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Found 486 results

  1. So here are the new roads for American Truck Simulator (Ignore the road at Oakdale. Didn't discover it yet ) New routes: Route 191 Route 95 Route 550 Route 84 Eureka gets some touches. Route 101 entry to Oregon is in the works. Clifton, Arizona (Route 191) Route 550 Route 95 north of Winnemucca. Entrance to Oregon. PS: I'm loving this expanded map. I can reach the Canada border XD. It's like rotating a globe not like in ETS2, it is just flat. Oregon is ready for deployment yay. I wonder what's the next state is.
  2. Update 1.32 trailer ownership

    Will there be trailer ownership in multiplayer or will we have to revert back to an old beta save to play online?
  3. Witam kupiłem dzisiaj grę ATS. Przegrałem 2godz i mam programy profil na publiczny. Sęk w tym, że jak wchodzić na stronę i klikam żeby mnie złapać ATSA, aby się zatrzymać, że może za zająć upłynęło 5 min. Zostawiłem komputer na ponad godzinę na stronie nie dodała mi gry. Proszę o pomoc. Cześć, kupiłem dziś grę ATS. Straciłem 2 godziny i ustawiłem profil jako publiczny. Problem polega na tym, że po wejściu na stronę i kliknięciu w celu znalezienia ATSA napisano, że może to zająć do 5 minut. Zostawiłem komputer na ponad godzinę, a strona nie dodała mi gry. Proszę pomóż.
  4. SCS posted this on instagram. I wanted to show to the guys who doesn't follow the instagram page from SCS.
  5. AND Invites you to remember those fallen souls on September 11th 2018. Atlas Gaming Group invites you to our 9/11 Memorial Day convoy. This convoy is to remember those who were affected in the September 11th attacks in 2001. On the route, we will take you through some of the beautiful roads in American Truck Simulator. We invite all fellow truckers to come mourn with us at this event as we remember the terrible events that happened on this day 17 years ago. To show some respect and remember the terrific events we will be taking a minute silence before the convoy starts. We strongly recommend you attend in an american-skin themed truck. We appreciate you viewing our event and hope you can join along. Below you can find out how to get involved. The Details..... -> Server: ATS: EU or Atlas 9/11 Memorial Day Convoy (TBC) Temp Rules: (TBC) ETS2C Post: CLICK HERE -> Start Location: Gallon, Ely -> Destination: Gallon, Los Angeles -> Departure Time: 4pm ET / 3pm CT / 9pm BST https://notime.zone/L9OGPqwK9Zqv0 -> Please note that there will not be a break stop in this event, So make sure you're filled up! The Route..... CLICK HERE FOR FULL ROUTE IMAGES The Contact..... Questions should go to @MattTM & @Bac0nat0r The Links..... CLICK LOGO FOR WEBSITE
  6. AYYILDIZ Genç İhtiyar

  7. Optymalizacja

    Witam. Dostałem nowego laptopa (Helios 300) z 8 GB ram i7 8 generacji i GTX 1050Ti i w tym problem jest, że w ETS 2 & ATS nawet na niskich ustawieniach graficznych mam stałe 30 FPS'ów. Na wysokich i na ultra też. jest to irytujące, bo w GTA V na najwyższych mam około 60 FPS. Ktoś wie w czym problem? Aha i gram bez żadnych modów w obie gry.
  8. hi truckersmp i have a question regarding ets2 and ats new Trailer Ownership update hi for ETS2 how will the rules be regarding b-double will it be limited as doubles when it comes to were it are allowed to be driven. how will ATS be still same as now no limitation on were we can drive the different trailer configuration . stated from scs: ETS2 will host moving floor trailer variants. For European trailer configuration, you can choose from single, double or also the newly available b-double. American Truck Simulator will host 28, 45, 48 or 53 feet trailer versions in double, triple or even Rocky Mountain double configurations - these will be based on the geographic location of your garage to comply with the law in each US state. Flatbeds will be available for both ETS2 and ATS. Addition to ATS trailers are also flatbeds with a rolling tarp system (equivalent to European curtain sider). You can see there will be many trailer lengths and types combinations to haul cargoes of all sizes. We added one more fitting feature: ADR (HAZMAT) cargoes will „spawn“ appropriate warning sign on your trailer.
  9. Can't linked ATS

