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  1. Happy Birthday!🥳

  2. oh it's you kapp, happy birthday ? 

  3. Hey All :)

    So not at my school typing this but YOLO

    Its my birthday yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaayyaayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaayay


    1. Caricature


      happy birdday yayayayay :troll: 

      but sincerely..  have a good one and to many more, cheers :D

    2. Mirko9


      Happy Birthday!

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy Birthday :) Have a great day :)

  4. Happy birthday, bud.

  5. Happy birthday! Or something :D

  6. So ive just tried going to the viva trucking website and it just gives a 502 error from cloudflair and the .com just goes to a wix landing page ;(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Positivetrucking168


      Just like when Monarch gone into administration because VIVA was such a large VTC with a lot of drivers and sophisticated operations. 

    3. Lester_1981


      So I have to ask. Why have they shut down all of a sudden. They were a huge VTC

    4. [FC-HTD] AlanInOman
  7. K??V?TI? Has Infected my discord now dk6qj6xw860p2tq6t8d7xj.png


  8. K??V?TI? LUL = Krav  404 Never Found .... .Booting The Spam The TMP Forums Enabled

  9. Well according to @Horizon The forum spammer nub @KravatyAnd @Azyer Are Now Girls .....

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