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  1. Congratulations, very proud of you and it's all very well deserved rewards. 

  2. Happy birthday, have a great day! :D


    Beyond the Baltic Sea - Opinions?

    Best DLC since Scandi, they have found the perfect balance with highways and country roads, like they did with Scandi and it is always interesting to drive the routes. It also tops it off that there are pretty much zero trolls there, making it the most relaxing place to drive while taking in the scenery.
  4. Got a lot of messages to catch up on now Mr.TGMO, don't forget about me when you become famous! Congratulations boss, very proud of you! :love:

    1. [RLC CEO] John Marston

      [RLC CEO] John Marston

      Haha, thank you Smurfy :wub:


    Why wouldn't SCS want to work with TruckersMP?

    The partnership would be great from our perspective but has many people have pointed out, it appears SCS is making their own MP, not to necessarily get rid of TMP but to streamline the game and keep it up to date with the industry, which demands more MP than SP, in my opinion. The community, in general, think it would be great because there wouldn't be a long wait for the addition of DLC or updates and TMP would have more financial capability which would mean bigger servers. However, it appears SCS are the opposite, which is unfortunate but it means there is very little chance of SCS & TMP uniting.

    What do you think about the work of the TruckersMP Team in 2018?

    At the beginning of the year, I wouldn't rate the work in-game as highly as I do now because there were so few consistently active GMs, from what I saw. However, the activity of the staff outside of the game has always been amazing and I'd say the GMs are now 'catching' up after the feedback forms which were extremely useful.

    New design for TruckersMP [Unofficial]

    Wow, amazing and modern looking as suggested before, it might be worth making this a UI skin, I’ve seen other people do it before so if you need help looking at it send me a message.

    Will Bus Dlc Income On 2019?

    In a way I hope not, it’s a truck simulator and also what would we do about MP? New servers would probably be required because buses stopping and starting pulling out on other trucks would create issues. If there were other servers for it or just one server then I’d support the idea because of the different gameplay it offers.

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    It was the first game I bought on PC 4 years ago, pretty much exactly now, after I was watching Sgt.Pepper for around 6 months before I got my PC. So, technically it has been 4 years since I got the game but it took me a while to get TMP, which was ETS2MP, working because I was a noob so I started playing multiplayer around June 2015.

    Anyone else get a speed boost on bumps?

    This happened to me the other day and I think it has something to do with the new physics, but I’m not an expert so don’t take my word for that. Be careful going over the centre of smaller roundabouts because it lifted the front of my truck and gave me a massive speed boost.

    What is the best truck brand?

    I never used to have a favourite truck, but I love the Scania S because everything about it is amazing. My second favourite is the DAF XF for pretty much the same reasons but it lacks the power.

    Skin - ETS

    Looks smart, get a custom trailer to go with it and then you'll be looking class.
  13. In my opinion, the current length of time is fair, it encourages people to be disciplined and maintain a good behave so that they have access to a good perk - applying for staff. It is easy for me to say as I haven't been banned for a while, so if you have, I can understand why you would like it shorter but it is there to prove you've learnt.

    Future of ETS.

    For map DLCs I’d enjoy playing in Ireland and adding in Iceland would be truly unique if they made it snowy and added in physics, but that might not be good in MP. Other than DLCs, I’d like to see little additions like working pedals in the truck, an option to view your arms and hands on the wheel and the ability to exit and walk outside of your truck. Another DLC is a tuning pack for the Mercedes because it looks great but a tuning pack would improve the truck even more.

    European truck speed limits overview

    Although most people don’t follow them, it is good for the more serious players. In the UK, we use MPH so if you want to add them here are the conversions for when people look out for signs; Less Than 7.5T: Urban Roads - 30 Non-Urban Roads - 50 Motorways/Expressways - 70 More Than 7.5T: Urban Roads - 30 Non-Urban Roads - 40 Dual Carriageways - 50 Motorways/Expressways - 60 This is only for reference when you’re looking at signs in the UK because they’re displayed in MPH not KM/H.