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  1. Which truck do you like the most? Is your favorite truck in ETS2 or ATS?
  2. Datum: 29.05.2021 Teamspeak: ts.convoy-security.de Treffzeit auf den TS: 19:00 Uhr Abfahrt: 20:00 Uhr Server: Simulation 2 Benötigte DLC: Road to the Black Sea Absicherung und Streckenführung: ConSec Start Stadt: Breslau Start Firma: Steinbruch Pause: keine öffentliche Bekanntgabe Ziel: keine öffentliche Bekanntgabe Streckenlänge: 2.000 km Weitere Infos und eine Anmelde E-Mail Adresse bekommt man unter: https://bit.ly/2KpIQws . Der Konvoi ist auch bei https://truckersmp.com/events/118-konvoi-der-simulations
  3. It's been a few days since support for 1.40 and the Iberia DLC came out for TruckersMP. What do you all think of it so far? Does it run well? and what's your favorite city in the Iberia DLC so far?
  4. I want to publish a small tool that started as a code practice base back in 2016. In 2018 I returned to multiplayer and playing ETS and start rewriting this tool from scratch. Slowly it grew up from little tool to this state. Important Right now, this tool is in alpha state and can broke save file so be caution. If you encounter problem please make a screenshot, leave a message and send me a save file (if it required). Supported game version 1.33.xx - 1.38.xx Description This program created for editing
  5. As time goes on the game gets repetitive, almost nobody compliments you on the radio, px. some are very unfriendly and even rude, but that's not it that defines everything, it would be a good thing if the developer brought something more than just graphics improvements, brought something innovative for ets2, how about an avatar, how about a replay mod where you can move around like in the real world, to take your friends as a passenger, I don't know maybe it's a crazy idea, but any improvement or innovation would be welcome, each month or cycle. The game is faithful to the truck simulation, at
  6. Sobre la lista de verificación: Esta lista de verificación menciona casi todo lo que podría afectar su ping/lag. Leer esta guía le ayudará a identificar la razón del ping alto. Esto está dirigido a solucionar problemas de ping que podría encontrar al momento de jugar juegos en línea en tiempo real. Como jugador de League of Legends, estos tips me ayudaron mucho a reducir mi ping. Recibí varios comentarios y los recolecté en una sola página. Esta lista de verificación está dividida en 3 partes, alto, medio, bajo. Esto se refiere al efecto del problema en su ping. Y justo después d
  7. Every single truck I drive has Kriechbaum's Scania open pipe sound save edited into it. It just makes driving in SP a bit more enjoyable. It got me thinking, what mods do guys use most often or can't live without?
  8. hvornår er det Real Opreations udkommer i år? nogen der ved en bestem dato? på forhånd eller skal man bare tjekke døgnet rundt **Rettersagt** hver måned for at være forberedt! #ROV11 #RO11
  9. Hi guys i have a question for you. where is your favourite local mod for a truck. interior and exterior My favourite Local mod For interior is the holographic mavigator on scania s and exterior is lowered bumper for scania s and scania super logo.
  10. The truck speedometer reaches till 100km per hour, I see that truck supports 200km till the end, I feel very unconfortable driving only 100km on freeway, I know that is a reasonable speed but if speedometer goes till 200km on truck panel, why can't I run till 200km? Itnis more realistic to me, the freedom of speed and control, 200km would be great, I don't think 100km prevents accidents cause shitty drivers are as bad driving in 40km as 100km. My opinion.
