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  1. TruckersMP incompatible with latest ATS version Update the game before you want to make any train
  2. I understand perfectly. The more you have no accuracy you will never be able to make trains through the routes of the map. The distance from Metz to Liege is enormous. I was not driving along the edge, I avoided the populated areas. One thing I would like to find out as well and if it is possible to make a delivery from the UK to Paris without using the route through Scandinavia. By your photo shows that it is possible to do this using the railway lines. I did not take the test. There has to be a better organization, there is no point in releasing the doubles if you do not inform the users. This doubt was created just for this, to organize this mess. And so far there has been no answer to my doubt. I hope you can understand and respond soon.
  3. No, I already know that. I want a precise map. This harms the community in order to organize the routes and trains on the map. There must be some precise map to be able to enjoy the double.
  4. I was walking around when I'm kicked for walking with a double. From the photos that are disclosing the blockade only occurs in the city of Liege. What is the correct location that one can walk with? Would anyone have a photo? This photo is incorrect.
  5. Special Transport? Can you ride with special loads anywhere?
  6. Can I get my double truck and walk around Calais - duisburg? I see lots of players doing it currently, is there any chance of banning? What cities can I or can not ride with these loads? Special Transport Which Cities Can I Walk? all? I found no rules. Information, information guys I need information.
  7. I discovered the problem. The creator of Virtual Speditor forgot to update some of the codes in the programming that caused them to select DLC loads with above-normal delivery priority and empty them. Please, close the topic
  8. I can not get loads of DLC Power Cargo, just the one when I load the game except I show up in the garage saying there was a change in the game. It's disappointing to buy a DLC and not be able to play it. Neither online nor offline.
  9. Não, agora piorou depois do jogo atualizar não consigo nem entrar mais.
  10. Criei outra conta após acabar o limite de 10GB e estou utilizando numa boa.
  11. Truth is nothing constructive. That's why it hurts. This update is not enough, more errors will continue to be committed, the old way already had problems. I just noticed that a ban that was supposed to be permanent was given for 3 months, I know this because I wrote down, but how do I prove it? open a feedback to say I'm a liar? I'm not crazy. It is sad to see the reporting system being destroyed by very few administrators.
  12. Suggestion Name: make the punishments of users on the site transparent Suggestion Description: after the new site update it is no longer possible to see the history of punishments of a player, which makes the administration the possibility of not being monitored. In addition, virtual business owners can not see if future members are toxic players ... it would be nice if things went back to normal. Any example images: No have Why should it be added? Because poorly managed administrators can benefit from concealing errors and prevent transparent investigation by complainants
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