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  1. Hello Yuri, and welcome to the TruckersMP forums! We’re glad that you’ve taken your time to come here and elaborate your suggestion, however, I must warn you that you didn’t follow the required suggestion format, which can be found in the following topic: Failure to apply the format within 3 days will most likely lead to the closure of your suggestion without it being reviewed, so please, change it as soon as you can! Notice that images and details are always appreciated and will help us understand what you’re exactly suggesting. May you have any other questions, you can contact me by clicking here Cheers, en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.
  2. Hi Lobossauro Game. We're glad to see that you've spent time coming here and elaborating your suggestion, and also using the right format, which we really appreciate! However, your idea figures in the frequently suggested things list, which you can check here: For that reason, your suggestion is being rejected as there are no plans of implementing it in the near future, I hope you can understand it. Asides, your suggestion has been edited to contain only words in English, as that's the only language allowed in the suggestions forum. Please, keep that in mind if you ever want to suggest something. May you have any other question, feel free to send me a private message, my inbox is always open! //Rejected Regards, en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.
  3. //Moved to from Add-On Suggestions to Game Suggestions.
  4. Hello Lowry. While we appreciate the fact that you took your time to come here and elaborate your idea, a very similar suggestion has been rejected recently by our Project Manager. You can check it out here: As he points out changing the base map is not an option, therefore, there's no way your suggestion can be implemented as well. For that reason I can only reject your suggestion, I hope you can understand it. May you have any question, feel free to send me a private message. //Rejected.
  5. //Moved to the Help Section.
  6. I know I am kinda late to this but, //Moved to the Help section. Our support staff will be able to help you our better, you will surely get the answer you're looking for
  7. Hello Jeppe. While we are happy to receive new ideas, support for VR is not supported at the moment and there's no sight that it will be supported anytime soon, as you can see in this response to a question: Your suggestion also figures in the frequently suggested things thread (it's at the very bottom of it). For these reasons I am rejecting your suggestion, I hope you can understand it. We know that this has been suggested already, if we ever get to be able to implement it, we will for sure announce it publicly, so it's unlikely that you will miss it out Asides, let me tell you that you didn't follow the mandatory suggestion format. If you ever elaborate a suggestion again, please, make sure to follow it, as not doing so would suppose the rejection of it within 3 days without it even being reviewed. Also, don't hesitate to send me a private message if you have any other question, my inbox is always open! Kind regards, en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.
  8. Topic closed upon author's request. //Locked and moved to the Archive.
  9. Hi Azalit. I am moving your post to the Russian Discussion subforum, since the the mandatory language in the rest of the forum is English, including the section where you originally posted your topic in. //Moved to Russian Discussion.
  10. en_field

    I need Help.

    Double topic (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/89169-i-need-help) //Moved to Trash.
  11. This has been already done, detours and random road events do not appear in-game anymore: //Accepted.
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