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[WOTIN] saeed kamali

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    Trucking is my life

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  1. Humanwolf will demote me from veteran driver to member, then you think i can become Supporter? XD

  2. Hello!

    So supporter Commented on your profile XD

  3. Hello Friends,  Please Visit My Website And My World Of Trucks Page, Thanks. 


    Website: https://wotin.jimdo.com

    World of Trucks: https://https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=625731


    Please Say Your Suggestions.


    Best Regards. 

  4. How are you dear Nety :D

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    2. NetyTV


      I am fine, what you?

      I will add it after you promote me to officer :troll:

    3. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Thank you. 


      I played ets2, 71.3 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      And you played 5 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      How Can I Promote You? :D

    4. NetyTV


      Use magic :D

  5. Public Convoy 30.07.17

    Hi thanks, i will be there
  6. Hi

    1. Hadi Poker Face

      Hadi Poker Face

      Oh hi man!
      Thanks for the follow ham vatan :D

    2. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Your welcome :D 

    3. [SK] - TeR* Mu Yu
  7. [WOTIN] VTC

    تشکر، لطف دارید
  8. [WOTIN] VTC

     سلام! خوش آمدید به شرکت بین المللی ورلد آف تراک [WOTIN] .کمپانی جدید برای یورو تراک سیمولاتور 2 مولتی پلیر .برای عضو شدن لطفا من را در لیست دوستان استیم اضافه کنید : لینک پروفایل استیم http://steamcommunity.com/id/saeed80 یا برنامه ی تلگرام را در کامپیوتر یا موبایل .خود نصب کنید و به من پیام ارسال کنید ای دی تلگرام: @saeedkamali .ما در تلگرام گروه و کانال داریم لینک وبسایت گروه: https://wotin.jimdo.com Http://m.imgur.com/A/XtIj7Paint Job گروه Http://telegram.orgلینک دانلود تلگرام .امیدواریم شما را در گروه مشاهده کنیم .با احترام ★ ★ ★
  9. Hello :)

    1. Scottish SONIC

      Scottish SONIC


      how are you sir  


    2. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Fine, Thank You. :)

  10. Can't Download Multiplayer Mod

    Hi, he downloaded it. Please see photo, download freez in here : http://prntscr.com/ekzm1b
  11. Can't Download Multiplayer Mod

    I already say to he for disable anti virus Thanks. He run it as Administrator but problem not solved... His network haven't problem.. Just can't download MP mod. Thx. Hello, yes, i say it and he reinstalled but not solved... Thanks, i will say for use VPN. and i say here if problem solved. Freez for always .. And so he need close Launcher and again open.. Already opened as adminstrator. He changed pc, so installed steam and downloaded ets2 again. Hi , his problem is not network, and he network working correctly. Just can't download MP mod. Thanks.
  12. Can't Download Multiplayer Mod

    Hello, my friend changed pc and downloaded ets2 and Multiplayer mod, now when he click in install available update, download start but freez in file 1 of 22 Help please friends... Thanks. http://prntscr.com/ekzm1b
  13. :tmp:  Hello :)  :tmp: