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Found 51 results

  1. ========================================= JET BLUE VTC is celebrating its third anniversary, and wants to celebrate it with the rest of the VTCs that invited us throughout this year. For that reason we will organize an international convoy, which we hope to have the support of all so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. ========================================= Details: Date: Jul. 13th, 2020 Server Open Time: 14:00(UTC) Departure Time: 17:00(UTC) Finishing time: 20:00(UTC) Server: Event Server ========================================= ========================================= External Links: Event Discord: https://discord.gg/Tt8cM5 implement assistance: https://ets2c.com/view/86512/leito-calais-sea-port No Time Zone: https://notime.zone/M8tZWRX16iMnP JET BLUE TruckersMP VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/113 ========================================= Event Rules: -Free-Roaming is not permitted. The server will be only used for Event hosted by JET BLUE VTC. Do not enter the sever if you are not going to participate in this event. -All participants must respect the TruckersMP rules. -Teams and public players should park in parking slots as instructed at departure and arrival. -All participants should drive trucks with trailers when parking at departure or driving on the road except Event Staff and TruckersMP Staff. -To direct the participants into right ways, JET BLUE Team may block some junctions as Event Staff. -All participants must follow the instructions of Event Organizers, staff JET BLUE and TruckersMP Staff. -Only as Event Staff, with special permissions, or under emergency circumstances can a driver overtake others, or drive in the wrong way. -Enough safety distance should be maintained to avoid the collisions caused by lags. -Respect all participants, keep friendly, and enjoy the event. ========================================= Contact: LeiTo#9215 Discord Event Server =========================================
  2. Hallo liebe Ets 2 Comunity, wir Salat Mafia und @LPmitElias veranstalten ein Event mit einigen Besonderheiten. Hier haben wir grundlegende Informationen: bitte hier Anmelden: https://forms.gle/N7QcXuZ5JqJXUXy87 https://ets2c.com/view/85629/salat-mafia-paris-service-station Datum: 15.05.2020 Uhrzeit: Treffen ab 18.00 Uhr. Start ab 19.00 Uhr. Treffpunkt: Paris ( mehr Infos folgen durch das Convoy Management ) Zielort: Milano ( Parkmöglichkeiten bei IKA ) Streckenlänge: ca. 1500 kilometer Route: Absicherung durch: ConSec Server: Event Server Convoy Team: Salat Mafia | LpmitElias | ConSec wenn Ihr fragen habt könnt ihr uns gerne fragen. Danke für eure Zeit, Der Veranstalter Englischer Beitrag:
  3. Legacy Freight Services are celebrating another year in the trucking community! Come join us for a drive around central Europe as we celebrate the past year. Event Details Date: 18th July 2020 Time: 13:00 BST (GMT+1) Meeting point: Strasbourg Quarry Server: Event server (Simulation 2 as backup) Required DLC: None Parking Slots Click here to view available slots Get in Touch VTC Discord: https://discord.legacyfreightservices.co.uk/ Event Discord: https://discord.com/invite/v6qg5ZR Twitter: @LFS_VTC Email: [email protected]
  4. Every day, over 2.8 million people, suffer from the difficulties of autism. With the success of last year’s event we will Therefore be doing this event again this year 2020 to show awareness with raising some much-needed money to help towards those suffering. We be Trucking for 23 hrs +, The event will start with a Truckfest and then will carry on to the main event making the whole event last 24 hours. The event will be going from Dover Seaport, driving all through Europe, ending at the Esbjerg Seaport. All monies raised from the event will go to Autism Awareness Central UK Autism Awareness Central UK Registered as a charity in England and Wales (1175692) https://www.autismawarenesscentraluk.co.uk/ https://ets2c.com/view/82431/majordeath-dover-sea-port https://discord.gg/2wZ3AEe https://autismawarenessevent.co.uk/ https://www.twitch.tv/autismawarenessevent
  5. Hello everyone! I would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved in our big event yesterday! Members and the whole community, my thanks for the presence and support of all of you! We in the administration had some unforeseen circumstances during the convoy, but in the end, everything worked out! Regarding our formation of the logo, it was sensational! I thank and congratulate @Dannic for the initiative! We did very well and I'm sure we made an excellent impression on everyone who participated in the event. I would like to thank our members Vovô (@Chanel Games), @MiiTyCo and @hudsonsilva, for their live transmissions. I thank @Fernando, for the enormous support given to us in communicating with the ConSec staff! I would also like to thank the staff of ConSec (@[ConSecGroup] Volvotrebla), Snowball Media (@Sir Smokey) and all the Staff team who supported us. Congratulations for the work done and for the committed professionalism. I also leave here my thanks to @DJFrontier, @ThiagoBR_ and @LUIG (GM's at TMP) and @Raymond_ (Event Manager at TMP) for the total support they provided for our great event! And last but not least (on the contrary), I congratulate @Evandr0 (our Event Manager), for organizing the whole event in general, because it was through him that we managed to have this wonderful event, on a dedicated server, with excellent routes, truckfest, with several guests (some were not easy to establish contact) and many more things that he did and did his best to make this event happen! I'm sure it was a great experience for him and we were also able to pass a very good experience to those who participated in the event. Again, congratulations to everyone!!! Regards, Victor Hugo - COO | GROFR "Where the simulation is taken seriously!"
