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  1. No no, I mean that the auto beacon off script can run the same script of what is ran when that button is pressed, so the script can run that script in the background without it force opening the F4 menu (if that makes sense). Also I don't think that the script goes off of what the beacon button is mapped to. I do get what you mean tho.
  2. @Trucker Dashcam // Sweden True, but when you do F4 and press 4 which also turns on/off the beacons, you could find the script that runs when you press it which then could be used in this script to turn off the beacons due to amount of players
  3. Suggestion Name: Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule Suggestion Description: Just a basic script that turns off beacons if there is a certain amount of playing in a radius. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because many people still use beacons in high populated area's which is against the rules which also causes lag for other players. How I think this would work, is by a script detecting the amount of players in a radius (same type of the tab player list) and when it gets over and certain number, it turns off the beacons to reduce lag and to also keep the player from getting kicked/banned. I would think that the number 30 would be great for the script to turn the beacons off, the number is not too low or not too high, just perfect Not only that this is reducing lag, it also enforces the rule. If you wish, you can make it so in the TruckersMP Launcher settings, there can be a part so you can turn the script on or off because most people like to have beacons on and sometimes the script may turn off the beacons even tho there is not one near you but still saying a high number on the player list from a convoy far away. Another good idea adding to this idea is that it will put a message on your screen saying that the beacons have been disabled. For Example: "[CONSOLE] Beacons Turned Off Because Amount Of Players!" I do hope this idea gets into ETS2MP because it will help many people (hopefully) I have used the search option, nothing came up for the term *beacons* which is to do of what I said above I'm not good with idea's but this could actually be a good one
  4. My teachers say "If your confused in the exam then put anything it could be right" so the next time I have an exam and I don't know the correct answer, my answer will be "2 + 2 = 4 - 1 = 3 quick maths" :troll: 


  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! :P^_^

  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. Me when I hear something about skittles.

  9. Happy birthday. Have a good day! ;)

  10. Just wondering. How many people play ETS2MP?? As in numbers

  11. Any tips on my new banner?? And im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :DDDDD

    1. Fading


      Just reduce the glow a bit, might make it look a bit more professional

    2. .Rhys.
    3. .Rhys.


      @Fading I think its much better now B)

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  12. Happy birthday ma dude :P

  13. Some of you may not of known but I was part of FME (FleetMaster Events) and now I have left FME and the discord server because of people I do not want to be in a server with. Lets just say when EnLight was running it, it was the amazing thing ever but since he left it hasn't been the same. Most people in the server I don't have good times with which then I have felt many emotions in the server. I didn't feel happy in the team so as I said, I have left.

  14. Happy birthday! Code well :D

  15. Thanks To All Of The Admins In ETS2MP For Making The Game Even Better!! But A HUGE Thanks To @Djinsomnia #Wish64 For Coming To HOEMAD's First Ever Convoy! Wish everyone is having a good time! <3 


  16. My vtc is no longer called Monster Haulage its now called Diamond Heavy Haulage little people hate the name but I have had Monster Haulage for a looooooooooooong time now

  17. .Rhys.


    Oh yes sorry. I have found this steam workshop mod thing for the daf and that works in multiplayer and via that the LED's show up. However thanks for everyone replying to this!! I'm highly grateful.
  18. Happy happy happy birthday

  19. I do love school... So much work and some how the builders put a smoke/fire alarm above a cooker :mellow: Caused fire alarms to go off twice :mellow:

  20. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday :P

  21. Happy birthday :D

  22. .Rhys.


    To be honest @ThatCrazyPillow I haven't tried yet due to school. I will try it today
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