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  1. Gabi Villanueva

    Qué te gustaría que añadieran al juego

    Me gustaria que le agregaran vidrios polarizados, poder bajar la suspension y poder cambiar las luces (led,xenon,etc.)
  2. Gabi Villanueva

    Truck meets

    You can join a company, they make convoys all weeks
  3. Gabi Villanueva

    Favorite trailer in ATS or ETS2?

    Schwarzmüller trailers are the best ones
  4. Gabi Villanueva

    Wintermod Released

    Excellent job!!
  5. Gabi Villanueva

    Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    Of course
  6. Gabi Villanueva

    Time spent daily

    All day
  7. Gabi Villanueva

    Opinions on hacking/hackers and their punishments

    I think they should have permanent ban
  8. Gabi Villanueva

    Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

  9. Gabi Villanueva

    Game preference

    ETS2, ATS map is too small, it looks like a demo
  10. Gabi Villanueva

    Would You Rather

    Scania PS4 or XBOX ONE?
  11. Gabi Villanueva

    New 2018 Volvo VNL Mod Project

    Good luck!! Looks really good
  12. Gabi Villanueva

    Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    What i do when i´m in an emergency is braking with the normal brake and the engine break, it helps you a lot to brake
  13. Gabi Villanueva

    Winter is coming...

    Yes!! I was looking forward this
  14. Gabi Villanueva

    [SCS Blog] Sicily