  6. The BHF Event The Charity The British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals, who were concerned about the increasing death rate from cardiovascular disease. They wanted to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases. It is a major funder and authority in cardiovascular research, education, and care, and relies predominantly on voluntary donations to meet its aims. In order to increase income and maximise the impact of its work, it also works with other organizations to combat premature death and disability from cardiovascular disease. The British Heart Foundation’s main focus is to fund cardiovascular research, aiming to spend around £100 million a year funding scientists around the UK. They are currently funding over 1000 research projects. This charity means a lot to me as I lost a family member in April 2019 due to a heart issue. Event Information Date: July 25th 2020 Route 1: Frankfurt - Calais Route 2: Dover - Amsterdam Route 3: Amsterdam - Szczecin Route 4: Szczecin - Kosice Route 5: Kosice - Baasov Route 6: Baasov - Pirdop Useful Links Discord - https://discord.gg/sAzfgAq ETS2C - https://ets2c.com/view/84872/vexus-frankfurt-hotel JustGiving - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thebhfevent Event Rules: Unless changed below, all TruckersMP rules must be followed throughout the convoy - No overtaking the convoy, everyone will reach the destination. - Participants must use trailers throughout the event. Event staff/media are exempt from this rule. - During the truckfest, you must park in the designated slot that your VTC has booked. if your VTC doesn't have a slot, make sure to book one. If not, your VTC must park in the public parking. - ONLY event staff and game moderators have the permission to use cars throughout. - Free roaming is not allowed on the server. If caught, you can be kicked. - You MUST follow what the event staff are saying at all times. ** - providing we get an event server Modified TMP rules (if allowed) §2.3 - Blocking - Event staff are allowed to block with their vehicle §2.4 - Incorrect Way* - Event staff and event media can drive incorrectly down the road §2.5 - Reckless Driving* - Event staff and event media are allowed outside of the map boundaries
  7. I want to request an event server for a german event: DHT-Convoy / 08.05.2020 (Thema : Geburtstags - Convoy) Date & Time: 08.May.2020 at 17:00 - 22:00 UTC Organiser: Profi_Kartoffel (Timo Wagner) Participants: Über >100 Server Name: DHT-Convoy Game: ETS2 Max Players: 500 AFK Kick: No Speed Limiter: Yes Collision: Yes Cars for Players: No Temporary Rules in English: Rules for the convoy: -Overtaking for participants isn't allowed without an approval from the event staff ( DHT- Dark Horizon Transports / ConSec ). -Participants must have a trailer. -Follow the instructions from the convoy control (ConSec): indicator and chat signals. -It is allowed to block roads with the convoy at the start, break and destination. -Convoy control (ConSec) is exempted from §2.3 (to block roads for showing the right route) and §2.4. -Beacons are only allowed for the convoy control. Temporary Rules in German: Rules for the convoy: -Das überholen für Teilnehmer ist, ohne Einverständnis des Veranstaltungspersonals, nicht erlaubt ( DHT- Dark Horizon Transports / ConSec ). -Jeder Teilnehmer muss einen Auflieger angehängt haben. -Den Anweisungen der Konvoiabsicherung (ConSec) ist folge zu leisten: Blink- und Chatzeichen. -Der Konvoi darf während dem Start, der Pause und des Ziels Straßen blockieren. -Die Konvoiabsicherung (ConSec) ist von der Regel §2.3 (zum blockieren von Straßen für das anzeigen der richtigen Route) und §2.4 freigestellt. -Das anschalten der Rundumleuchten ist lediglich für die Konvoiabsicherung zugelassen. Participants list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nk8BL9Vv7_EG1IIJgs22u3l-vtjK6vtVPsFl4P13XC8/edit?usp=sharing Link als Nachweis der Teilnehmer Let me know if you need something else. Thanks in advance. Profi_Kartoffel (Timo Wagner)
  8. how to become Event Team, Moderator or Support Team ?
