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  1. Hallo, ich habe ständig den Fehler "unreliable connection". Es ist egal auf welchem Server ich spiele, meistens wenn viele Leute auf einem Fleck sind fliege ich raus, aber auch manchmal ohne erkennbaren Grund. Ich habe die Konsole mit dem Kommando "g_developer 16" mitlaufen lassen und davon ein Video gemacht. Ich spiele hauptsächlich auf dem ProMods-Server. Das Video hab ich absichtlich in Kirkenes gemacht da dort am Meisten los ist. Bei allen anderen mit denen ich spiele funktioniert dort ja auch alles ohne Probleme. Nur bei mir geht es nicht. Ich brauche dringend Hilfe, da es echt nur noch p
  2. Guten Morgen, Ich habe ein Problem was ich mir selber nicht erklären kann! Jedesmal wenn ich TruckersMP starte und in Simulation 1 Joine, werde ich in ca. 1-5 min gekickt. Der Grund ist immer das selbe "unreliable connection" was ich mir echt gar nicht erklären kann, da ich eine echt starke Internet Leitung habe 250mb↓ und 20mb↑(Bild ist unten). Ich habe mein PC auch über LAN ans WLAN verbunden. Hat jemand eine Lösung für mich? So langsam vergeht einem echt der Spaß. Ich danke euch im vorraus.
  3. Suggestion Name: Clarification on "invalid accessory set detected" message Suggestion Description: show which accessory part is invalid. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A lot of people get kicked and get the "invalid accessory set detected" message but they just don't know why. I think it would be helpful to include the file name or DLC name that is unsupported to prevent useless topics on the forum. Example: "You were kicked from the game. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Prohibited accessory in use: Belgian Paint Jobs Pack is not supported in Mul
  4. Suggestion Name: Disable the AFK kick (not timer) when the server population is below a certain threshold. Suggestion Description: Disable the AFK kick when the server is nowhere near full capacity so that players can be a bit more leisurely in their trucking during off-hours. When space is needed (when the server is above 75%-85% full or something like that), start kicking the ones who have been inactive the longest. Also, let players know with a message in chat when they're about to be kicked, so they can move if they're not actually AFK. Any example images: N/A Why should it be
  5. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK grace period based on server capacity Suggestion Description: Set a default AFK time allowed and extend this if there are less players on the server than than the half of its capacity. Any example images: None. Why should it be added? Currently there's a fixed amount of away from keyboard time after when you'll get automatically kicked. Kicking inactive players after a short amount of time if the servers are busy is a good idea but there are times when this rule is just so strict. Eg.: I usually take a break from the game every hour to go t
  6. Good evening, recently I reset my PC in order to regain some of its speed and performance from back in the days. But ever since I re-downloaded TruckersMP it does this thing where when I travel to a Garage or to a Workshop, it freezes for like 5-10sec and then the server kicks me for reason: "Unreliable connection". Any suggestions as to what to do? Im awaiting an answer :) Thank you, Julian.
  7. Hi! I know there is such a theme, but it didn't help me. (There it is - https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/79429-unreliable-connection-kick/ ) So.. I try soo much things and nothing helped me. I tried everything from the theme that exist, tried to reset my router, run new LAN cable from my rack to my PC.. And nothing helped. Can you help me solve the problem? :(
  8. Just after entering the game and pressing the RIDE button, something like this appears: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929411638 And I have to say that it started happening after the new update, and that's how it is all the time. I am asking for help.
  9. For example: As title suggests Suggestion Name: Idle time auto kick Suggestion Description: Extend idle time auto kick and / or add an audible time limit warning Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I understand that people sitting idle in the servers in congested area's can be an issue. However , there are instance's from personal experience where some of us as player's sit idle ( at time's ) in empty or country side areas where there is little to no traffic. We do this because we have other thing's that come up during game play that we have to attend to. The
  10. hello just came to me for the first time this error i will be glad someone has a solution to this problem
  11. Здравствуйте. Решил я сегодня зайти поиграть. Все было нормально, но после 30 секунд как я зашел на сервер меня кикает за ненадежное соединение. Что могло повлиять на это? Не уж то это антивирус? Скриншот кика Антивирус стоит Bitdefender. Может он блокирует трафик на сервера TruckersMP? Помогите пожалуйста
  12. Hello, so I've decided to reinstall truckers mp after I've upgraded my PC and when I enter the server Simulation 1 I get kicked after about 5 or 10 minutes. It says something about unreliable connection. Is there any fix or should I just wait for another update? Edit: Now I've change to the other Simulation server and the connection constantly breaks when I arrive in a city.
