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  1. [MCG] Aashraye's post in Content change detected when logging out of offline game to Multiplayer. was marked as the answer   
    Hello @FBTC - Raaphael,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Yes you are right, due to TruckersMP HQ and C-D Road, content change message comes to you when you switch from single-player to multi-player or vice-versa because game adds and removes those maps edits while switching.
    If you want to same profile then there's a way around. You can add TruckersMP HQ and C-D road as mods on single player and also Skoda if you own Skoda on multiplayer. Here are guide how you can do so: HOW TO USE TRUCKERSMP EXCLUSIVE CONTENT IN SINGLEPLAYER?
    I usually recommend to use different profiles for single-player and multi-player. If you worried about progress, you can make exact copy of your profile with different name. Here's a video tutorial on How to copy and rename a profile?
    I have tried both methods and they both 100% work and your issue will be solved.
    I hope I am able to solve your problem. If you have any further questions please ask them here tagging me or you can also dm me.
    Kind Regards,
    TruckersMP Player 
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