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  1. I have been playing this game for 4-5 years unconsciously. From the beginning, the stand-alone-offline connection-online TMP has changed a lot in these 4-5 years [thanks to the production team and SCS team], and thanks to the game management and staff, you have worked hard!





                                                                                                                                                                                            From a [sponsor] who wants to be a staff member.



  2. Thank you for your contribution to the game!

  3. Oh no! My friend's birthday, and I didn't know it? This is a wrong approach, sorry! I'm late. Happy birthday!




    Friendly answer from ETS2- sponsor!

  4. 非常抱歉!由于国际语言是“英语”,你的提议是不可能的。 Friendly answer from ETS2- sponsor! This is ok if you are a "steering wheel user", but if you are a "keyboard user", it may be the beginning of the accident and you will be banned. Friendly answer from ETS2- sponsor!
  5. Welcome to "TruckersMP Community", you can give feedback if you have any questions!





    Friendly greetings from "ETS2- Sponsor"!

  6. Congratulations! Upgrade to game moderator, thank you for your contribution to the game!




                Greetings from TruckerMP member "ETS2- sponsor"!

    1. Sjovn


      Thank you 🧡

  7. Regarding the report, I personally said that this is hidden in the problem of not hiding: One * This is hidden, but the player can't see the handler unilaterally, but the reality is that since they are all game staff or management department, is it necessary to hide it? Second, the reporting system continues to be hot, whether it is understaffed or ignored by the management department. . . Three * is an unnecessary report, and it is the beginning of the ban when it comes to the management department. . . There are so many violations of road regulations in the game, and how many are banned in real time? Five * If you have patrols all the time in your game, the reporting system will not be so crowded. There is also "joining the team". There must be no ban within 12 months, and some bans are implemented by rules that you don't have. . . Anyway, you are the eldest brother, and you have the final say about the rules of the game. You will do whatever it takes to enforce the ban. Greetings from TruckersMP sponsor "ETS2- sponsor"!
  8. Welcome to "Truck Association". Please abide by the rules of TMP. Have a good game!


    Tips from TruckersMP sponsor "ETS2- sponsor"!

  9. Happy birthday!🥳

  10. A beautiful day begins with "hot weather".I feel like I'm almost a small fish!

  11. Household registration: China Travelled: Singapore/USA (Washington)/Myanmar/Thailand.
  12. Welcome to join us. Tips: Please obey the traffic rules and traffic lights in the game!



    Replies from TruckersMP sponsors!

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