  9. Trans-Europ n.v 1st anniversary! Trans-Europ n.v. 1st anniversary is upon us. And we would like to invite you all to join at our Event! We hope that you'll all join us to celebrate our 1st anniversary! Details of the event: ETS2c Link: https://ets2c.com/view/85037/viva-nl-steco-calais-sea-port Route: Parking Slots: Together, we make it transpossible
  10. HEARTBEAT UTH 2020 Heartbeat UTH is back for 2020 and this year were supporting Rainbow Trust There aim: Being told that your child is so seriously ill that they might die is something no parent ever wishes to hear. Nobody knows how they would react or how they would cope. And in this new world in which families find themselves, everyday life has to continue. This year we supported more families than ever before through our eight care teams, Read how we helped families cope in our latest impact report. https://rainbowtrust.org.uk/uploads/other/pdfs/Impact_Report_17_18.pdf Every family in the UK who has a child with a life threatening illness should get the support they need. Our plans are to: Ensure high quality service and support for families Extend our range and scope of services to families Increase our influence and reputation as a ‘trusted voice’ Raise more funds to ensure we can maintain support for families Increase public awareness. We are committed to meeting increasing demand from families by growing our existing family support teams. We will also create a feasibility model for expanding to new locations in the future. HeartbeatUTH Aim IS Our aim is to raise 500 pounds for rainbow trust to help with the cost. AS there's an estimated 49,000 children and young people in the UK living with a life limiting or life threatening condition who may require palliative care. Not only we supporting the families but also the people who work for this amazing charity 11th July, 2020 11.30am BST MEET UP NAPLES 12.00pm for 24hr Convoy PARKING MAP OF THE CITY COMING SOON Discord......... http://discord.heartbeatuth.com/ Facebook Page........... https://www.facebook.com/HeartbeatUTH/ Ets2c.com......... https://ets2c.com/view/86292/yamyam-naples-piac Donate.......... https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rainbowtrust2020
  11. Niuro_BG


    Hello, after a somewhat misunderstood conversation over Discord a couple of days ago, you gave me a great idea: Suggestion Name: Unaffiliated with World of Trucks weekly / monthly events/convoys and in time zones with rewards. Suggestion Description: Because of the way the MP mod works almost all of the great content of Steam workshop is locked. But what IF we could have some (not all) custom paint jobs, accessories, etc. as in the begger events arround the year? How does it work?: 1st of I would like to explain why not WoT - it does not support ProMods. We are well aware that most players are either cheap (unwilling to get the extentions upon promo days and yes the game is not that expensive), just got too many bans for bad driving skills or just lack the time and motivation for something more than a 1 hour drive . As SJMAXiK suggested he could close C-D line if need be. Where am I going wit this? - It's rather simple and will envolve everyone. An event may be ran in 3,5 steps: a./ vote for a reward type; b./ set the goal and rules of the event (the fun part); b1./ use only one radio station or Discord; c. / execute the deed. One thing is missing at this point - what is the role of time zones in all this? As we know, not only Europeans play here. Much of the Asian community is still in Europe because they play mostly on the ProMods server, as mentioned in the conversation. Therefore, UK time is not the best solution for events. At least 2-3 groups / time zones should be given a chance. Why? Let's look at it this way -> East Asia plays online in EU morning to late afternoon. This means that they do not have access to UK events (later hours). The situation with Eastern Europe is similar, but mostly time specific. The time difference dramatically reduces the involved. In this order of thought, the three groups are a wiser choice. Of course, this means that there will also be 3 separate event locals, but there is no lack of servers. "Companies" focused on escorting convoys will be pleasantly busy. Any example images: There is no other such game and it's not possible to provide such assets yet. Why should it be added?: Well... there is a reason for that - only fractions of both maps are used per server and just 2 places to be C-D or Kirkines. It needs to change and this is the way (IMO). I stil don't know why C-D is prefered though, but I know why the other one is adored - dirt track; tight road; steep ups and downs; fun element; hard to master. Where elsewhere can we have this FUN? - answer - Everywhere, but not alone. The reward at the end of such a jorney would be really good, not just the satisfaction of been in one piece. P.S.: I don't mind doing the paper work. I do something similar in my life job place.
