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  1. Ok, thanks mates. I guess it would still impress me to see another player pass through a train, but at least synchronizing the traffic lights is a good thing. Ooh yeah, I forgot about that recording thing. I used to do that all the time when bans seemed to be applied for no reason, but that was before they noticed a flaw in the IDs. Still, recording seems a good advice, just need to find some place in my HDD (how come it's always full?). Anyway, thanks for your help, and happy trucking
  2. Hello everyone, I'm back in the game after some months without playing, and I would like some help in being updated with the recent changes. So far, I have these questions : 1) Now EU2 is collision on and limiter off! I don't want to argue, but I'm so happy with that. Does the freeroam rules still apply in there (basically, a mad man at 150Kph ramming you is your problem (i.e. hardcore mode)) or is there some moderation as in EU1? 2) Is desync still a problem (so the truck next to you on your screen could be 100m ahead of you or 100m behind you) ? 3) Are cross lights synchronized (they were not when I left)? 4) Can you be blinded with high beams (you would only see normal beams when I left)? 5) Did I miss a new mega important rule or feature in the past 2-3 months? Thanks for your help
  3. I don't know if that changed with the new update, but I'm pretty sure that they won't consider video evidence as proof of anything. Basically, video footage could help you get out of an inappropriate ban, but, again to the best of my knowledge, it cannot be used to ban anyone else (unfortunately).
  4. This is a very simple howto guide on how to overtake (and be overtaken) properly. The first thing you should be aware of is DESYNC. Basically, what you see on your screen is not always what the other players are seeing. This might cause (unintentional) ramming in many situations. To counter that effect, here's some practical information that you should always follow. When overtaking - Start your overtaking maneuver when you are at least 60m from the truck in front of you (you can always check the distances using the <TAB> key). - Stay in line - When you checked that the other driver is 100m behind you, you can start merging back. - Alternatively, if you see the other driver turn its lights on, or hear him honk 2 short times, it means that you can fold back safely from his point of view, even if you're not 100m ahead. In that case, it's nice to thank him using the left-right-left-right blinker signal. Note that high beams would normally be used IRL, but cannot be seen for now in the MP game. When being overtaken - Stay in line - If you're riding at 90 km/h, it is nice to speed down a little so the other driver has a chance to overtake you. - When there's enough distance between you and the overtaker (60m should be enough), turn your lights on (or honk 2 short times if it's night time and your lights are already turned on) to signal that he can fold back safely. Let's hope everybody follow these rules, and the road will be a lot safer.
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