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  1. Hello Friends!

    Good Afternoon Dear Truckers 


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    2. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Hello dear Chinese friend :)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali



                    H                          H             i

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I

                    HHHHHHHHHHH             I

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I 



  2. End of website translations

    Thanks For Info.
  3. Hello, Thanks,,:tmp: Good Luck :tmp:

  4. Convoy Load Selection

    Hello, Excellent, Nice idea !!! But TMP Still Has Some Bugs, So i think first they should solve that's and then add new options,, New options require time to test and debug...
  5. Hi,, Long Time you dont Visited Your World of trucks profile :D

    Check it please. Maybe you find new comments there ..

    1. NetyTV


      Nice, thanks :)

    • Hello my dear friend, Thanks for follow, hahaha.


  6. Hello friend,, How are you :)

    1. [MJS-VTC] Sonic

      [MJS-VTC] Sonic

      hello am good thanks yourself sorry not been on forms in a while  :(

  7. Hey bro i playing with you from american truck simulator TruckerMP?

    1. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Hello !


      I dont have American Truck Simulator bro...

    2. TylerBrundell12151


      Oh ok i have still update can't get it


  8. Humanwolf will demote me from veteran driver to member, then you think i can become Supporter? XD

  9. Hello!

    So supporter Commented on your profile XD

  10. Hello Friends,  Please Visit My Website And My World Of Trucks Page, Thanks. 


    Website: https://wotin.jimdo.com

    World of Trucks: https://https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=625731


    Please Say Your Suggestions.


    Best Regards. 

  11. How are you dear Nety :D

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    2. NetyTV


      I am fine, what you?

      I will add it after you promote me to officer :troll:

    3. [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      [WOTIN] saeed kamali

      Thank you. 


      I played ets2, 71.3 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      And you played 5 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      How Can I Promote You? :D

    4. NetyTV


      Use magic :D

  12. Public Convoy 30.07.17

    Hi thanks, i will be there