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  1. It cancels all previous restrictions not only speed or overtaking. In Germany this sign only cancels restrictions for speed and overtaking. There also only signs where you have only a cancelled speed or overtaking restriction, but nothing else. And on country roads/motorways you won't find a lot of other possible restrictions
  2. Thanks for your pictures RayRay5. If you wish I include this in the first post withing the next days (with credits).
  3. Hello, My old post is put in the trash by the admins which is quite sad as many people appreciated this post. As I see a lot of people who seem to be unable to drive respectful and careful, I wrote this little guide to explain how to drive. I know that the most trolls and idiots won't see this thread and most of you already know what I will write. That's why it's so important that you share this with all the people who need this guide. I still hope that the Admins also notice how important this is for our game experience and that they will include these rules in the in-game rules at least
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