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  1. Suggestion Name: /friends command Suggestion Description: Using the /friends command to easily locate and communicate with your in-game friends can be a more convenient feature. With this command, you can swiftly view your in-game friends and engage in communication with them. The addition of the /friends command will serve as a practical feature for many players, ultimately enhancing the enjoyment and efficiency of your gaming experience. Any example images: No example images. Why it should be added: Previously, finding friends with usernames containing various characters was nearly impossible through /search-name [name], but with the /friends command, all our active in-game friends will be displayed in a list, making it much simpler to locate their in-game numbers. Additionally, being able to see all active friends can be highly beneficial for everyone, so I believe it's a necessary addition.
  2. Suggestion Name: Add time stamps in chat Suggestion Description: Have the feature of enabling time stamps in chat which will refer to the real server time (the same as what the /time command displays). Any example images: Example of time stamps in Steam Chat Why should it be added?: Would be practical and easier in regards of reporting messages or any information shown in the chat (especially spam). It would also be quicker than having to type the /time command frequently when creating evidence for a person spamming or blocking for example. And of course be a neat feature I think many would appreciate having, also including that it would be toggleable.
  3. Hey Truckers, For example: For example: A game moderator speaks to you and says that you should please change your Tag. Imagine that your English is not so good that you know what the moderator wants you to do. Then it would be cool if the messages of other players are translated directly into your chosen language. Suggestion Name: Ingame Chat Translation Suggestion Description: You can use the TAB menu to set the language into which the chat should be translated. You can also set whether the "Chat Tanslator" is active or not. Let's assume I set the translation to "German". Now all messages from all players are displayed in my language. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: It should be added because it should make playing easier for people who have not spoken English since birth. Also, it would be much easier for the game moderators to see if insults are being written in the chat or not.
  4. Suggestion Name: In-game chat rooms/convoy rooms Suggestion Description: So my suggestion is to add the feature to be able to make a chat room which is like a box (like the tab window) where you as the owner of the room can invite other people to chat with. And if you had like atleast 10 people in your room, you could send out a request which pops up for everybody and you can join it. And I assume it can be disabled in Rotterdam/EP to prevent spam requests. Another feature in the chat room thingy could be like a whitelist where you as the owner could choose which people can chat. So the rest could only watch the chat room. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: First of all, I think it will get handy for people driving together in a crowdy area, but they don't have to use the drowned public chat, or use the time taking pm system (pm is not that bad, I like it). And for convoys, I think it would give a whole new way to make them, because then the owner of the convoy or someone else that has atleast 10 people in the chat room, could invite everyone to join it as like the official convoy room and the CCs (convoy controllers) could send out the messages or announcements loud and clear without the need to repeat it all the time. Everyone can see it nice and tidy! And then of course the whitelist system would make that only the CCs could message in the room so nobody could interrupt or troll there in the room. I hope this made some sense and I'm really happy to discuss it Thanks!
  5. Suggestion Name: More visible and configurable UI for chat. Suggestion Description: Having the chat be more visible by having it atop a contrasting background (Like the map). Along with having the option to move and resize it on screen (Bringing the cursor up and moving by dragging and Resizing by the corner). Also the ability to change font size and add timestamps. Any example images: Another better quality mockup - With borders etc. Why should it be added?: As is the chat is very hard to read when playing at a high resolution or during the day in-game. Having the option to move, resize and have a dark background would really help and hopefully wouldn't be too hard to impliment.
  6. Hello. I have often found people writing "o//" in the chat. Can someone explain to me what it means to write "o//" in the chat? Thanks for your answer. Kind Regards ROMANISTA [ITA] TruckersMP Veteran Player
  7. Hello everyone. I hope someone can help me remove this doubt. For example, if I am in a certain place in the game and I know the code of the player who is playing, can I send a private message even if I am away from him? Or should it just be nearby? Example : "Name player (520)" If the player 520 in the game is away from me, will he still receive the message in private or not? I hope someone has already tried and knows this thing. Thanks for answers. Kind Regards, ROMANISTA [ITA] TruckersMP Veteran Player
  8. Suggestion Name: Display Player's Patron tag In-Game Chat From Public Players and Moderators. Suggestion Description: Currently there is no visual tag or color display from patrons players ingame chat. Every ingame chat displays publicly from patrons users playing the game apart from only the moderators of the game. It makes it less heard from the community of the game and less inclined to be less supportive in the truckersMP community. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I believe this should be added as players of patron in the truckersmp community and may be more inclined to get patron subscription with TMP if they knew that they could see their patron tag in game chat. Even express their extra support in the TruckersMP team community.
  9. Suggestion Name: numerator for ingame chat Suggestion Description: It happens multiple times that I want to send a private message but then the messages gets cut. It would be cool if we could see how many characters we have left before the message gets split. sadly I don't have any photo. Why should it be added?: It would be cool cause we can actually see when the message would split, if it would be a longer private message. It would be a nice feature.
