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  1. The GOAT

  2. Thanks! ? Been awhile since I last competed here but glad that I still got some editing skills in me. Here is a video of how I made the image! https://streamable.com/24uhle
  3. Never stop fighting.

    Five victories, three podiums. The most successful picture editor within TruckersMP as of yet. Started with nothing back in November 2018, using free mobile software to edit convoy images for events to progressively learning and becoming better to having helped many events, being recognized by SCS, and using actual editing software. From no one to the best in two years. No one has the number of victories I have. I worked for those victories, I never gave up. From people doubting, relationships ending, events shutting down and changing direction in editing style I never gave up. Never let anyone doubt you or your potential. Never stop fighting. 

  4. @PanterC Maaaa guyyyyyy! First win! Proud of you lil kid!
  5. @G4M3P1X3L Pulled me over ?


    1. cioflix


      Nice shot!

  6. I got the most wins ? Thank you & congrats to Winged and Nika, well deserved.
  7. What truck should I use for my next high quality picture edit? Both ATS and ETS2 trucks works well. 

    1. Zirox


      Renault T of course. 

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      MACK Anthem. New truck in ATS :wub: 

  8. As a vegan I find the save edited cow trailers very offending. :kappa:

  9. My entry for Picture of the month: April is going to be sick!

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