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  1. A lot of people post on the forums about the status updates not working, so today I decided to make this short guide that could be easily linked to. Firstly, locate your name on the top right hand of the forums, which looks like this: Secondly, Click on the dropdown where the arrow is pointing and press profile, it will look like this: Thirdly, Press the "Edit Profile" part of your profile, which will look like this: Finally, locate the "Enable status updates?" slider and ensure that it looks like this:
  2. Suggestion Name: Possible fix: Kick for Unreliable Connection Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, since TruckersMP refuses to do a reconnect button I have another Solution. Me and every single of my Friends have the same problem: If we are trying to go to the mechanic or garage in a city were many players are you get kicked for unreliable connection. So i dare to argue that this problem has everyone. Problem: you can't spawn in cities with many players. So the explanation is that you get kicked because you are having a to high ping while connecting. This is
  3. Ever had errors when you want to play ETS2? Well, never fear! Nadz is here! So, errors? Quite annoying when you want to jump onto the roads and listen to some Euro Truck Radio right? Well... here are some error fixes that may help you! 1) Internal Error [ERROR 500] Well, there are many reason why this may happen, but most likely it is the server end of TruckersMP. It may be too many people are trying to update at the same time or it may be stuff like this, however, if you try later, it should be fixed, however, in some cases, it may not, then pleas
  4. I have been trying for about a week now to fix this but for some reason it wont work can someone please help me i play on a lapptop soif that has anything to do with it Well that just sucks Please help me fellow truckers.
  5. Buenas noches amigos conductores de la carretera, soy nuevo en ATS MP, y me gusto mucho este juego, de hecho he grabado mi aventura y la quiero compartir con ustedes, soy nuevo en esto de hacer videos, hice un montage tambien, incluido en el video, buenas tomas y paisajes y ocurren muchas cosas, quiero que me dejen su comentario dandome su opinión, soy nuevo en la comunidad y espero sea una buena comunidad en el foro, receptiva, asi como lo son en el modo multiplayer. Si pueden, apoyenme con un like, proximamente subire mas aventuras de este gran juego!. Entren en el enlace pa
  6. Hey, so you might've had an issue in Euro Truck Simulator 2 where you experience an extremely low amount of FPS, here's how you can solve it Solve it in-game (if you can load up the game, but your fps is really low) 1. Open up the TAB Menu (right click to use your mouse) 2. Click the settings wheel 3. Turn off 'Season Effects' You might need to click this several times, as the game is very laggy when you have this issue 4. Click Apply Imgur image for reference https://imgur.com/a/viykJsH Solve it via the login menu (if you can't lo
  7. Здравейте на всички, тъй като всички може да знаете, че когато играете ETSMP, някои играчи изпитват продължителни замръзвания/крашове, докато други просто се сриват. Аз самият никога не съм играл ETSMP по тази причина. След като наскоро се присъединих към екипа за поддръжка и помогнах на безброй други играчи по този въпрос и ги реших, реших да споделя стъпките как евентуално да поправя това. Моля, обърнете внимание, че това не е гарантирано поправяне, но има висок успех. Ако вашата игра замръзва за дълъг период, това е, защото модът се опитва да играе времето си с осно
  8. Здравей, Понякога, когато стартирате TruckersMP, получавате съобщение за грешка от Steam. Това може да бъде доста досадно, защото ако натиснете „ОК“, той се стартира на сингъл игра вместо на мултиплейър. Ето стъпките, които можете да следвате, за да спрете получаването на това съобщение. 1. На първо място, когато получите това съобщение, не натискайте „OK“. Вместо това натиснете бутона „Отказ“. Това ще попречи на Steam да стартира играта в сингълплеър и това ще ви спести известно време. 2. Затворете Steam изцяло. Натискането на изход в го
  9. Ако получите грешка 403 в нашите уебсайтове (truckersmp.com, forum.truckersmp.com, api.truckersmp.com и т.н.), вашият IP / IP обхват е блокиран. Към момента следните услуги са блокирани от нашите услуги: LeaseWeb: Неуспешно обработване на сигналите за злоупотреба по валиден и правилен начин. Ако сте с тях, моля, преминете към друг доставчик, тъй като те нямат шанс да се отблокират. TOR Exit Nodes: Поради ниската потребителска база на TOR, която използва приложението по предназначение. Ако получите грешка 403 https://truckersmp.com/download, горните н
  10. Hey guys, Since the 1. 35 is available for ETS 2 multiplayer, I'm always kicked because of too high ping. It wasn't like that in the previous version. When I press TAB, I have a 30ms ping. But every 2-3 minutes I suddenlyhave a 900ms ping and I get kicked. Do you have the same problem? What can I do to solve it?