  10. Is it possible to change the font size of the chat? I want to enlarge it. Thank you
  11. Hello Dear Users; In this article, I want to show you how to increase storage by deleting truckermp chat history. With this system, your messages are stored in a file called "logs". if you constantly browse crowded areas and haven't formatted your computer for a long time, this "logs" file can be up to 1 GB. All you have to do is navigate to the "My Documents/ETS2MP/logs" file location. Select the entire file with CTRL+A in the "logs" file. (You can see the size of your file in the lower left corner.) You can then delete all files by doing SHIFT + Delete. I just want you to write down the file size. Because I'm curious. See You In Another Post.Take Care. Tehlikeli Kedi, ? TMP User ?
  12. Suggestion Name: Chat improvment Suggestion Description: When someone writes your ingame ID it shows up a little bit colored in the chat, so you can notice it better. Any example images: no. Why should it be added?: When someone is writing something special, something important and mention my ID in the chat i can notice it better. Hope ya know what i mean
  13. Hi. I run a triple monitor setup running 5760x1080. Currently the chat box is stretched across the 3 monitors and the chat itself is only viewing on the left monitor. Would it be possible to either have an option to resize and reposition the chatbox to where you want like you can do with the client tab and server launch tab or if possible have the chat default to the centre monitor?
  14. There should be a option to opening chats just for system messages and staffs.(example:/pinfo,kick-ban messages etc.) Suggestion Name: Chat System messages Suggestion Description:There should be a option to opening chats just for system messages and staffs.(example:/pinfo,kick-ban messages etc.) Any example images: no Why should it be added?:Because chat is so distractor.
  15. Guest

    Chat Closing

    How can i close chat permanently?(Not F9) Are there any way to open chat for only system messages.(example:/pinfo,/fix,kick-ban messages etc.)
  16. Suggestion Name: Chat / Message System Rework Suggestion Description: The in game message system needs a rework, when you message someone & they reply you reply back to them but if someone else messages you it sends your reply to that person instead of the one you were replying to plus you type & it disables your ability to control your vehicle if you use keyboard! Any example images: No Why should it be added? Your message response goes to the right person & you don't loose control of your vehicle while typing. Doubt anything can be done about that though....Maybe putting it in a box that can be opened & closed so its 1 easier to read & 2 doesn't affect driving!
  17. my main problem is the Y key is already bound to the Y key, and as always, when i press the BRAKE ( bound to Y ) the chat is automaticly APPEARS, and block the breaking itself. my question is HOW i can change the Truck MP key binding from the Y to the another key ?
  18. how can i use CP funk or chat to talk with others
  19. Suggestion Name: Copy from ingame chat Suggestion Description: Currently you cant copy stuff from the chat. I suggest to make that able Any example images: - Why should it be added?: It would make it much more comftible, for example to copy others TMP ID.
  20. olá meus queridos! como eu mando mensagem privada através do ID: para um player no truckersMP usando o chat y ?
  21. Suggestion Description: Connection suggestion: if a player is kicked from inactivity or high ping, with a command e.g(/retry or /reconect) he will be abble to rejoin the server. Any example images: [No image] Why should it be added?: I don't know if this is possible, but it would make it easier for players, as they would not always have to close and open the game. Thanks.
  22. Как да коригирате бъг с наслагване в чата Случвало ли ви се е да отворите чата, след това сте натиснали Shift+ Tab и трябва да рестартирате играта си, тъй като наслагването на чата е замразено до мястото, където не можете да прекратите паузата или да получите достъп до някое от менюто на играта. Отворете ATS или ETS. След като се отвори ATS или ETS, отидете на опции, след това изберете клавиши и бутони и променете настройките на Route Advisory Mouse Control за клавиатурни потребители, препоръчвам да използвате колелото на мишката нагоре или с колело надолу. Клавиатурата не може да приема никакви команди, когато чат наслагването е заседнало след натискането на клавишите shift+tab. Ако сте потребител, играещ с волан, можете да използвате който и да е бутон, който е начертан на волана ви, или можете просто да използвате колелото нагоре или колелото на мишката, за да прекратите паузата, без да е необходимо да я рестартирате. Това е тествано от мен, мога да го кажа 100% работи. Бях в състояние да прекратя играта си чат отблизо, без да се налага да рестартирам
  23. i dont know how to write in chat anyone help?
  24. Suggestion Name : Make chat regulation with faking Suggestion Description: Sometime we can see "Alt+F4 can make batter condition." or simular things. Maybe some guys don't know and press them, and they suprise about the result. We need to make rule about this things to be ban or add filtering system in server. (maybe adding rules can be more effective) Any example images : (uploaded) Why Should be added? -> to prevent from these fakes
  25. Suggestion Name: / Command Shortcut Suggestion Description: With The New /fix and / pinfo Command It Is A Pain When Driving And Having To Reach Over To Press The "Y" Key To Then Press "/" To Type In Your Command. Instead, I Think You Should Be Able To Press "/" And That Will Bring Up The Chat With "/" Already In There. It's Very Much Like Minecraft Have It To Type In Any Command. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I Think it Should Be Added As It Will Make it Easier For Drivers With Wheels And In case Of Any Trolls The Victim Can Quickly Do /fix or /pinfo To Then Carry On Trucking Not Causing Any Traffic Jams.
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