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  1. It cancels all previous restrictions not only speed or overtaking. In Germany this sign only cancels restrictions for speed and overtaking. There also only signs where you have only a cancelled speed or overtaking restriction, but nothing else. And on country roads/motorways you won't find a lot of other possible restrictions
  2. Thanks for your pictures RayRay5. If you wish I include this in the first post withing the next days (with credits).
  3. Hello, My old post is put in the trash by the admins which is quite sad as many people appreciated this post. As I see a lot of people who seem to be unable to drive respectful and careful, I wrote this little guide to explain how to drive. I know that the most trolls and idiots won't see this thread and most of you already know what I will write. That's why it's so important that you share this with all the people who need this guide. I still hope that the Admins also notice how important this is for our game experience and that they will include these rules in the in-game rules at least as recommendation to make this more public. General information: Do not use your airhorn for every tiny little ****. It should only be used in dangerous situations for you or others. Of course you can greet your friends, but please not to greet every truck you see. The most stupid thing I have ever seen are people overtaking on the left or right during a traffic jam. Guys, it doesnt make ANY sense! I don't know whats going on in your mind. There is a reason why you get in a traffic jam and when you try to get to the beginning of this jam you still have to wait there. And when you drive on the opposite lane you only endanger the oncoming traffic and it makes everything worse than it already is. This is especially for the traffic jams at Europoort. When a lane ends the in Germany so called zipper procedure applies. It works like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/eb/Hinweiszeichen_23c.svg/220px-Hinweiszeichen_23c.svg.png If possible, only pull out on a T-Junction if you not cause the other drivers to slow down. If they have to slow down because of you, wait for them. If you see somebody wanting to join the road and he can pull out fast enough in front of you flash your high beams or light horn to let him know that you are giving way. This is very useful on country roads and also sometimes in the city, when there are no signs or traffic lights. Thanks to xOceanSpirit for this tip. You should keep a distance to the preceeding vehicle of at least the half of the speed in metres. For example if you are driving with 80km/h you should have a distance of at least 40 metres. But I always recommend to have a higher distance as the synchronization is buggy sometimes and trucks might stop isntantly and then you have no time to react. Behaviour in the city In most cities the speed limit is 50 km/h, sometimes also just 30 km/h. These speed restrictions are not there for fun, so please drive as you are supposed to If there is NO sign indicating priority for YOU, you always have to give way to everybody who comes from the right. Only if there are signs or a traffic light indicating priority, you may drive before the others. But this needs YOU to respect these signs and to drive according to these signs otherwise it doesn't make any sense. When leaving a company it's a bit different. As companies are private grounds everybody who leaves a company must give way to all cars on the street. If you want to enter a company and somebody is about to leave it, it makes sense to give way to him that everybody has enough space to avoid any crashes. This should be clear but also use your indicators to indicate your direction you are driving to. At crossings also try not to cut the way of others Behavior on country roads Drive according to the speed limit! This should make sense... Many people just fall over because they think they can drive with 110 km/h on a country road. Do NOT overtake when it is not allowed. When overtaking is not allowed it is mostly because you cant look far enough to see the way you need to overtake. If overtaking is not allowed you see that on a sign (see section "Traffic signs", second picture) or when the lane markings are continuous like below: http://www.fahrtipps.de/img/vz/40p/295.gif When you see somebody overtaking you, i recommend to use the light horn to indicate that he may turn right on your lane. As the connection might be buggy sometimes this is really helpful for the overtaking driver to notice when the distance is enough. You may also use your normal air horn. If you see somebody parking on the side of the road, use your horn when your passing the truck. Sometimes these people do not look and they just start driving and you crash into them. Thats really annoying, so warn them before it is too late. When somebody takes over and you see oncoming traffic, slow down and drive as right on the street as possible. Then he can go back on the right lane much earlier. Turn off your highbeams when there is oncoming traffic Behaviour on Motorways: Remember the obligation to drive on the right (different in UK). Sometimes there are idiots who think they have to block the left lane. This is illegal and you may only use the left lane to take over. When you see somebody overtaking you, i recommend using the light horn to indicate that he may turn right on your lane. As the connection might be buggy sometimes this is really helpful for the overtaking driver to notice when the distance is great enough. You may also use your normal air horn. If you see somebody parking on the side of the road, use your horn when your passing the truck. Sometimes these people do not look and they just start driving and you crash into them. Thats really annoying, so warn them before it is too late. Remember the speed limits! If you are approaching a traffic jam or a crash turn your warning lights on and brake as smooth as possible. Then the traffic behind you can react appropriately. If you see that he noticed the situation you may turn off your warning lights. Traffic signs: http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/verbot_geschwindigkeit.gif - Speed limit, in this case 60km/h - ATTENTION: These signs indicate the speed limit for cars and not for trucks. The speed limits for trucks are explained in the table below. Always drive according to the speed limit on the sign or the table below, WHICHEVER IS LOWER. http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/11202/Vorgeschriebene-Mindestgeschwindigkeit-Verkehrsschild-Nr-275-.jpg - Minimum speed http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/verbot_ueberholverbot.gif - Do NOT overtake. Very important on ETS2MP!!! http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/bake_bahnuebergang_ohne.gif - Crossing railways 240 metres ahead (1 red line means 80m) http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/vorfahrt_306.gif - You have priority http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/vorfahrtgewaehren_205.gif - Give way http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/stop.gif - The meaning is written on the sign, but there are still people who can't really read