  13. Hi, Me and my Friend have made a Triple Trailer, which is collection of B-Double + HCT (Picture). We have seen Rules before doing it and it should be not against Rules. But still want to ask if its possible to drive without Kicked or Banned. On The Trailer we had mixed 2 Trailers combination, HCT and B-Double. Thats allowed on The server ( Using non-default trailer combinations (trailers must have space between them and not clip into each other)) And it contain not more than 3 trailers. 2x full-size trailers (HCT) and 1x Mid-size Trailer, (Trailer form B-Double) S
  14. Suggestion Name: Re-Login on Game-Servers after a kick. Suggestion Description: There could be 2 variants. 1. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with "Re-Login" and you get logged in back to the server, you was previously - OR 2. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with Drop-Down menu and you can Change the Server Any example images: no one, unfortunately... Why should it be added?: Who dont know this. You are going shortly AFK to do make food or going to toilet and you was too slow and got kicked. So, you are playing now 6 hours without pause and dont want to
  15. Suggestion Name: Lowering ping to 300 for auto kick Suggestion Description: Lowering the average ping to kick people at roughly 300 to stop laggers causing issues Any example images: Why should it be added?: Whilst my connection isn't always perfect as members from AHL could testify for. When doing the AHL 1 year convoy there was a lagger that caused a lot of issues and split up the convoy. Why this should be added is to cause less hassle for people playing with a more reliable connection. For people who might complain it's d
  16. Buen día soy nuevo aquí y ayer, gracias a mi servidor, edita mi camión, querría saber qué es el objeto que no debo poner, que por culpa de esto voy comprando 2 camiones, desde ya muchas gracias.
  17. Hello everyone, I was wondering why I get kicked when taking a Dozer from the Heavy Cargo Pack on mp, I know that Special Transport DLC is not compatible and not alloud but then why do I get kicked when I take this cargo? Because I never had any problem with it...
  18. The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that
  19. Hallo Trucker MP Team, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Volvo in American Truck MP. Immer wenn ich eine Lackierung aus dem "American Truck Simulator - Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack" nehme, werde ich aus dem MP gekickt mit der Aufforderung, mein Paint Job zu wechsel. Nach dem wechsel der Lackierung, kann ich dann wieder ins Spiel ohne gekickt zu werden. Diese Problem ist nur bei dem Volvo, bei den anderen Trucks funktionieren die Lackierungen. MfG Michael
  20. I was wondering how i could appeal a discord ban? I looked around and could find nothing!
  21. skoda araba aldığımda serverdan atılıyorum, hiçbir modifiye yapmadım sadece arabanın rengini mavi yaptım yine de atıldım. neden kaynaklanıyor olabilir.
  22. When I Have %50 damage over, Sometimes My engine is turning off. And system says "Please turn on your lights if you will not you will be kicked in 15 seconds" I kicked many times for this reason. Please fix this problem.
  23. Hello, so far everything has been up and running, but after a new update, I am kicked from the server (all servers) with the message: You have been kicked from the server. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Sorry. You're not a Game Moderator! (NetTruck) I don't know what can I do right now.
  24. So I was sitting in the yard of a garage, front towards the garage, with a trailer. I checked the minimap and saw that there was no immediate traffic outside the garage, and proceeded to back out into the road. I was in good control of the trailer, aiming it properly towards the empty lane from which I was going to continue my journey. I was also in good control of the traffic situation, as there was none. Suddenly, I get kicked for "reckless driving". Look, I get it, I could've easily have turned around inside the yard of the garage, but why bother kicking someone in suc
  25. Čau chci se zeptat ohledně toho že mě to již několikrát kicklo s Heavy Cargo Pack DLC návěsy/přívěsy. Normálně ale na videi z Youtube jsem tyto návěsy/přívěsy vyděl. Nechápu. Prosím poraďte jestli vůbec je to možné mít takové návěsy/přívěsy. Jsem měl plán na firemní konvoj, ale zatím se mi to nedaří nějak udělat :-CC. A omlouvám se ta to že píší návěs/přívěs nepamatuji si rozdíl.
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