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  1. how is everyone today and who the lucky ones who got on the truckersmp team this round :D

    1. Smalley


      Only 2-3 people have made it into the team so far. Am I am doing well thanks for asking :P how about you? 

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      aww really well wish them well in the team and that's good and i'm not to bad thanks 

  2. i went down that road for the first time playing the game and i was stuck there for 45 minutes not moving it was that bad in the end i pulled over and finish my job in sp as didn't want sit there any longer. People only go down there to see what's go on but it's the players over taking the traffic that make it worse for everyone else.
  3. can't put an age limit on the game as it's not fair when the games rated 3+ sometimes you get the younger ones doing great at driving. All we can do is enjoy the way you play the game
  4. haha yeah well you have to let me know when your on air @DjSpyder_TFM
  5. Yeah glad i'm back around how you doing see that you moved on @DjSpyder_TFM
  6. it is been a look time stayed away for awhile as was missing not DJing anymore @DjSpyder_TFM
  7. well i picked DJ Alex as my real name is Alex and i was a DJ at trucksimradio but left and never changed my name on here
  8. Hey everyone how are we all doing on this beautiful day 

    1. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      good and yeah i'm wonderful thank you :D

    2. DasBergziege


      I'm good, how about you? :)

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      that's good and yeah i'm good thank you :D


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  9. so how has everyone been?


    1. [RLC] Leo

      [RLC] Leo

      been good, work, home, tidy, chill, driving, tune, relax :) sorted and budwieser

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      sounds like a good plan 


  10. does anyone know when there slots are open to join the team on here or is it whenever they feel like it?

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    2. DevonGamer22


      it say its hard to be one but it look fun to help wish i can join to help :D i'm really nice but they have to pick who the trust one and i understand that :) but hope your luck come when they pick you some day when ever it open :D 

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      thanks and you two nothing wrong with trying to join though so to all that do try good luck with it :D


    4. DevonGamer22


      your the boss  you do great to help :D 

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  11. that looks awesome would make the game feel real well closely it can great work to you all
  12. good morning/afternoon all 


    1. scs software

      scs software

      Good morning mate ,  i hope you  have a great day :) 

    2. Mirrland
    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      thanks gardener you two mate :D 

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  13. i like the reply's people have put some great videos thank you for sharing
  14. haha i love the google car one actually made me laugh think i'll be using that one that is true but there's nothing i could have done as he the one that pulled out on me when i was turning off the motorway at Rotterdam to head to Amsterdam
  15. i know should report people but didn't have chance to as soon it happened i got kicked even though i had the right to turn before that guy pulled out all that needs to happened really is the admin need more training BUT that's my opinion on that matter so PLEASE NO 1 take it to heart and @Detective Adachi the guy was in a truck and so was i so he couldn't say he didn't see me coming
  16. yeah that true and i know i'm thinking the same just goes to show most people don't read the rules i have i did wrong today calling the guy an idiot but he clearly seen him as he stopped then moved off into me
  17. me bad driver? want to do a retest mate haha and you have to send me them in teamspeak
  18. yeah i know the feeling but people will keep doing it as they think they never get court doing it
  19. yeah i know just does my head in when they know your there and they don't say sorry for it they keep going like nothing happened
  20. so i was on etsmp about 4 minutes go and this truck pulls out on (not saying names) and i get kicked for called the guys an idiot witch i understand why (well an little bit i do) but the guy knew i was there and i was pulling left until he came from the right witch he should of waited so who else has had a bad driver like the guy i did
  21. okay thanks for the info
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