it. It says "STOP" and you should stop in front of the sign or the white line on the street http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/rechts.gif - You are only allowed to turn right http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/gerade_rechts.gif - You may only turn right or drive straight ahead http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/rechts_vorbei.gif - Pass a obstacle on the right http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/ampel.gif - Traffic lights ahead http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/vorfahrt_kreuzung.gif - Priority at the next crossing http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2851/Allgemeine-Gefahrenstelle-Verkehrsschild-Nr-101.jpg - Something dangerous http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2869/Stau-Verkehrsschild-Nr-124.jpg - traffic jam http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2868/Arbeitsstelle-Verkehrsschild-Nr-123.jpg - construction site http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2867/Einseitig-verengte-Fahrbahn,-Verengung-links-Verkehrsschild-Nr-121-20.jpg - ending lane or decrasing width (left) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2866/Einseitig-verengte-Fahrbahn,-Verengung-rechts-Verkehrsschild-Nr-121-10.jpg - ending lane or decrasing width (right) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2865/Verengte-Fahrbahn-Verkehrsschild-Nr-120.jpg - ending lane or decrasing width (both sides) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2870/Gegenverkehr-Verkehrsschild-Nr-125.jpg - oncoming traffic http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2854/Kurve-rechts-Verkehrsschild-Nr-103-20.jpg - sharp curve http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2855/Doppelkurve,-zunaechst-links-Verkehrsschild-Nr-105-10.jpg - sharp curves, first left then right http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2864/Seitenwind-von-links-Verkehrsschild-Nr-117-20.jpg - Crosswind http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4565/Ende-saemtlicher-streckenbezogener-Geschwindigkeitsbeschraenkungen-und-Ueberholverbote-Verkehrsschild-Nr-282.jpg - No speed and overtaking resctrictions http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2803/Ende-der-zulaessigen-Hoechstgeschwindigkeit-Verkehrsschild-Nr-278-.jpg - No speed restrictions (but speeds in the table below are always the maximum speed) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2800/Ende-des-Ueberholverbotes-fuer-Kraftfahrzeuge-aller-Art-Verkehrsschild-Nr-280.jpg - No overtaking restriction http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4226/Kreisverkehr-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-215.jpg - Roundabout http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2821/Verbot-der-Einfahrt-Verkehrsschild-Nr-267.jpg - One way road; Do NOT enter on this side http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2804/Verbot-fuer-Fahrzeuge-aller-Art-Verkehrsschild-Nr-250.jpg - Do not enter this street http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2816/Verbot-fuer-Fahrzeuge-ueber-angegebene-tatsaechliche-Breite-Verkehrsschild-Nr-264-.jpg - Maximum width http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2817/Verbot-fuer-Fahrzeuge-ueber-angegebene-tatsaechliche-Hoehe-Verkehrsschild-Nr-265-.jpg - Maximum height http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2818/Verbot-fuer-Fahrzeuge-und-Zuege-ueber-angegebene-tatsaechliche-Laenge-Verkehrsschild-Nr-266-.jpg - Maximum length http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2819/Verbot-des-des-Unterschreitens-des-angegebenen-Mindestabstands-Verkehrsschild-Nr-273-.jpg . Minimum distance (these signs should be everywhere in ETS2MP though ) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/2820/Verbot-des-Wendens-Verkehrsschild-Nr-272.jpg - No U-Turn http://verkehrszeichen.kfz-auskunft.de/bilder/ort_anfang.gif - This marks a city beginning here. This is from Germany and may look different in other countries. The only important thing is that the speed limit is now 50 km/h. http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4448/Autobahn-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-3301.jpg - Motorway http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4449/Ende-der-Autobahn-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-3302.jpg - Motorway ends http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4450/Kraftfahrtstrasse-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-3311.jpg - Express road/Highway http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4451/Ende-der-Kraftfahrtstrasse-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-3312.jpg - Express road/Highway ends http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/11666/Informationstafel-an-Grenzuebergangsstellen-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-393.jpg - These signs are found at every country border. The top section says the in-city speedlimit, the middle section outlines the out-of-city speed limit and the third section outlines the motorway speedlimit for the country (In this case 130km/h for motorways is just a recommendation as it is in a blue square and not a red circle) http://www.drivingtesttips.biz/images/motorway-countdown-marker-sign.jpg - motorway exit approaching-similar to the level crossing signs, except each line means 100m. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Italian_traffic_signs_-_fine_del_diritto_di_precedenza.svg/120px-Italian_traffic_signs_-_fine_del_diritto_di_precedenza.svg.png - means you no longer have priority http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/84/Ukraine_road_sign_1.6.gif/120px-Ukraine_road_sign_1.6.gif - gradient ahead (sign notates the grade i.e 6%, 10%) (usually has a sign below saying for the next # of KM) http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/11647/Tankstelle-Verkehrsschild-Nr-365-52.jpg - Fuel station ahead http://www.verkehrsschilder.de/produktbilder/s/4229/Tunnel-Verkehrszeichen-Nr-327.jpg - Tunnel ahead Last, but not least something about the speed limits in European countries. Additional to that, in the bolt countries lights are mandatory also during daytime. http://i.gyazo.com/7baccfd4736344e470a0c8ca92e08e05.png This is my second version of this guide. If I missed something or if you want more pictures to make it clear just let me know. As I mentioned above most people wont see this and thats why you have to share it everybody who needs this guide! Thanks for reading and drive safely! Changelog: 27/05/2015: Added sign: ending motorway and highway (Thanks to Takumi Fujiwara) Added sign: speed information in the following country (Thanks to Takumi Fujiwara) Added sign: motorway exit (Thanks to Takumi Fujiwara) Added sign: ending priority road (Thanks to Takumi Fujiwara) Added sign: gradient ahead (Thanks to Takumi Fujiwara) Added sign: fuel station ahead Added sign: Tunnel ahead Added sign: Minimum speed Added sign: Maximum length Added sign: Minimum distance Added sign: No U-Turn Added information about distance between vehicles 01/06/2015 Added information to the speed limit sign (Thanks to alexxkid62)
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