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  1. Hi




    Completed Long World Of Trucks Job With 0% Damage :) 

  2. Nice Idea, My ping is 140~160 in morning , but afternoon it is 200+ ...
  3. Hello :tmp:








    Today In EU#2 I tested my New Skin :) 


    Iranian Mammut Trailer: 





  4. Coloured License Plates

    Thank you very much for this guide, Good Luck
  5. Best trucks and why

    Only Volvo~
  6. Any shooter you recomment?

    players unknown battleground?
  7. Why Is Europe 2 The Busiest Server?

    Because Of no Speed Limit, Good Ping, collision, Car access, Simulation Server.... I remember when I started to play ets2mp for first time, EU#1 was busiest server...
  8. Iranian Mammut Trailer! 








    Friends, How Can I Solve This Problem? One Mammut Logo on the right and One on  the left of the trailer.

  9. Hi Bro I have a question

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    2. [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      Thanks, But can't save files by DDS format in paint

      I have GIMP too, 

    3. Forerunner


      try that then

      paint.NET can save dds

    4. [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      Thank you so much bro, I installed Paint.net , it's best app for edit DDS files. 

      I found mip mapping when saved trailer skin and that problem solved ! 

  10. Hello Friends! 






    My First Work :unsure:

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    2. <M T>-Team*QI Ge

      <M T>-Team*QI Ge

      Hi! Can a friend teach me or send a tutorial?:D

    3. [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      [SK] - TeR*Saeed Kamali

      Hello :)

      Visit This Topics : 





    4. <M T>-Team*QI Ge
  11. Which Truck's Interior?

    okay Friends, Thanks For Your Comments, New Scania Interior Won!
  12. Which Truck's Interior?

    Haha schwarzmuller is good DLC , I used it because of red color.