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  1. I have good news guys! I somehow managed to deal with lag spikes. I really don't know how but I deleted 2 times MP, deleted all MP remaining files and installed back MP and all those lag spikes are gone completely. Now I'm happy. Thanks and Happy trucking!
  2. Nope. I still having this problem but it become less. Interesting is that yesterday I tried again multiplayer with my friend and surprisingly I didn't have lag spikes, but today again that was happening. But tried those steps but problem is still there ;/
  3. Greetings! I'm playing ETS2 and multiplayer for very long time, I never had any problems for playing mp for almost 1000h, but today something happened. I turned on multiplayer, started driving and I had massive lag spikes when players are started showing at TAB from 700m. Like I played multiplayer yesterday, was enjoying new Road to Black Sea DLC I played for like 5 hours and didn't have any lag spikes even if there was many people,. And every time when someone new being shown on distance I have those lag spikes for a 1-2 seconds. And because of these lag spikes I almost crashed in few players. I tried everything to solve it by myself: Upgraded GPU drivers, lowered game settings, turn off Load Cabin Accessories and others. Also when players shown on TAB GPU usage drops so bad. But problem is still there. My internet also is fine don't have high ping, the max ping is 60ms, but it's only on Simulation 1 when server is almost full. Also I was testing single player to make sure if this is my PC problem or game problem, but in single player everything working fine without any problems. So I really wondering what cause this and I'm waiting for any people who could help me fix this issue. Also will leave PC specs. GPU: MSI GEFORCE GTX1050 TI GAMING X 4GB CPU: INTEL® CORE™ I5-7500 3.4 GHZ SSD: 240GB HDD: 1TB RAM: 16,00 GB Windows 10 64-bit operating system with x64-based processor
  4. Hello everyone! Could someone help me with this problem: Few days ago I saw recruitment for convoy control and I do what I need to be at this job but today at night it end and my application not accepted or declined. What I need to do?
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