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  1. ets freezes very quickly!

    So when i enter ets it works just fine but in about less than 1 minute everything freezes except for my truck! The biggest problem is that even though i can;t see them, they can see me and even get hit by me! I think i've caused alot of trouble already because of this, still, i can't enjoy this BAD experience! I just want to play with my friend. I've tried everything but it doesn't work. Specs: Amd fx-6300 3,50 ghz 4 gb ddr 3 1333 mhz ram r7 240 2gb ddr3 gpu 1 tb harddisk Internet speed: 90 mbps download and upload I've only got rejection until now.
  2. Players are freezing and not spawning. Additional information is in my other forum posts. Time to delete TruckersMP. Nothing works. It always happens. Pls fix.
  3. Freezing world

    Yes, I do.
  4. Freezing world

    I have waited but its the same. It loads a couple trucks but then stops and never comes back. Any fix? I think it might be my pc cause i have a low-spec computer I have heard about putting truckers mp setting to fast models.
  5. Freezing world

    Specs: Fx-6300 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram r7 240 2gb ddr3 (sux) 1tb hdd 7200rpm Internet speed
  6. Freezing world

    Mostly yes. It also happens when i am searching for a job, in a city. Even if i drive with somebody that i see at all times, this still happens. Thank you for your response, i will try to wait some minutes than start hauling.
  7. Freezing world

    Problem: If you fast travel or just stay afk for a very little time, players might freeze. This always happens. Symptoms: Players freezed (making contact with them and they are not showing signs of moving), you are invincible(tested), wheels are still moving, the street lights are stuck (they never change), chat does not work (you can't send or receive messages) There is no fix to it. I have went to some forum posts talking about the same problem, with one post that had a response containing a (large) fix. Opening the ports did no good, and the developer log is just useless. Please has somebody found a fix for this one bug? P.S.: You can do Calais-Duisburg under 10 minutes, nobody is there and you most likely crash everybody on the road. Yes i have video proof that C-D is empty for me.
  8. Everything freezes

    No fix and the problem is a year old.
  9. Everything freezes

    Nope. I tried multiple things that delay the bug but, its not gone. Also my internet speed in not the problem
  10. Everything freezes

    I have the same problem. The only thing that *temporarily* fixed it was the developer log (in the settings of the mod, not the game). there are 3 options: disabled, basic and advanced. I clicked disabled first, and restarted the game, everything worked fine for about 30 mins and freezed. I tried advanced, same story, restarting wouldn't help. I recommend to use a recording software so you wont get banned. Submit a ticket to the support (support.truckersmp.com) and play single player for a while. There isn't a fix. Also the internet is o the problem. I have 90mbps both upload and download.
  11. Anybody found a fix?

  12. Anybody found a fix?

    i have the exact same problem