as the event server requester can be colored so that the participating team, individual participants, and administrators can recognize them. 2. Added notification commands only from the event server. - Event servers often have server requests centered around them, guiding them through server notifications. But sometimes, it's hard to command a regular chat. ( ex. If the port of Calais is the origin, no chat is visible in the city of Calais. ) To supplement this, I would like to grant permission to event server requestors to write down announcements. (not red announcements like Game Moderator, but a system that can notify all users) You usually do events of the server, free roaming is prohibited. But when you lead a convoy, you often see Free-Roameras, so it's hard to control them. I hope that this will add further notice. 3. I hope that Tab will show all users who connect to the server only for the event server - As I mentioned earlier, Free-Roaming is prohibited on most event servers. In order to find these users, I want to know the location of all users on the server. (Press Tab to check the distance of all users, not just users, within 1km. ) Once the system is introduced, it will not only prevent Free-Roamer but also provide more accurate information about users who have broken the rules. 4. When connecting to an event server with temporary rules, I would like you to let me know more about temporary rules, such as the notification that comes when the TrucksMP Rule changes. - Many event staff, or the master of each team, often write temporary rules when requesting an event server. However, there may be users who participate in events without reading these temporary rules properly. To warn you of these users first, we would like to have a temporary rule alert issued. 5. kick system modification - Kick automatically for user when a large number of reports are received. - For the first team to host the event, you may not be able to obtain support from the Game Moderator. TeamAudi's Alliance Clan Team Coupang also didn't get support because they didn't know how During the escort, the troller may interfere with the escort. Of course you can call us web-report, but at that time the escort event must be in progress, and we can't cut it off in the middle. In order to prevent this, I hope you can change the kick system and automatically click the user on the server if you receive a lot of reports. Although not all of the parts I requested can be reflected in the event server, I thought it would be nice to have this added, so I came up with a suggestion. Although my proposal may not be possible, I hope it will give you a chance to think about it. I would like to thank you for all the TruckersMP Staff's efforts to keep TruckersMP clean. Always have a good day.
  5. Suggestion name: Promods Rally Championship Suggestion description: It could be a new event for Promods. There are lots of dirt roads with big turns, icy snow roads and narrow challenging asphalt roads that I think could be really fun and cool for Truck rally. There could be 3 or 4 stages with differend routes and Players with best times would qualify and continue to differend stages. For the qualyfying for all players who would want to join it could be either a drag race or a simple quick race basicly anywhere with maybe jumps like in RallyCross. After Like more or less then 50 players they would qualify and for exemple on the first route players would have to get their time to atleast top 50 or less, depending on how many players would be on the event. then on stage 2 to maybe top 30, stage 3 top 15 and on stage 4 maybe top 7 (It's just my quick idea it doesn't need to be exectly like that ? ) Rules: Any Trucks with no trailers would be allowed. If anybody gets stuck either he gets disqualified (or if admins would watch they could teleport him back on the track.) For the Rally, players would have to line up behind each other for the rally starting point. After a player gets far enough or after few seconds another player can start behind him. Few routes for exemple: On this One in Iceland there could be many types of the rally routes. Then there is Kirkenes, in high speeds it could be really challenging and if you wouldn't be carefull enough you could fall of the mountain. There could also be a asphalt road for exemple like this one with these serpentines. if it would be posible it could be edited and added fence to make it even more narrower. There are lots of more posible routes with dirt roads that i probably didn't even discover yet but i don't want to spam this topic with so many screenshots. Why should it be added?: Well I think it could be a really fun new event that many players would enjoy and it could be done on Promods that never had any official events yet. Players could show their skills behind the wheel on challenging dirt roads, slippery snowy ice roads or in high speeds on narrow asphalt roads and try to get their best time and also try not to crash.
  6. Suggestion Description: Sync the new automatic lighting with the server lights requirements! Why should it be added?: By syncing both systems user won't get kicked for using the new automatic lighting system!
  7. Hi, can you please add a notice/warning in game that tells players to not use the winter mod on the winterland map. This is not very clearly stated and it is very easy to miss since this is only stated in like the T&C’s of the winter mod. (If you use the winter mod with winterland your game goes kaboom)
  8. Suggestion Name: An editing suggestion regarding the profile section Suggestion Description: Hello, dear developers, I recently took an action to connect the new discord instead of the old one via Truckersmp.com, but as a result I was not successful in connecting it because I could not remove the old account connection. In fact, I saw something like a checkbox below to remove it, but I could not figure out what to do with it. Ultimately, I got help from someone. I had to and I learned that in order to remove the account, we had to tick the checkbox and press the save button. In fact, as a software developer, I would like to point out that I do not find this approach very logical because it confuses the users. Instead, you can add a button to remove the link. However, when the button is pressed, a popup will ask for confirmation from the user. If it is approved, the account will be removed. If it is not approved, it will continue to stand still. With this, we improve the user experience. A small addition, you may want to change this as well, add the @ sign at the beginning instead of the #0 sign at the end. Any example images: Why it should be added: All of these need to be done because under current usage conditions, UX is inadequate and causes confusion. With these, we can provide users with a better UX experience.
