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  1. //Moved to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Discussions, since I understand you're refering to that game only. If I'm mistaken, message me and I'll move it back
  2. //Moved to General Discussion. Even if you might be focusing on one game, several aspects of your poll affect both of them. Scout cars, for example.
  3. Bit late, but //Moved to General Discussion.
  4. en_field

    SF Port NCZ (ATS)

    There's not much traffic there anymore, expanding the NCZ is now not necessary. //Rejected.
  5. en_field

    Non-collision delay after leaving a non-collision-zone

    As of this: //Moved to Done.
  6. en_field

    Europe 4 no lights

    The EU4 server does not exist anymore. //Rejected.
  7. en_field

    truck parts

    Welcome to the forum Kinsler. I understand you may have posted your question here since it is related to ETS2, but if it's help what you're looking for, it belongs in the Help section, therefore I'll be moving your topic there. It'd be appreciated if you could take this into account from now on //Moved to Help.
  8. en_field

    Ángulo de las cámaras

    //Movido al archivo por inactividad.
  9. en_field

    discord español

    //Movido al archivo por inactividad.
  10. en_field

    VR in Truckers MP ?

    As of the frequently asked things topic, it has already been proposed (it's right at the bottom). Yet still, I will move this to the Help section in case our support staff have more information about it //Moved to Help.
  11. en_field


    Ya posteado aquí: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/193553-tjb-juank28/&amp;status=138128&amp;type=status Al no ser necesario, voy a mover esto al archivo.
  12. en_field

    Caravan for scouts

    It's been more than 3 days since you received the warning, yet the format hasn't been applied. Feel free to submit your suggestion again, but please, apply the right format this time! //Rejected.
  13. Take care mate... Hope to see you in the team again some day! :(

  14. en_field

    Reportar a laggers

    //Movido al archivo por inactividad.
  15. Hello! Tell me, please, how can I find out the channel of the radio station of other players to talk to them? And can I do it through a laptop without a microphone and headphones???

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there Lavr_san,

      Most people who use the CB radio in-game talk on Channel 19 which is the default channel, and to engage in a conversation you just press the PTT button which is the "X" button to start chatting.


      Technically if you have a laptop with a built in mic you can chat on the CB radio but it's not recommended due to the large echo that you might receive on your end.