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  1. Duisburg is still very busy today.:mlg_doge:



  2. Happy Birthday !!!🎂

  3. Welcome back  bro🎉

  4. I know what you're trying to say, I mean you can only make suggestions, but you can't necessarily ask players to drive at low speeds, Calais doesn't explicitly ask for it, I think just keep yourself and others safe is a good driver @farshad78
  5. Let me make my point, first of all, Kirkenes is a mountain road and the driver can't drive too fast (if it's a straight road, I think the driver will drive to 100KM / h or higher like a C-D)
  6. Happy birthday, it's a belated blessing:HaulieLove:🎂

  7. Thank you for your attention:mlg_doge:

  8. 转眼73年,我们生在红旗下,长在春风里,人民有信仰,国家有力量,目光所至皆为华夏,五星闪耀皆为信仰!祝中国73岁生日快乐🇨🇳



  9. Happy Birthday!🎉

  10. Congrats?

  11. congratulations

    1. DanielZenx


      thx very much

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