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  1. Damn I didn't know about this one... Can't believe I've been saying it wrong for so many years. This is actually a great post, I'm quite sure it'll come in handy for many people, just like it did for me. Nice work.
  2. Browsing the forums for the first time in like three months and the first thing I see is my old boss has retired widepeepoSad... You did a great job, for real, I couldn't have asked for a better leader. I'll always remember the time I spent in the mod team back in the day, it was great fun and everyone was so committed! 😄


    Take care Nat ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday! ❤️ 

  4. Happy Birthday! ❤️ 🎊

  5. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  6. Hi there. We’re glad that you’ve taken your time to come here and elaborate your suggestion. Ideas are always welcome and we’re happy to hear what the community has to say. However, I must warn you that you didn’t follow the required suggestion format, which can be found in the following topic: Failure to apply the format within 3 days will most likely lead to the closure of your suggestion without it being reviewed, so please, change it as soon as you can! Notice that images and details are always appreciated and will help us understand what you’re exactly suggesting. May you have any other questions, you can contact me by clicking here Cheers, en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.
  7. //Moved from Website Suggestions to Game Suggestions.
  8. Morning all! Have a great start of the week ^_^

    1. JJay


      Hello :mlg_doge: Have a wonderful day! 

  9. Hi there bradwiggo, and welcome to the TruckersMP forums!. I’m moving your topic to the Help section, since at the end it’s an answer to a question what you’re looking for. If you have a question, doubt or problem related to any service TruckersMP provides, please post it in the Help forum so that our staff can handle it better, choosing the best answers given for you. It would be great if you could take this into account from now on //Moved to the Help section.
  10. That's... Sadly true. I took a job from Kandalaksha to the Kirkenes quarry this morning just to check it out as I hadn't been there yet. I spent more time sitting on the quarry road than in the journey from Kandalaksha (which is like 700km long). I eventually quit the game as there hadn't been any sign of movement for 20 minutes straight and I was still pretty far off the unload point. Northern Russia and Norway are great to drive in though, I've always loved the scenery.
  11. -Me: you won't get up there, it's too slippery

    -@[RLC] Martin: hold my beer


  12. //Moved to the Help section.
  13. I know I am kinda late but, //Moved to the Help section.
  14. Hi isak. We're glad to know about your worries on that area of the map, but you can't just come here and ask us to do something without bringing in any ideas. Please, try to give some examples of what you think could help sort the situation in Kirkenes or otherwise I will have no option than trashing your topic, since it cannot be considered a suggestion. I will give you one day from now (the time I am posting this) to do it. Also, please make sure to apply the right suggestion format, which you can find in the following topic: May you have any question or concern, don't hesitate to message me, my inbox is always open! Regards, en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.
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