    Hi! I try connect my ATS with TruckersMP, but I can't. I clicked "Check games" and I wait few minutes, but when I try sign in ATS the TruckersMP writes that it is not registered.
  10. New Rule Idea Due To Words

    Hello TMP Team, Suggestion Name: New Rule Idea Due To Words Suggestion Description: I have come to oversee this thing a huge problem after a long time seeing this I think a Rule should be added or a rule should be updated due to the abuse of the words REC BAN. Or RECORDED, REC, BAN, Using theses seems like an insult or instigation to another player when being said to another player I think personally the words should not be allowed to be said, Take The Word BAN for an example, a lot of people will say to another player Record Ban, well to be honest with the other players view he/her may see this as a Bannable Offense, and thinks the player will be Banned because he/her think's the other player will be banned does not give him/her the right to try predicting the player will be banned, thus meaning they should not be allowed to say such words because they are not a staff member and they are trying to predict something they do not know. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: To help the community in an understanding way.
  11. So..I have seen no recent posts about the status on the US servers, they have been gone for...maybe a month or more now? and I kinda wish they were back as I'm tired of the high ping kick from EU servers as those servers are far from me as I live in the state of California, I would like just some info or at least an update on the servers return. Thanks! - Luke
  12. Logística Astral - VTC Latino Americana

    Copyright © Todos los Derechos Reservados Logística Astral - WWW.LOGASTRAL.COM ¿Eres De habla hispana y buscas empresa? Aquí en logística astral seras bienvenido, contamos con una alta gama de programas que te garantizaran un juego mas realista, ademas contamos con una pagina web en la cual si eres miembro contaras con toda la información de los convoy activos, enviando de esta manera un ticket de confirmación a asistencia a dicho evento. También podrás contar con tu propia identifican, y rangos que se irán implementando a medida que sumas kilómetros a nuestra TruckBook. SOBRE NOSOTROS Como cooperativistas, toda persona que trabaje en Logística Astral VTC independientemente de su relación laboral, dispondrá de los mismos derechos y responsabilidades conforme a la empresa que cualquiera de sus compañeros. Todo alto cargo en la empresa acarreara trabajo de forma voluntario, pero no poder, por lo que es responsabilidad de todos colaborar, compartiendo cualquier duda, denunciando cualquier error o falta de respeto y ayudando a los nuevos miembros de nuestra empresa. Todo esto, con decisiones grupales mediante reuniones o encuestas de empresa. A pesar de no ser nada mas allá de una empresa virtual, en Logística Astral tenemos el objetivo de ofrecer la experiencia mas realista y agradable posible En nuestros juego como Euro Truck Simulator 2 y American Truck Simulator. Nos tomamos muy en serio la satisfacción de los clientes virtuales para los que trabajemos así como la imagen que los demás conductores tomen de Logística Astral. Con todo esto, queremos que tanto los novatos como los veteranos en las carretea lean y comprendan todas las normas de nuestra empresa, para obtener de esta manera una imagen Profesional y realista, con el objetivo de superar cualquier empresa dentro del juego, es por eso que tenemos un manual que podrás encontrar en la web, que podrá ayudarte en caso de cualquier cosa que no sepas. ¡ÚNETE A NOSOTROS! WEB: http://www.logastral.com/ FORMULARIO DE POSTULANTE: https://goo.gl/forms/FhUZ9e6P5Z4uHnl72 ¡Únete y vive la experiencia!
  13. ATS Unsupported Game Version

    Hi, I recently activated ATS and want to play. However, the game says unsupported game version.
  14. Save problem with ATS

    I have a problem with the ATS saves, I keep a game in MP but in Offline I get another game not the one I keep in MP and around, Does anyone know what happens?
  15. Reset to garage, when launching MP

    Why do i get the reset to your garage now? If i go from SP, to MP? Now i cannot use speditor or/ coloured trailer mods? Only ATS, ETS2 still works as before? Never had this problem, did it last week. This still works on ETS2?
  16. What is your favorite radio station to listen to while playing ATS? Hello Truckers! I was wondering what you guys like listening to while playing American Truck Simulator! Do you listen to an online radio station? Do you listen to spotify? Do you listen to music you added into the game? Or do you simply listen to the sound of your engine? Personally, I either listen to SimulatorRadio, or my Spotify. (FYI I always listened to SimulatorRadio, even before I became a DJ) Please let me and the community know! I for one am interested in what you prefer to listen to while playing! Best Regards, DJ Zephyr
  17. TruckersMP not letting me play ATS online