  9. Hello Description: Some sort of warning system as ”punishment”. Sometimes players are reported, on the website, for offences that could just be worth a kick or just not enough to be a ban. I reported a user who failed to pay attention to players in a roundabaout and drove out having me collide with him as I was coming around the roundabout. The admin who claimed the report denied it and deemed it to be just kick-worthy. The player in-game seemed to be completely unaware of what he had done. Why? I think this would be useful and perhaps also healthier for the community. With this players would be more aware of their mistakes and perhaps less would get banned for incidents that could be solved over a warning. With a warning system players will be aware of their mistakes and hopefully not repeat them. This would benefit everybody; players will be more educated how to properly drive in different situations and countries. Innocent players seen as troublemakers for mistakes/accidents will get a second chance. Players negatively affected will get some sort of relief knowing the player who caused them ”harm” in-game is aware of their mistake. Perhaps even Staff will learn new stuff too from unique situations. No images, but perhaps it would also notify a user in-game that they have a unread warning on the website in some way. EDIT: Just had another report denied because it was deemed only kick-worthy. This user failed to yield, slightly ramming me, blocking me and another player. He might've thought he had right-of-way when in reality he was in the wrong, now since my report got denied he might keep this thought and continue ignoring the give-way on that road. No information related to my report will be sent over to him, to either punish or explain his error. That is where my suggestion comes in.
  10. As you know, the game and the website are completely in English and I have a suggestion for you, what if the game and the website could be translated into different languages? Because when you want to report someone, you need to know English because you have to choose a few things and people who don't know English can cause the reports to be read late because they don't know English, because they don't know English, they can mark random or wrong things and cause the authorities to misjudge, for example, someone who doesn't know English doesn't know where to write when the incident happened. Or when you go into the game and you want to set something from the Tab menu, you can't do that because everything there is in English, so I think that by working with the translation team, languages other than English could be translated and added to the game and the website and it would be easier for everybody. Kind regards, FσurP. Veteran Driver II
  11. So I have this nice mod on ATS that puts the virtual side mirrors on the top left/right corner of the screens and theyre also smaller. It replace the big and off corner vanilla side mirrors. Wonder if we could have this anytime soon for TruckersMP servers ? Maybe as an option in the settings or a mod just like the weather one ! what do you guys think?
  12. Suggestion Name: Add chat channels. Suggestion Description: There should be different chat channels. For example if you want to create a convoy, you could do this: (image) Any poor edited example images: Why should it be added?: This would be a easier way to create events in game. There could also be [Global] chat too. You can decide if you want to join or leave the channels by doing a simple command.
  13. Suggestion Title:Reconfigure Option Suggestion Description:The option to reconfigure the TruckersMP app with maybe a wizard without having to reinstall it Why it should be added: This should be added because I am sure someone has already installed the truckersMP app then bought eather American Truck simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 when the app has already been configured for the other game.
  14. Suggestion Name: VTC Leaving Notification for VTC Management Staff Suggestion Description: When a player is leaving the VTC Company he is in there should be pop up field that ask's them why they wish to leave the VTC. Any example images: [N/A] Why should it be added?: Would make it easier for VTC's to know why a Member is leaving the VTC. So for my instinct it would save a lot of time because if a user is leaving our VTC Company we would have to open a ticket with the user in question within our discord server to ask them why they decided to leave our TruckersMP VTC without notifying us. This feature could be an additional settings of the Company administration page which allows the VTC Administrator's to enable it or not have it enabled, also should have a setting to make it so its required for a leaving member of a VTC is required to fill it out before finally leaving the VTC.
  15. Suggestion Name: VTC Link Suggestion Description:Because the 404 interface after some VTC links are opened causes users to doubt the existence of the VTC link, I suggest to reuse the deleted VTC link Any example images: Why should it be added?:Because I'm afraid that players can't find them if they want to use them, so I want to reuse these websites
  16. Suggestion Name: Possible fix: Kick for Unreliable Connection Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, since TruckersMP refuses to do a reconnect button I have another Solution. Me and every single of my Friends have the same problem: If we are trying to go to the mechanic or garage in a city were many players are you get kicked for unreliable connection. So i dare to argue that this problem has everyone. Problem: you can't spawn in cities with many players. So the explanation is that you get kicked because you are having a to high ping while connecting. This is only a thesis but I'm pretty sure its like that. But anyways: The solution: What ever trigger this message /kick -- make an exception: Option 1: To not trigger in an No-Collision Zone. Note: This Option can also be Modified with Option 2/3. Option 2: A little timer so you can load everything. Option 3: To not trigger until the game from the user is FULLY synchronized. Note: When you are in a queue you also first load the map and then (if u are queue 0) you sync to the multiplayer. (= connect with delay -- but you still get (sometimes) kicked because you have to load much at once) I hope this problem is going to get fixed. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This would make the gameplay much nicer and fix peoples problem
  17. SPEEDLIMITS ACCORDING TO SIGNS IN SIM 1 AND NO CAR SPEED LIMITS some highway signs say 110 others say 140 and some dont have limits at all. can you make it so for speed limit when its 110 max speed is 110 and 140 max is 140 and so on with other limits too. second is that cars dont have speedlimiters usually but in sim1 they do so can we get rid of them? Thanks! from buroto
  18. Suggestion Name: Timestamps in the in-game chat Suggestion Description: As a prefix to a players name time would be shown in the format of [h: mm tt] Any example images: Yup, take look below Why should it be added?: Detailed video reports, abusive chat reports or just nostalgia triggers when you take a look at old screenshots. I'd love to hear the thoughts of other players.
