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  1. Hello @DoughtyX, Greetings. Answer to your question depends on which event you are talking about. An event organized by a VTC, or a TMP official event. Case 1: If you are not in any vtc and want to join other vtc's event as a public, then you will find public parking space on their event page. (You will find event page here). If you are going into an event as a part of vtc then event manger of your vtc will have information regarding the slots. Case 2: Official TMP events usually don't have any slots. Players are free to park anywhere inside the departure city. This was all regarding slots, now about cargo. Every event is different. Many events require a specific vehicle while others don't. When you go down on event page of a specific event, you will find set of temporary rules for players. In there it will be given if any kind of specific vehicle is required or not like car or bus or sometimes any cargo. Sometimes this is also given in event details too. If nothing is given both in event details and temporary rules then you can choose any vehicle or cargo, it's up to you. In most of the events you are required to have truck with no double or triple trailer and no heavy load. You can always find upcoming events here: TMP Events. I hope I was able to answer your question properly. If you still have some doubt, feel free to tag me here. Kind regards, Aashraye Player
  2. Hello @VGhost15, Greetings. Yes, it is true as patreon has polices like these. You will be charged every 1st of the month. So if you pay today, you will be again charged on the 1st of next month. So it is recommended to buy patreon in the start of the month only. Rest depends on you. I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have more questions feel free to tag me here. Kind regards, Aashraye TruckersMP Player
  3. Hello @XxUltraxX998, Greetings. The new feature of ETS2 1.47 that is 'Adaptive cruise control' and 'Emergency braking system' is only for AI vehicles in offilne mode and in scs convoy mode (I think). But this feature is not avaible on TruckersMP servers. That is the reason why it is not working even after turning it on in settings. I hope I was able to answer your question. If you some more feel free to tag me here. Kind Regards, Aashraye TruckersMP Player
  4. Yes, in my country we timer. Like seconds are show on led display, after that time signal changes.
  5. Download link has tool version V1.0.0. It does not contain V1.3.2. And in V1.0.0 there is no tool option in it.
  6. Congrats 😍, don't ban me now 😝.

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      Thanks. xD.

  7. Congratulations 🥰

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      Thank you so much ❤️ 


  8. Congratulations 🥰

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  11. nope only piro. You are talking about yourself.
  12. Yeah, now you have become nub-piro. Biggest of all nubs.
  13. No, i am only piro. You are nub-piro. You are just jealous of me
  14. You too are not allowed nub. Only piros can win. And i am piro.
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