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  1. Hello, For this issue you need to contact Game Moderation Managers via Feedback. Only they can help you regarding this. Best regards, Aashraye
  2. Congrats bro 😀 ❤️

  3. Hello @Ka_Tray, It is indeed the case, like if you load your profile in newer version, then it cannot be used again in older version. Also if you load the profile with some map DLCs and then if you will try to load back it without that map DLC, it won't load. So if your friends want to play with you, the newer version and then go back to old version to play some mods, then I recommend making the exact copy of current profile with another name and then he can use one for latest version and other for older version for mods. If you want to know how to make copy of your prolife, you check out this youtube link. I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have any more doubts, feel free to tag me. Best regards, Aashraye
  4. So, now it won't ask for 2FA code every two day??.
  5. Hello, Is the great steppe supported on promods server or not??
  6. Hello @Tr0uBl3dShAd0w13, Best option for promods is use separate profiles. It's hard to keep the same mod files for both single player and truckersmp as not all mods of promods is supported on truckersmp server. Even if you use only europe, great steppe and middle east even then it won't work because Truckersmp does not use the definition which comes with promods, it uses it's own. But when you load singleplayer, the definition on your mods folder will be used thus causing the content game change. Therefore I recommend you to use different profiles for ProMods Singleplayer and ProMods Truckersmp. This is what I personally do, to avoid long waiting period on content change screen and teleporting. You can of course copy your current profile and create two separate profiles. I use separate file for normal truckersmp, tmp promods and promods singleplayer. Here's a Link to know how to create copy of your current profile. This is the best option I can suggest. Hope I was able to answer your question to your desired outcome. If you have more questions, do tag me here or feel free to message me on forum. Best regards, Aashraye
  7. Hello @Manishh, I see you have 50 mbps internet speed so I am assuming you are using wifi. Since the server is in Europe and 150-200 ms is the time it takes to reach it from India. This is considered good ping. Sometimes your internet might be unavailable for a second or so therefore because of that you would have faced problem sometime as mentioned by you. Elsewise this ping is considered good. Anything below 300 ms is good. Causes no problems. But still there is a way to reduce it by 10-20 ms or so and that is by using ethernet cable. You'll get less latency using a ethernet cable as compared wifi. I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have more questions do tag me here or message me on forum. Best regards, Aashraye
  8. Happy Birthday ! ❤️🥳

  9. Happy Birthday my boss ❤️


  10. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

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