  19. Suggestion Name: Suggestions for adding buses to the game Suggestion Description: Added the same permanent bus as Skoda Car Any example images: Why should it be added?: A lot of people like to drive passenger car in the game, that's why there are a lot of passenger car mods. Besides, there are already many bus stations reserved in the game map, why not use them to attract more players?
  20. Suggestion Name: Let people know when you are typing. Suggestion Description: When you begin to type in chat, there should be a Text on top of your truck below your username. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It will be a nice little feature to add, and might be pretty useful. edit - removed some spelling mistakes
  21. Suggestion Format: Event Suggestion Suggestion Name: Trailer Reversing contest. Suggestion Description: It would be a competition on diferent stages about parking trailers. It would show the skill of the driver. There are existing reversing contests in real life (for exemple Scania does it as a driver competition) and i think it would be awesome in TruckersMP. People with trailers would need to reverse in challanging spaces as fast as posible to a parking spot. People with the best time will win. Any collision will give +1 second penalty. There would be 3 Stages Qualyfying- People would need to reverse into a more simple parking space in a company between trailers or any objects under time. It shouldn't be too easy but neither too hard. They would have a maximum time to do this (enough time to reverse into the parking space) and if they couldn't do it in the time they would get disqualified. 1 Stage- Would be way more challenging, it wouldn't be a simple reverse but it would be longer with tight spaces and traffic cones. If driver would hit any cone more then 3 times, he would get disqualified. People with the best time would qualify for Stage 2 2 Stage- Now this would be a real challange. Driver will need to reverse into 2 parking spaces, with more challaneging spaces and after hiting 2 cones they would get disqualified. Drivers with the best time would get into finals to show their skills. 3 Stage- This would be the final stage where only a few will win. It would be way harder then any stage. (The stages are only my idea. It doesn't need to be exectly like that and can be changed) Rules- Players will need to use 3 axle Curtain trailer with no steering axles. Any collision with the truck or trailer gives +1 second penalty. There could be also 1 more championship about reversing Double trailers. Why should it be added?: it should be added because i think it's pretty good idea for another event. Right now there is Racing championship which is awesome but shows only racing skills. In this event people could show their skills in their truck, parking trailers and reversing in challangeing spaces.
  22. ? Automatic Report-System ? Suggestion Name: Automatic Report-System Description: A system that automatically detects when you get rammed and asks you if you want to report the player. Just type "/y" into the chat and the report will be created automatically. Any example images: Why should it be added?: When you get rammed, you either have to search for the player with the new search function or scroll through the whole list. However, both are somewhat distracting from driving. Alternatively, you have to stop to avoid new collisions. The system makes it easy to send off a report, as it automatically detects who caused the accident. Note: I don't know if this is technically possible, alternatively you could give both players this message, if the person who caused the accident uses the command, he would in fact blame himself.
  23. Name: Player search function Description: Search players by their temporary ID or name. Example Images: Why should it be added: Especially in areas with a lot of traffic, it is difficult to find players in the tab list before they disappear and get moved to the history. With the search function you could find players better by their ID or name. This would prevent long scrolling trough the list and above all it would reduce the risk of accidents due to distraction. Best regards DrewK
  24. How many of us have been in the area of Calais? Whether we are leaving the city of getting off the highway, the area is heavily populated. Players exiting the highway has to deal with this. Sometimes, rather long queues with anyone trying to queue cut to be on the exit ramp first. My suggestion would be to add a light at this intersection that would allow both queue's to flow (hopefully, in turns). Of course, there will still be light runners, but nothing can be done about them. Why should this be added? For 2 reasons Getting into Calais from CD Road/Lille areas can be a struggle in itself. Some players don't know how the intersection works and will just proceed on as if nobody's there.
  25. Suggestion Name: Synchronising Weather with ability to toggle on/off Suggestion Description: Many people want weather to be synchronised right? But there's a minority that don't as well, what about having synchronised weather but the ability to turn it on/off for those with low-end PCs or who dont like rain. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would add to the realism/simulation that TruckersMP is wanting, and it would be quite nice to have synchronised weather, plus people who don't like it can turn it off.
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