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  1. Not Really, im still waiting for somebody to Explain why im getting kicked, and my Friend not.
  2. Nope, i get kicked for " Invalid acessory set detected. The Number of Trailers has ben Exceeded." Is it because i have to much trailers? (Did i understand right?. Triple trailer cant be longer whan 2x Full size trailer?)
  3. So, as i understand. We can use it legally? We have not modify any Parts of chassis or something other, thats are normal trailers that are attached together. Thank you, Have a nice Day. PolandGrzesio
  4. Hi, Me and my Friend have made a Triple Trailer, which is collection of B-Double + HCT (Picture). We have seen Rules before doing it and it should be not against Rules. But still want to ask if its possible to drive without Kicked or Banned. On The Trailer we had mixed 2 Trailers combination, HCT and B-Double. Thats allowed on The server ( Using non-default trailer combinations (trailers must have space between them and not clip into each other)) And it contain not more than 3 trailers. 2x full-size trailers (HCT) and 1x Mid-size Trailer, (Trailer form B-Double) So that should be not against the Rules. ( Trailer combinations must only contain up to 3 cargo carrying trailers (dolly trailers do not count towards this). 3 full-size trailers are not allowed to be used in ETS2 due to the autokick system. And the Trailers Chain Type is HCT. So i can use it Legally? or? Thanks in Advance!
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