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  1. Server Synchronized Gates

    +1 Good idea as it can cause issues if a convoy is departing from the location with a gate.
  2. Headlights-ON warning beep

    +1 This would be useful as it is easy to miss the message, as someone else mentioned, a pop up in the middle of the screen might be a suitable solution as well.
  3. Create a company

    Hello, To create a company you can just go ahead, pick a name, paint job and truck if you want to unless you want to give your drivers freedom over truck and accessories. There are a few other stages, e.g. Logo, Steam group, website, applications. However, making it is as easy as that, the requirements on making are lenient it is posting an advertisement message on the forums where you have requirements. Refer to this post for more info: Hope I have provided some help to your question.
  4. invalid email or password

    I would recommend changing your password via the TruckersMP website in your account settings.
  5. TomTom Navigation Mod?

    I don't think it will as it is not on the allowed mods list, to view which mods are allowed visit this thread for all allowed mods.
  6. Multiplayer wont open Help Please!!!!

    Never seen the problem before, but I'll see if I can help. All I can recommend is what @Spieker said, maybe reinstall the TruckersMP client, make sure you have installed it into your right game directory which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2. My not be 'Program Files(x86)' depends if you have 32-bit which is 'Program Files' or wherever you installed Steam. Also make sure your drivers are up to date. Best of luck, hopefully I helped but I'm no computer whizz so doubt it.
  7. Car Trailer(s)

    Although cars right now have no use, there are too many people who drive the car and troll, that plus a trailer will cause lots of problems. Also, you have to remember the car is based of an estate car which cannot haul items as heavy as what are already in the game making it unrealistic. However this is good because cars don't have a use and this could bring a whole new concept and fun convoys to the game.
  8. ETS2MP Admin Twitch Streams

    Good work
  9. Player report system by using Plays.tv videos

    This is a good program to use, I have used it for a few months now with no problems, I recommend it.
  10. WolfVTC - VTC Control Panel

    Looks very promising, good luck, I am downloading it
  11. This looks really good, I am definitely getting this, something that has been needed for a while!
  12. Puncake's Convoy Thread

    Very good convoy, you should plan more. May I say that those Convoy Controllers look very professional and must of done a good job.
  13. has been released.

    Very good update, great job guys, keep up the great work!
  14. has been released.


    Going to be so good, can't wait, hopefully see a lot of you guys there!!