  12. CiaranOg78

    WoT Events?

    At the end of another WoT event (well done to all who took part) I wanted to know which event has been your favourite so far, do you prefer the previous events where you choose your destination or maybe the One Truck Family format with designated collections and dropoff points? For me personally I would have to go with OTF as it was fun meeting people at the collection points and driving with them to the various dropoffs.
  13. Suggestion Format: Event Suggestion Suggestion Name: Trailer Reversing contest. Suggestion Description: It would be a competition on diferent stages about parking trailers. It would show the skill of the driver. There are existing reversing contests in real life (for exemple Scania does it as a driver competition) and i think it would be awesome in TruckersMP. People with trailers would need to reverse in challanging spaces as fast as posible to a parking spot. People with the best time will win. Any collision will give +1 second penalty. There would be 3 Stages Qualyfying- People would need to reverse into a more simple parking space in a company between trailers or any objects under time. It shouldn't be too easy but neither too hard. They would have a maximum time to do this (enough time to reverse into the parking space) and if they couldn't do it in the time they would get disqualified. 1 Stage- Would be way more challenging, it wouldn't be a simple reverse but it would be longer with tight spaces and traffic cones. If driver would hit any cone more then 3 times, he would get disqualified. People with the best time would qualify for Stage 2 2 Stage- Now this would be a real challange. Driver will need to reverse into 2 parking spaces, with more challaneging spaces and after hiting 2 cones they would get disqualified. Drivers with the best time would get into finals to show their skills. 3 Stage- This would be the final stage where only a few will win. It would be way harder then any stage. (The stages are only my idea. It doesn't need to be exectly like that and can be changed) Rules- Players will need to use 3 axle Curtain trailer with no steering axles. Any collision with the truck or trailer gives +1 second penalty. There could be also 1 more championship about reversing Double trailers. Why should it be added?: it should be added because i think it's pretty good idea for another event. Right now there is Racing championship which is awesome but shows only racing skills. In this event people could show their skills in their truck, parking trailers and reversing in challangeing spaces.
  14. =========================================================== China TruckersCHN Event No.20 The Baltic Sea will be the target of our campaign. The winding roads, the wide and straight highways and the unique border checkpoints will make this campaign full of challenges! So, this time the event will be defined as a trip to the Baltic Sea, and there will be eggs waiting for you to find! Activity information: Route①:Daugavpils →Tallinn(757KM) Route②:Liepaya →Tallinn(773KM) Origin①:Daugavpils Origin②:Liepaya End Point:Tallinn DLC:Beyond the Baltic Sea Server capacity:500 http://imgbox.com/PDv52IBn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Event planning: Starting: 2020.3.22 (UTC10: 00) Ends: 2020.3.22 (UTC16: 00) Server: China TruckersCHN Event No.20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Activity rules: 1.No cars (Only event staff can use pilot cars) 2.No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons) 3.No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags) 4.Event staff are allowed to use the other side of the road 5.No overtaking (Only event staff are allowed to overtake) 6.Convoy Control can block junctions 7.Please listen to instruction from verified Event STAFF. ================China Truckers CHN (Brother Association)==============
  15. Event takımı için başvuru yapmıştım. Tekrar incelenecek adında mesaj geldi, bu inceleme süresi ne kadar sürebiliyor
  16. Suggestion Name : At Request the server, the event organizer can put an account link for some of the event's Staffs ( temporary role on the Event Servers )so that they can be in the role of the game Moderators . The most important of these things that the event organizer needs are as follows: 1 : announce inside the server ,like everyone is in the starting place of the event, announcing the time of the start the TruckFest and its results, and the time of launching the event etc ... 2 : He can kick bad people who cause trouble and stop the event and don't Cares about with the ban (some of these things spoil a whole event) 3 : Using the free camer to move between the whole convoy will make it more comfortable than overtaking the whole convoy 4 : Using the police car (only the event staff , the rest the server kicks them automatically) Any Image?: N/A Why this should be added?: 1 : Make the event more quality 2 : The event organizer doesn't need the Game Moderators anymore 3 : No problems after that
  17. Hello everyone, I have a problem about receiving my event gifts. I have an Wot account. As you know there is an event and finally, I have done it. However, when I clicked on the redeem on the steam button an error has appeared. I add a screenshot of it as a file. The error says that I don't have the game but is it possible? Because I have an account, also I have finished the event. Is there any solution for that? I m looking for your reply. Have a nice day.