    I have downloaded ATS, spent over 2 hours on the game, as well as have my own truck. I am trying to setup ATS for TruckersMP as I already have ETS 2 setup with Truckers MP. I open ATS using the truckersmp launcher and it brings up something like registering your game. I went to the link it said to go to, clicked "Linked Games" then clicked "Check Games" I waited over ten minutes and nothing has or happened... I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I can get it to work...
  18. ATS Multiplayer login problem

    Hey, i can't login on ATS. says that: invalid email or password. but on ETS2 works..
  19. So this is just something small that I've noticed. Why is it that ETS2 way more popular than ATS? I understand that a majority of the player base is from Europe and thus they feel more at home in ETS2, but as someone from America playing these games I feel more at home in ATS. I try to play on the ATS server when I can, but it's just not as fun when in one of the ETS2 servers you can come across more players in a short time period then that who are on the ATS server. I'm just curious if the only reason ETS2 is more popular is because a majority of the player base is from Europe or other countries close by, or if there is something else as to why people don't like ATS.
  20. Can't Register ATS

    hello I bought ats for my pc but when I click on the button on truckermp it says that I have to wait 5 minutes as a wait nothing happens and when I start ats and I login says that I have to register i have play 4 hours and my profile is on public (i already have ets2)
  21. Herkese Merhaba, Steam hesabım üzerinden American Truck Simulator'ı daha önce almıştım ancak Truckersmp hesabıma eklememiştim. Şuan "Linked Games" üzerinden "Check Games" işlemini yapıyorum ancak oyunu tanımlamıyor. Defalarca bu işlemi tekrarladım lakin olmadı. Steam hesabım herkese açık ve Steam hesabım üzerinden American Truck Simulator için en az 2 saat oynama süresine ulaştım. Bu konu hakkında yardımlarını bekliyorum, şimdiden teşekkürler.
  22. ATS Crashing often

    I've brought ats just recently and when I go on the tmp side of the game I seem to crash often, this does not happen in the sp version. I have crash logs if they can help. https://pastebin.com/vMJyWFtG
  23. kalablık yerler

    american truck similötörde kalabalık yerler neresidir ya hiç oyuncu yok sanki kimseyi bulamıoyurm oyunda
  24. Yeni Harita Güncellemesi

    SCS Software resmi youtube kanalında yaklaşık 17 saat önce paylaşmış olduğu bir video ile American Truck Simulator'a gelicek olan yeni harita genişletmesini duyurdu. Peki ya sizin bu genişletme çalışmaları hakkındaki görüşleriniz nelerdir?
  25. Comunitatea Romania Big-Trans

    Romania Big-Trans [RBT] Aceasta comunitate a fost creata pe data de 3.07.2018 de catre doi fondatori seriosi, si suntem intr-o continua dezvoltare si cautare de membri activi si seriosi, pentru a deveni o comunitate puternica si unita!! Nu suntem o comunitate chiar foarte mare si cunoscuta, dar avem mult potential si acest lucru cred ca este cel mai important pentru a ne "strecura" printre cele mai mari comunitati romanesti ! Staff-ul este reprezentat de unul serios si este pregatit pentru membri seriosi si activi, bunul simt se claseaza pe primul loc! Avem un mod unic de a da gradele: fiecare membru care este activ la convoaie este recompensat dupa fiecare convoi cu puncte! La un anumit numar de puncte acesta trece la urmatorul grad, iar soferul cu cele mai multe puncte pana la sfarsitul lunii, va avea gradul de "Jucatorul Lunii" toata luna viitoare! Fiecare sofer detine un permis de conducere. Romania Big-Trans asteapta membri peste 15 ani cu bratele deschise ! Contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/bfmZk9B Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Romania-Big-Trans-272564746807705/?modal=admin_todo_tour Email: [email protected] Website+Forum: ~În lucru~