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  1. el problema se soluciono solo,gracias por responder
  2. ^ not is the problem, i tried change my email and the problem continue...
  3. gracias,si yo se ingles xd sin embargo queria preguntar por aca haber si me daban solucion,Informare la solucion por aca en caso de que se de, gracias por responder
  4. I have checked that already and that's no the problem, the sign is still there and it doesn't let me play
  5. Hi, I have the following error and I Cant play for 3 days Please help me!! I tried everything, and the game not works
  6. alejitoro

    Login Error

    Pueden ayudarme con este error?, Ya he intentado de todo y quiero jugar y nadie me da solucion,Gracias!!!
  7. I have the following error when I try to join in the game, and i need a solution "Unknown authentication error", I appreciate the solution, thanks for your attention. my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/alejitoro1/
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