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  1. Figured it out... My email had a mistake while it was filled out.
  2. Hello All, I just recently decided to get back into TMP after some time away, and I noticed something. I can log into the TMP Website and ETS2MP with no problem, However ATSMP keeps thinking I have the wrong password to log into it and it won't let me log in. Is anybody else having this problem or knows how to solve it? Figured I'd ask before having to send a ticket.
  3. Happy birthday! Happy Trucking ?

  4. Happy birthday! 


  5. And then Cabin Accessories gets released, and Brakes the mod not even 24 hours after breaking it earlier. *AAAAAAAAAAAAA* God damn it SCS, LOL?
  6. Happy Birthday! ?

  7. I think they're waiting for when 1.38 support comes out. Still, Be patient. I miss my volvo, But I'm willing to drive another truck for the time being.
  8. Yeah, I thought they fixed it. Miss my FH, And wanted to play my profile legit. But I guess this is pretty cool.
  9. There's a bug with the FH sleeper cabins, They can't model the CBRadio and crash the game. I had to switch my truck around.
  10. I had to give up my spot due to some troll flipping my truck.
  11. I'm going to guess the Huge bus terminal or the Iveco Dealer.
  12. This is my first Convoy, Could you guys give me a estimation of Kilometres I will be covering, So I don't Run my Tank dry and Hold the Convoy up. I tried to program the Advisor to have an Idea, But I want to compare it. Also, Are we going to be limited to 90K or 110K?
  13. Im getting the same i reinstalled the game to get a issue to stop not when i im about to load my profiles it will crash my game
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