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Found 6 results

  1. i dont understand why my game shows a version higher then my actual game version , it's showing theat i need version and theat i have and i need to change the version but the game has , why truckers mp has theat problem please help
  2. Title: Truck park and decreasing time. Description: Creation of internal parking lots in the German cities of Rhineland-Westphalia, such as: duisburg, Dortmund and others that present the problem of overdensity of trucks. Players now have a rest area and await loading. Each player will be subject to an exceptional dynamic of access to cities that present super concentrated concentration of trucks, for the game ETS 2 multiplayer on the map of Germany. Each player receives a clock icon when entering the city and counts the countdown time (10 minutes). During the time you must do your job: loading cargo, unloading cargo, exploring the city. Players with trailers, players without a trailer, players with no load, must go to the TRUCK PARK. Structure of the Urban Park of Trucks for the ETS 2: Truck vacancies (without trailer) Jobs for truck (with trailer) Vacancies for cars and their trailers. Operation of the urban truck park: Opening hours: 24 hours Access to the urban park of trucks: access fee in the guardhouse. Sleep: Rate for the "Enter" command. Maximum sleeping in the city: 1 per night every 6 hours per player. Maximum length of stay in the city: 10 real minutes per player. Pictures references: Parking (not trucks) of the industrial area of Manheinm (Germany). Source: ETS 2. Picture screenhoot the author concept project. Parking (not trucks) of the industrial area of Manheinm (Germany). Source: ETS 2. Picture screenhoot the author concept project. Exemple teoric cncept; Resource: You tube. Gamers ETS2. PARK TRUCK Maasvlakte, Rotterdan - Nertherland. , Tankpark, moorfleet, Hamburg. Automatization vacances. Truck parking. Germany. Reference; Internet Automatization vacances. Truck parking. Germany. Reference; Internet Gelsenkirchen Resse, A2. Why it should be added: For various reasons, should be added. Main reason: Solution for the super density of trucks in the German cities in the Rhine valley in the game ETS 2. It should be added as an important element for European truck simulators such as ETS 2. They must be built physically on the map in multiplayer mode, thereby solving much of the flow of cities. Basically, the problem is the temporary allocation of trucks and players to carry out their jobs, the truck parking lots are the most realistic solution and add great truck capacity. Built in ETS 2 should be "no collision" areas, this adds multiple trucks into a single available space and allows an orderly flow between the car park and the companies. So solving the question once and for all. Other information - References. https://www.thyssenkrupp-steel.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/press-release-70402.html https://trans.info/en/germany-needs-31-thousand-parking-spaces-trucks-67124
  3. This Is A Problem That Needs To Be Sorted Out. Here Is A Diagram Of How It Is Supposed To Work. Black - C-D Traffic Heading West - Has To Yield/Give Way To Blue Red - C-D Traffic Heading East - Has To Yield/Give Way To Blue Blue - Traffic Coming Off Slip Road - Has Right Of Way Over Red And Black Green - Traffic Going Onto Highway - Regulations End For Green Yellow - Normal Highway Traffic - None Of These Regulations Apply To Yellow Pink - Yield Signs - Red And Black Have To Stop Here For Blue Grey - End Of Regulations - None Of These Regulations Apply At This Point I Hope This Is A Simple And Easy Diagram Which I Don't Expect To Be Seen By People But I Might As Well Mention It.
  4. I was and still have this problem of freezing players in cities with great movement. After performing several tests I found that it comes from a blocking of the TruckersMP server with my ip (I do not know if it is related to numbering or is something random). The temporary solution I found to the problem is to use proxy to change the ip and get to run normally. The problem that VPN are expensive and TruckersMP taking better science of this problem has to solve it immediately. Many players face this problem and are banned confused by hacker use. And the answer I see from TruckersMP is that it's a connection problem which is not true. After using proxy the connection becomes much more unstable causing slowness. Below is a video of the bug.
  5. Sorry to post it here, but I'm apparently not allowed to create topics elsewhere. I see the closed "No Jobs in the Freight Market" topic, where there are multiple solutions to this problem, I got one extra solution to fix the problem. Go out of the multiplayer, and drive to a place to pick up cargo, once you looked in the freight pickup thingy locally and see some freight, all the freight will also be back in the general overview.
  6. I have the following error when I try to join in the game, and i need a solution "Unknown authentication error", I appreciate the solution, thanks for your attention. my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/alejitoro1/
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