  18. Hello everyone, today as you know today was the Real Operations V8, what did you like about the event? To me buses, blocked roads and accidents. MY VIDEO:
  19. Доброго времени суток. Наверное уже многие в курсе об ивенте от Worl of Trucks. Собственно в этом то и проблема. Отвезла 12 подарков. Забрала награду в личном кабинете на Worl of Trucks. Возвращаюсь в игру. На радостях ставлю новую красу... Выхожу из СТО, а там это... (смотрите скрин) Надеюсь исправят в ближайшее время. Ну и остальным игрокам предлагаю, пока что, воздержаться от установки новой краски, полученной по ивенту.
  20. Vermek, almaktan daha iyidir. Bu tecrübe ile öğrenilir ve katılan herkese fayda sağlar. Bu nedenle bu sene ETS2 ve ATS için yeni ve çok özel bir yılbaşı etkinliği oluşturduk. Bu nedenle topluluğumuzun yeni yıl ruhunu her bölgeye yaymasını istiyoruz. Dorseler dolusu dağıtılacak hediyelerimiz var ve her şehre gönderdiği hediyelere göre yıldızlar vereceğiz. Bir şehir daha fazla hediye dağıttıkça, daha fazla yıldız kazanacak. Çok güzel ödüller sizleri bekliyor. Haydi tüm dünya şehirlerinin bir olup en güzel hediyeleri dağıtabileceğini gösterelim. Topluluk ilerlemesini World of Truck üzerinden ya da oyun içerisindeki güncellenmiş harici sözleşmeler arayüzünü kullanarak takip edebilirsiniz. Bu festivalin başlangıcını kutlamak için özel bir yayın yapacağız. Bir yandan hediyeleri taşırken, diğer yandan da etkinlikle ilgili çekiliş hakkında bilgi vereceğiz. Tişörtler, Steam kodları, bilgisayar aksesuarları ve daha fazlası sizi bekliyor. 19 Aralık Perşembe akşamı saat 19:00’da gerçekleşecek, özel konuklu, bol eğlenceli, bol ödüllü ve belki de geleceğe ufak bir bakış atacağımız yayınımızı Steam veya Twitch üzerinden izleyebilirsiniz. Bunu kaçırmak istemezsiniz! Etkinlik Kuralları: World of Trucks’a bağlı bir profilden harici sözleşmeleri kullanarak ETS2, ATS veya her ikisinde olabildiğince fazla yıldız toplamaya çalışın. Her şehir 5 yıldıza kadar kazanabilir! Herhangi bir şehrin yıldız alabilmesi için, topluluğun etkinlik dorselerini kullanarak o şehirden başlayan 1000 teslimat yapması gerekir. Kazanılan her 200 yıldız, bir topluluk ödülünü açacaktır. 1000 yıldıza ulaşılırsa özel bir ödül olacaktır. Bireysel hedefinizi tamamlamak için ise ETS2’de veya ATS’de 12 tane hediye teslimatı tamamlamanız gerekir. Ödüller: Bireysel Ödül: · World of Trucks başarımı · İçi hediye dolu, asılan yılbaşı çorabı · Yeni yıl temalı metalik bir boya Topluluk Ödülü: · Her 200 yıldızda benzersiz bir ödül · 1000 yıldıza ulaşılınca özel 2 ödül daha Not: Topluluk ödüllerini alabilmek için öncelikle bireysel hedefinize ulaşmanız gerekmektedir. Ödüller Steam envanter eşyası olarak verilecektir. Etkinlik 16 Ocak Çarşamba 03:00 itibariyle sonlanacaktır. Kaynak: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/12/christmas-grand-giving-event-2019.html Çeviri: [ÖZ DOSTLAR] ONAT - 24
  21. Suggestion Name: as the title Suggestion Description: This is the system that you think would be better if you added it from the event server. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: I've always thought about it for a better escort while holding many events. Here's an example I've been thinking about. 1. Request for change of nickname color to event server requester. - When requesting an event server, according to your manager, Manager want to know the event staff clearly. So, in the case of event staff, we usually write "Event Staff" on the tag. However, if you see the event staff without stopping, it is difficult to determine exactly. If you're not an event staff member of each team, I hope that at least as many nicknames as the event server requester can be colored so that the participating team, individual participants, and administrators can recognize them. 2. Added notification commands only from the event server. - Event servers often have server requests centered around them, guiding them through server notifications. But sometimes, it's hard to command a regular chat. ( ex. If the port of Calais is the origin, no chat is visible in the city of Calais. ) To supplement this, I would like to grant permission to event server requestors to write down announcements. (not red announcements like Game Moderator, but a system that can notify all users) You usually do events of the server, free roaming is prohibited. But when you lead a convoy, you often see Free-Roameras, so it's hard to control them. I hope that this will add further notice. 