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  1. Tango Transport 5 Year Anniversary is upon us after 5 years of hard work and striving to be the best VTC. Back in 2016, we started off with only 3 friends and from there, we grew into something special. We have become known as The People's VTC and also the iconic orange and black. We have travelled far and wide, meeting and getting new drivers from all over the world, attended many convoys, charities and events over the years and also hosted our very own weekly convoys. We are so proud of our staff and drivers and how much they accomplished over the years, we are also proud of how much love an
  2. Hello Everyone! Thought I would put together a "Tips and Tricks" of how to drive safely and efficiently. First of, make sure to read the MP rules http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules Once you have read that you know the basics! Now here are some tips to make your driving easier for both you, and others. #1 ALWAYS signal. Not required but it's something you should always to let others know what you are doing. Note: Don't signal last minute. Turn your blinkers on about 2 Truck lengths away from the intersection or wait a few seconds before merging. #2. Don't be in
  3. Name / Anlass: Die Abendfahrt Spiel (ATS / ETS): ETS Datum: 25.02.2021 Beginn: 20 Uhr / 19 Uhr UTC Ende (ca.): 23 Uhr Strecke / Länge: 1384 km Start: Warschau / Sunbuilder nach Jassy / Rimaf Bild zur Route folgt Leitung bzw. Durchführender: Die Nord GbmH / Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit Link zum Eventsystem: https://truckersmp.com/events/1096-die-abendfahrt
  4. Do you use local mod? What Are Your Views On This If You Are Using It?
  5. Oye everyone, today I would like to share this little summary with you. I have made this mainly for new ETS2MP drivers, I hope this will be useful. What do you have to know as a (beginning) ETS2MP user? 1. You need to know and understand the TruckersMP official rules, which are listed here: https://truckersmp.com/rules 2. You need to know and you will have to follow, the TruckersMP discord rules, these can be found in the official discord server, in the channel: "#rules" or at the following website: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/ar
  6. Is ETS2/ATS a simulator or game? My opinion: ETS2 and ATS are definitely games, but still have a bit "simulation" in it. The most things that make ETS2/ATS a game rather than simulator are: XP points, money and company management.
  7. Hi all Want to share a little tip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUU-amGbI_0 First ETS2 video, so be gentle Cheers
  8. Hi, I made video how to share your paintjob colors with others. This will be the most useful to the company owners who needs that all his drivers has same colors as you. The original post on this topic (no longer works) -
  9. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.disc
  11. Some time ago SCS Software said that in 1.40 we will get the last stage of Revisiting Germany (after almost 2 years of silence :P). But Germany is not only place that needs to be rebuilt. So I have a question: What country/area should be rebuilt next after SCS will finish Germany? And how long do you think it will take?
  12. Trailer Mod Web Generator v2 by Mayday This tool allows easy create a trailer mod. You will be able to buy any non-ownable trailer! Link: https://mods-generator.com/ Main features: Supports latest ETS2 and ATS versions Includes all DLC + ProMods Supports double and triple (ATS only) trailers Paintable skins Multilingual Join our Disco
  13. Sehr geehrtes Truckersmp-Team, Wir sterben die IL-Sec. Gewesen, dass diese Konvoi zubegleiten und vergessen, wenn es klappt mit unserem Auftraggeber und ihren Freunden gerne diese Konvoi erlebt. Und eventuell ein event server Wahrnehmung wenn es klappt. Informationen zur Veranstaltung Wann Freitag, Marz, 06.03.2021 Treffen ab 19.00 Uhr Abfahrt um 20 Uhr Server: EU3 / Eventserver Schutz: IL-Sec VERANSTALTUNGSPLANUNG Treffpunkt: eAcres Stadt: Magdeburg Ziel: Malmö -> Drec
  14. ETS 2’ye Iberia DLC‘si ile gelecek olan İspanya‘nın başkenti Madrid sonunda tanıtıldı. Yeni ışıklandırma sisteminin kullanıldığı ekran görüntüleri pek çok ayrıntıyı ortaya çıkarıyor. Yarımadanın coğrafi merkezinin hemen yakınında yer alan Madrid, İspanyal Kraliyet Ailesi’ne, birçok tarihi mimariye ve dünyaca ünlü iki futbol kulübüne ev sahipliği yapıyor. Madrid şehri doğru bir şekilde oluşturulmuş otoyollara, “Coliseum Alfonso Pérez” gibi ünlü stadyumlara ve sürücülerin birçok kargoyu teslim edebileceği bir dizi endüstriye sahip olacak. Gıda pazarlarından demiryolu terminallerine
