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  1. Welcome new Trucker...^^´ Yes the MP can be a shock to new players. They maybe first have to play more on EU1 or EU3 to get used to the MP. Read the rules and keep to it then they should be on the safe side. They will encounter many players who will not stick to it but that should not make them unsafe if they are sure they have done everything right. I wish you for the future good luck and fun in the MP...
  2. Thanks for follow...  ;)

    1. BigLarge


      You're Welcome

  3. Heavy Haul DLC for ATS first drive...I love it!  :wub:



    1. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San


    2. BigLarge


      Yeah.Veryy Good picture. Add My gallery :)

  4. Is a good thing!!! I'll be there if I have time... #PrayForLondon
  5. I like this Idea,I would also like it if this was possible. Do not know why this is not the case or whether it is possible but I would be happy about it. In addition, I can only agree that this would result in fewer accidents and disputes...
  6. I like this trailer but the physics is horrible...  :wacko:



    1. Alles_FME


      yeah its a cool trailer but driving it is not that funny

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      parking it is harder then the linger trailers :o:lol:



  7. 4/10 OMG i know this Song,it´s so old and strange really strange...
  8. #PrayForLondon...  :(

  9. Hy and Welcome...  ;)

  10. Yaah!!!It has finally been updated,It's like they said...Wait and have patience. Thank to all!
  11. I vote for Grand Canyon Village the most beautiful place in the game...
  12. DAY3 ~German Trucker Festival in Mannheim~
  13. Today German Trucker Festival in Mannheim with my VTC Reamonn Spedition und Lagerung GmbH...thank you all Truckers...was an amazing day!!!  :D










  14. What is this song called in your twitch Videos,what you hear when someone has donated...?

    I'm looking for it 20 minutes,but i can not find it...please...?  ^_^

    1. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      Thank you so much...i like this song^^´

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  15. It's time to watch @KacaKTV,i love this Channel...  :wub:

    1. HapengCat


      you should look at the twitch broadcasts

    2. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      thanks for this information...  ;)

  16. Since today's update, my ping is better on EU2... Good work and thank´s...
  17. @Mirrland I know this photo,you've already posted this...right... i like this one...^^´
  18. Shows which sights or beautiful objects you have already discovered in ETS? Please write in which country you took the picture and which city is nearby. Sweden/Linköping
  19. No chance,nobody one would stick to it...^^´
  20. I like this is a nice Trend,When I think my truck is almost always a J-Spec truck without which I knew it...
  21. Congratulations Penguin!And good luck...  ;)

    1. Penguin


      Thank you!!

  22. Ohh a little mistake...half so wild...
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