  11. Hello , could you please fix the UK version of car SCOUT . I'm here reporting a windscreen wipers bug . Thank you very much . Suggestion Name: Windscreen Wipers Malfunction Suggestion Description: UK's version Scout's wipers are moving but aren't wiping any water/rain off the windscreen + the turning radius is a bit small (on EU and UK model) and would be better for them to extend to the edge of the windscreen when operating and reach high-end-extended . Any example images: My low quality sample picture below Why should it be added?: Because it does not function at all
  12. NO se desde cuando pero aunque a todos en la empresa se les permite utilizar el comando /fix para reparar los daños a mi me salta un mensaje del sistema que dice: *Your vehicle has been fixed* por lo que no puedo reparar el camion o el trailer con el comando.. Saben como hacer para que pueda usarlo?
  13. Hello guys I'm playing ets mp with I3 / 4GB Ram / Intel 620. In LOW and HIGH graphics both have 5-9 FPS in Calais . And also same fps both settings . 15 - 30 fps in roads . And too lagging in high population areas and at Night Anyone have any Lag FIX ?? (That case have only in MP no any lag in SP)
  14. Hey, i can't login on ATS. says that: invalid email or password. but on ETS2 works..
  15. I have found that there is a easy fix for the car stuck in gear 1 if you change your gear box to manual it goes up gears easily so in the mean time until there is a fix i suggest you use the manual gear box. The link below is a post i was trying to reply on but could not work out how
  16. Здравейте, в този урок ще ви покажа как да оправите често срещаните грешки в Euro Truck Simulator 2 & TruckersMP. Надявам се информацията да ви е полезна, документа се поддържа! ИНФО: Ако не намирате вашата грешка в документа можете да я публикувате в коментарите и аз ще ви помогна за нейното отстраняване. Моля прикачайте снимка на вашата грешка и лога на играта (Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\game.log.txt). Легенда: §1 - Как да скрием името и чата по време на снимки? §2 - Как да оправим Error “the game filesystem failed to initialize ...” ? §3 - Ка
  17. Fix komanda je dodata u TMP, i kada se u čet napiše /fix, ako imate prikolicu i vozite kamion, kamion će vam se popraviti. Uskoro će HumaneWolf praviti glasanje, i onda će administracija videti da li da uklone tu odliku ili da je ostave. Šta vi mislite o tome, da li vam se sviđa, šta biste vi promenili?
  18. Hello, I have problem with start my ETS2 MP Please HELP!!
  19. Hello, me and my friends recently updated to newest version of TMP and ETS2 to play together, and all of us have same problems. There are multiple cases of what can happen. In Hvataj.png(image attached) you can see result of case 1 Just an error message and game is white. In Hvataj2.png and Hvata3j.png you can see result of case 2 Game starts, everything is black(I cannot se ETS2 mutiplayer logo, or anything, but I can hear it) Than it pops up an menu. Darker menu in which I cannot use mouse, but I can navigate with keyboard After choosing profile mous
  20. Less distances for transport I created a new profile and Hack Money, Level and Up Skills but Less distances for transport. What should I do? Or I should not be hacked.
  21. Como corrigir o bug da sobreposição do chat. Alguma vez você já abriu o bate-papo e em seguida precisou de um "Shift+Tab" para poder reiniciar o jogo, devido ao congelamento da tela causado pela sobreposição do chat, de modo que não era possivel sair da Pausa ou acessar qualquer menu do jogo. 1- Abra ATS ou ETS2. 2- Com o jogo aberto, vá para Opções, selecione Teclas e Botões, e mude a configuração de Controle por Mouse o Supervisor de Rotas. Para usuários de teclado, recomendo que atribua essa função à roda do mouse "Para Cima" (Wheel Up) ou "Para Baixo" (Wheel D
  22. Hello, I have one big problem always when i teleport to the garage in ETS 2 MP game crash, can someone help me ? please ?
  23. Hello i installed new update and when i try start a Ets2mp they drop This: Previous this update was work normal...
  24. I have secretly had a problem with the screen, after i reactivate the game once in awhile. I havent allowed it to bother me, i just change it back to my usual in ,,settings,, and i play game like usual. After i open the game, the screen is narrow and the quality is on the basic ..low quality,, and it foreces me to change my settings over and over again, after that has happened. Because i play with a steering wheels, and sometimes i afto pull the USB out and back. Sometimes after that, next time i start the game i have that problem,eaven not allways Is there a
  25. When you read the title, i do know how to fix it and if you have the same problem, then i know how you might be able to fix it. After few updates at the past i have gotten notes about having a ,,unsupported game version,, every time update comes out. after you download the update,you still get the itsact same notification. Yes,i also fell into confusion and wondered,am i ever able to play ETS2MP? I watched one youtube video and i was advized to open steam and find ,,Euro truck simulator 2,,. Keep the arrow on the ,,Euro truck simulator title,, and right click it. After you
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