  15. Name / Ursache: Monatlicher Konvoi der Carge Star Transporte Spiel (ATS / ETS): ETS Datum: 06.03.2021 Beginn: 20 Uhr / 19 Uhr UTC Treffen: 19:30 Uhr (MEZ) / 18:30 Uhr (UTC) Ende (ca.): 23 Uhr Strecke / Länge: Magdeburg ->Malmö Start: eArces bei Magdeburg Leitung bzw. Durchführender: Cargo Star Transporte / Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit Link zum Veranstaltungssystem: https://truckersmp.com/events/1110-monatliche-konvois-der-cst einladung: https://cargo-star.de/Convoy
  16. Name / Anlass: Die Abendfahrt Spiel (ATS / ETS): ETS Datum: 18.02.2021 Beginn: 20 Uhr / 19 Uhr UTC Ende (ca.): 23 Uhr Strecke / Länge: 1249 km Start: St. Petersburg Leitung bzw. Durchführender: Die Nord GbmH / Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit (absicherung) Link zum Eventsystem: https://truckersmp.com/events/1095-die-abendfahrt
  17. Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
  18. // Been working on some bits just for fun really, got quite addictive , also getting some practice in with adobe Lightroom. Quite interested in the TMP Media team so if the time ever comes I have something to show for myself. Will update now and then.
  19. Herkese merhabalar, sizler için bir mod hazırladım. Tırınızla daha hızlı gitmek istiyorsanız, bu mod tam size göre! Aşağıdaki talimatları izleyerek MP'de kullanabilirsiniz. 〉Öncelikle aşağıdaki indirme linklerinden istediğinizi indirebilirsiniz. 〉İndirdikten sonra Belgelerim\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod klasörüne atınız. 〉Oyunu açın ve mod yöneticisine gidiniz. 〉Modu aktif ederek kaydediniz ve save dosyanıza giriş yapınız. 〉Çekici galerisine gelip sağ alttaki "Mod Bayisine Erişim" butonuna tıklayınız. 〉Oradan istediğiniz tırı alıp istediğiniz gibi modifiye ed
  20. ¡El Año Nuevo Lunar casi está aquí! Esto ve la transición del Año de la Rata al Año del Buey el 12 de febrero. Tradicionalmente, siempre hemos lanzado un nuevo trabajo de pintura para nuestro DLC Paquete de trabajos de pintura china para Euro Truck Simulator 2 con el animal del zodíaco del año en curso. Sin embargo, este año decidimos crear un nuevo paquete DLC, ya que el Año Nuevo Lunar no solo se celebra en China, sino también en muchos otros países y por personas de todo el mundo. ¡Presentamos el contenido descargable del paquete de Año Nuevo Lunar !
  21. Good day, truckers! In this topic, I want to tell you how to activate the console and what are the console commands. The topic is under development and will be supplemented! Attention! Before activating the console, make sure that the game is not running! To enable the console, you must do the following: Open the file config.cfg in Notepad on the road C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Find the line: uset g_console "0"; uset g_developer "0" Replace the value to: uset g_console "1" and uset g_developer "1"
  22. i am super hate cars in the game because i just have issues with them and people are rolling and hit me many time on ETS2 and ATS and i want this stop now remove it NOW
  23. Yes, B&Č Transport is organizating yet another public convoy, this time winter's end public convoy, again in cooperation with B&Č Event Team. Have you not heared of B&Č Public Convoys? Then you missed a lot of fun and nice drives last year, as we organized 4 Public Events and many people enjoyed it. You also missed our B&Č CC Team cooperating with Viva CC Team, many great photos taken and videos made. But dont worry as B&Č will continue to organize more and more convoys this year. Convoy Informations 🗓Date🗓: 28th February 2021
  24. Wir die Inter-LOGISTIK Sicherheit bringen seit dem 05.06.2020 euch sicher ans Ziel Wir machen Sicherheit aus Leidenschaft Die Rainbow Express will gern ein Geburtstagkonvio ereignallten und hat uns als Absicherungsunternehmen gehören diese Konvoi abzusichern Die Fahrerin Lisa-Lena hat geburstag und zusammen mit dem Rainbow Express und ihren Partner und co. diesen Tag gehört Über die Teilnehmerzahl wissen wir noch nicht genau wieviele kommen. Informationen zur Veranstaltung Wann Freitag, 19.03.2021 Treffen ab 18 Uh
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