3. I hope that Tab will show all users who connect to the server only for the event server - As I mentioned earlier, Free-Roaming is prohibited on most event servers. In order to find these users, I want to know the location of all users on the server. (Press Tab to check the distance of all users, not just users, within 1km. ) Once the system is introduced, it will not only prevent Free-Roamer but also provide more accurate information about users who have broken the rules. 4. When connecting to an event server with temporary rules, I would like you to let me know more about temporary rules, such as the notification that comes when the TrucksMP Rule changes. - Many event staff, or the master of each team, often write temporary rules when requesting an event server. However, there may be users who participate in events without reading these temporary rules properly. To warn you of these users first, we would like to have a temporary rule alert issued. 5. kick system modification - Kick automatically for user when a large number of reports are received. - For the first team to host the event, you may not be able to obtain support from the Game Moderator. TeamAudi's Alliance Clan Team Coupang also didn't get support because they didn't know how During the escort, the troller may interfere with the escort. Of course you can call us web-report, but at that time the escort event must be in progress, and we can't cut it off in the middle. In order to prevent this, I hope you can change the kick system and automatically click the user on the server if you receive a lot of reports. Although not all of the parts I requested can be reflected in the event server, I thought it would be nice to have this added, so I came up with a suggestion. Although my proposal may not be possible, I hope it will give you a chance to think about it. I would like to thank you for all the TruckersMP Staff's efforts to keep TruckersMP clean. Always have a good day.
  22. Chers joueurs, Êtes-vous passionnés pour les convois et les événements ? Si oui, alors l'Event Team pourrait être votre prochaine étape dans la communauté de TruckersMP ! Nous recherchons des personnes motivées pour gérer nos événements et nous recrutons durant les deux prochaines semaines . Critères obligatoires de recrutement: - Bien connaître TruckersMP ainsi que les règles - Être un membre de TruckersMP depuis au moins 12 mois. - Être enregistré sur le forum de TruckersMP depuis au moins un mois. - Aucun bannissement dans les 12 derniers mois - Pas plus de 3 bannissements au total - Être actif sur le forum - Avoir un bon comportement en général, c'est à dire en jeu, sur notre forum, sur notre serveur Discord et sur les pages de nos réseaux sociaux officiels. - Compétences linguistiques - l'anglais est obligatoire; être bilingue sera un avantage - Avoir de bonnes compétences en communication - Résilient, actif et flexible - Savoir travailler seul ou en équipe - Vouloir apprendre et faire progresser vos connaissances - Être organisé et savoir s'adapter - Savoir accepter les critiques constructives - Une expérience déjà vécu dans le passé est un avantage, mais pas une nécessité. Avoir de l'expérience dans le contrôle de convois est très bénéfique. Posséder ETS2 et ATS ainsi que tous les DLC de cartes est privilégié. Si vous correspondez aux critères ci-dessus et que vous souhaitez vraiment rejoindre notre équipe, veuillez compléter notre formulaire de candidature ici: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment Fin du recrutement: 1er Septembre 2019 à 02h00 UTC+2 Bonne chance !