  11. ATS/ETS2 MAP EDITOR GUIDE Welcome to this small handy guide on how to open the map editor. The guide is divided through different section where we make different things. More things getting added soon. This tutorial was made for ATS/ETS2 1.39 1.40 has a new way of saving, I will include this in the guide soon! Table of Content 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor 2 - EDITING - Editing the default map 3 - SAVING - Saving and loading the edited stuff into the game. 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Edi
  12. Saudações! No final de março, a versão 1.40 para Euro Truck Simulator 2 e American Truck Simulator foi lançada. Durante as últimas quatro semanas, nossos desenvolvedores trabalharam duro para portar nosso cliente multijogador da versão 1.39 para 1.40. Depois de muita expectativa, temos o prazer de anunciar que o TruckersMP agora é compatível com a versão 1.40! Você também pode ver informações sobre esta atualização por meio de nosso tópico do fórum do changelog. O que esta atualização de compatibilidade inclui? Antecipand
  13. Merhaba Kamyoncular, Sizlere bu gün bir konudan hem konuşmak hemde bilgi vermek için konuşmak isterim. Oyun ve forum kuralları'na BURADAN ulaşabilir ve okuyabilirsiniz. Bildiğiniz gibi, sayımız her geçen gün artmaktadır. Bu konu ile alakalı, blog yazısına BURADAN ulaşabilir ve okuyabilirsiniz. Benim sizlerle konuşmak istediğim konu ise şudur; - Oyun içerisinde bir çok kullanıcı D-C yolunu kullanmaktadır, kimi kullanıcı "Trafik'ten hoşlandığını" kimi kullanıcı ise "Yüklerinden dolayı" herkese kurallara uygun herkes istediği yolda ilerleyebilir tabii ki. -
  14. So it has been revealed by Renault Trucks that the next truck from them to be released on the popular and growing platform of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is going to be; 2021 evolutions of the Renault Trucks T and T High The launch date is set for 06 April 2021 You can read more here
  15. Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
  16. A tool for editing save files and syncing jobs on Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's easy to use. All features are provided as a tick. Random routes are generated every 2 hours and switch between Simulation 1 & ProMods at 4 am (UTC) everyday. Everyone is welcomed to join our random convoys on Multiplayer! Important This program is still in alpha state and MAY BROKE YOUR SAVE FILES. A backup file (game_bak.sii) will be created in the same directory before saving. If you encounter any problems, please post a reply or create a github issue. Features
  17. Hola a todos. Como primer post en el foro voy a añadir la lista de todos los concesionarios que hay disponibles en el juego [yo se que muchos ya los conocen pero para la gente que recién empieza espero que les sirva esta guía] Consesionarios de DAF: Amsterdam (Paises Bajos) Bergen (Noruega) Bordeaux (Francia) Burgos (España) Bremen (Alemania) Cardiff (Gran Bretaña) Catania (Italia) Glasgow (Gran Bretaña) Iași (Romania) Leipzig (Alemania) Saint Petersburg (Rusia) Salzburg (Austria) Sevilla (España) Tartu
  18. ☾✩ SADAKAT LOJİSTİK® PUBLİC KONVOYU ☾✩ Tarih: 10 Nisan 2021 Cumartesi Toplanma: 17:00 UTC (Türkiye 20:00) Çıkış: 18:00 UTC (Türkiye 21:00) Sunucu: Sadakat Lojistik Halka Açık Konvoyu Sunucu Kapasitesi: 1000 DLC Gereksinimi: Yok Dorse Gereksinimi: Evet Gerekli Başlangıç: Mannheim Bitiş: Calais - Liman RSVP SAYFASINA VEYA PARTİKİPANLARIN DİĞER KANITLARINA LİNK: https://truckersmp.com/events/484-sadakat-lojistik-public-konvoyu BİREYSEL OLARAK KONVOYA KATILACAKLAR MANNHEİM - TAMİRHANEYE PARK ETMELİDİR Etkinlik Kuralları:
  19. I have a school project where I have to make a poll. So I wanted to do this. Please vote what truck brand from ETS2 is your favorite brand, If you don't have a favorite, just vote for the brand you drive. I can see that SCANIA and VOLVO did not get added to it. So just reply with the brand if it is one of those thanks
  20. Welcome to teddie's gallery im not the best at doing media but I try and keep it at high quality. the gallery will be mostly ets2 but may see some ats in here as well. I hope you like all the photo's I do post here ets2 mp driving the DAF XF euro 6
  21. TAB MENÜSÜ’NÜ AÇINCA AŞIRI FPS DÜŞÜŞÜ’NE ÇÖZÜM Merhabalar, Bu rehberde bazı dizüstü bilgisayarlarda olan ''TAB Menüsü açıldığında aşırı FPS düşmesi'' probleminin çözümünü anlatacağım. Her şeyden önce, TruckersMP ProgramData dosyalarını siliniz. Sildikten sonra Launcher tekrardan otomatik yükleyecektir. (TruckersMP Launcher’ı açtıktan sonra f1 basarak ya da Windows+R/ %ProgramData% / TruckersMP dosyasını silerek yapabilirsiniz.) Bu işlemi uyguladıktan sonra oyuna girip TAB Menüsünü açınca FPS sorunu olup olmadığını deneyiniz. Sorun çözülmediği takdirde aşağıdaki adımları uy
  22. Trailer Mod Web Generator v2 by Mayday This tool allows easy create a trailer mod. You will be able to buy any non-ownable trailer! Link: https://mods-generator.com/ Main features: Supports latest ETS2 and ATS versions Includes all DLC + ProMods Supports double and triple (ATS only) trailers Paintable skins Multilingual Join our Disco
  23. Suggestion Name: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Suggestion Description: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Any example images: I Image Credit: Vader Why should it be added?: You cannot see what channel you are on because the button to change channel is blocking the number
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