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  1. Congratulations, my friend.💖

  2. I wonder if this "strange trailer" will appear in "ETS2" in last year's "V15" activity. Will the train trailer appear in the future "ETS2"?
  3. Happy birthday🎁

  4. Congratulations, my friend, welcome back!

  5. Hello! I am also a China player. I also hope that you can upload live video or valid evidence before submitting the report, so that it is convenient for them to handle it. They will not discriminate against any player. They have a professional translation and support department, and even in the translation department, China players will join us. You don't have to worry about this.
  6. Congratulations, my friend, and look forward to your contribution to the game!



      Thank you mate! 

  7. It is also a large-scale accident scene and traffic jam scene, which has been experienced in previous activities.
  8. Happy Birthday 🎁

  9. Happy Birthday 🎂 

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