  23. بازیکنان عزیز سلام این چند هفته اخیر مصادف با سالگرد 5 سالگی تراکرزام پی، هفته‌های بسیار شلوغ و همچنین موفقی بود که به خوبی پشت سر گذاشته شد. اما هرچه که ما به انتهای ماه میلادی نزدیک‌تر می شویم؛ وقت آن می رسید تا زمان برگزاری رویداد بعدی را اعلام کنیم شما می توانید در یکشنبه این هفته به تاریخ 26 مه 2019 میلادی مصادف با 5 خرداد 1398 از ساعت 17 یو تی سی در این رویداد شرکت کنید. همچنین از طریق لینک زیر می توانید ساعت شروع این رویداد را مطابق با ساعت کشور خود ببینید (Alternative Timezones) ما این رویداد را از کشور بسیار زیبای ایتالیا و از شهر بندری آن تحت نام جنوآ آغاز می کنیم؛ وجود بندر و همچنین وجود شرکت های بزرگ در این شهر، این اجازه را به شما خواهد داد تا از پارکینگ‌های وسیع به منظور آماده شدن برای آغاز این رویداد استفاده کنید سپس از آنجا، صدها کامیون از مسیر بسیار زیبایی با چشم انداز کوه های آلپ به مسیر خود ادامه می دهند. علاوه بر این، رانندگان از بعضی از زیباترین مسیرهای کشور فرانسه و المان نیز عبور خواهند کرد این کاروان بسیار هیجان انگیز خواهد بود؛ به طوری که به هیچ عنوان تمایلی به از دست دادن آن نخواهید داشت همانند گذشته، مدت زمان کاروان 90 دقیقه تخمین زده شده است. اما در صورتی که در انتهای کاروان قرار بگیرید ممکن است که این زمان برای شما طولانی تر گردد. در این کاروان هیچگونه توقفی به منظور استراحت برنامه ریزی نشده است؛ اما با این حال شما می توانید در طول مدت زمان برگزاری آن در مکان های امن و پارکینگ ها توقف کرده و به استراحت بپردازید لطفاً نظرات خود را در رابطه با این کاروان در انجمن تراکرز ام پی با ما در میان بگذارید مسیر رویداد محل شروع Genoa, Italy مقصد Stein Bruch (Quarry), Mannheim, Germany اطلاعات اضافی در رابطه با رویداد Event Rules سرور Official Convoy از رانندگی در این رویداد لذت ببرید تیم تراکرز ام پی
  24. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: FIA ETRC Race Event 2019 Suggestion Description: A racing event could be organised on one of the servers, where people could sign up to race against one another in their trucks. Obviously this would require great co-ordination from the ADMINS. This is what the current calendar looks like; Provisional 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship Calendar: Misano, Italy – 25/26 May 2019 TBA – 11/12 May or 8/9 June 2019 Hungaroring, Hungary – 22/23 June 2019 Slovakia Ring, Slovakia – 6/7 July 2019 Nürburgring, Germany – 20/21 July 2019 Most, Czech Republic – 31 Aug/1 Sept 2019 Zolder, Belgium – 14/15 Sept 2019 Le Mans, France – 28/29 Sept 2019 Jarama, Spain – 5/6 Oct 2019 Hence, there could be events near the actual dates in the actual countries (although the city would have to be changed). Example; Italy, Milan - 26 May Hungary, Budapest - 23 June and so on... Any example images: This could be an example of a sprint (from point 1 to 2) and then other races could be circuits around the city. Why should it be added?: I think this is one event that could be quite easily assembled, and depending on the interest of the community, it could be quite successful. It would also work well with the current WoT Event. If there is a similar event please link it in the comments and if such event is not planned then I'd like to hear your opinions! Thank you, Michal Stefaniszyn
  25. Why make it a limited time? It should be a server to stay for those who want to roleplay or have fun for a bit For example: Having it as a server to stay for those who want to use it such as police chases Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's already gonna be added on the 29th
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