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  1. All the best I hope to come to the team soon :(

  2. All the best in the future :( 

  3. Happy birthday to my very oldest friend on the internet. Stay safe bud, and enjoy your day <3

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      @Martin.happy birthday:)

  4. Albert.

    Mods & Trailers

    No need to be sorry for asking a question . As you're looking for help, I will move your topic to the forum Help section, as that's where it belongs, plus, our Support staff will be able to handle it better if it's there, being able to choose the best answers for you. I understand you might have posted it in Euro Truck Simulator 2 discussions because you're refering to one specific game, but if it's help what you're looking for, it belongs in the Help section. We would be glad if you takk this into account from now on Thanks for your understanding, and have a nice day! /Moved to Help.
  5. Albert.

    Jobs in only one City

    Hey there @don_gigant, and welcome to the forums . As I see you're looking for help, I will move your topic to the respective section. I understand the reason why you have posted it here is that your issue is related to one particular game, but we have a Help section where all things related to support are dealt with, as our Support staff are able to handle it better, choosing the best answers for you. That said, it would be nice if you take this into account if you ever need help again: if you're looking for help, post it in the Help section, regardless of the game it is. Good evening. /Moved to Help.
  6. Albert.

    Trade Connections Germany

    I've been wondering this as well as I coulnd't find an end date in the blog entry... I guess it will end as soon as they reach 50 million tons, and only those who completed the event will get those thingys? However they said that those who complete it will automatically get some items, AND if the goal is reached, we will get some others like that backgroung (which is the only one I'm looking forward at all to be honest).
  7. Albert.


    Just 19... It's not that I'm keen on videogames at all, I just look for that single game that I like and no-life it out . My favourite one is Rocket League with 1171 hours by now.
  8. Albert.

    No Jobs Available???

    Hey there @Spectre7734, and welcome to the forums! As I see you're looking for help, I will move your topic to the Help section, where our Support staff will be able to handle your post better, choosing the best responses provided for you. I understand your problem might be related to one game in particular, but if it is Help what you're looking for, it belongs in the Help section. It'd be nice if you take that into account from now on . /Moved to Help.
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    How much study one days?

    Hey @3601 l TeamAudi, and thanks for creating a new discussion on our forum. Since your topic is not related to technology, I will move it to its respective section. /Moved to Off-Topic.
  10. Just one post away! :ph34r:

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      I just noticed that half an hour before you said that, lol. But yes indeed. Then I go into the quadruple digits. :o

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