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  1. Thank you for your help that worked for the base map would I have to do the same for promods as I also get the same issue??
  2. Ok so my problem is this if I go into SP save my game then go on to TMP I do not spawn where I had originaly saved game it tells me "Game contents changed" and to pick a garage where I wnat to spawn and if I save on TMP and goto SP I get the same issue Example I save my game in my VTC's spot for Prime Logistics 5 Year Anniversary (08.10.23) and when I loaded TMP it told to pick a garage Also I have no mods nor save edits not that save edits would make a differance also get the same issue on TMP promods my g_force_economy_reset is at "0" I have tried a new profile and there is no differance. I am dislexic soooo......please be patient with me.
  3. Thanks for your follow! Much appreciated  :mlg_doge:

    1. Tr0uBl3dShAd0w13


      Your Very welcome Sir.

  4. Suggestion Name: /me command Suggestion Description: Any example image?: No Why should it be added?: Would like to have a /me command with this option maybe in stead of folks pressing Y space enter they could do eg: /me clean's bugs off windscreen or /me Polishes wheels some thing to do while you are waiting or convoys to start or waiting for friend to load in to game also brings some what of an Role Play feel to the game
  5. Would there be a possibility to have a whitelisted server for Veterans 2 and above for thoughs of us who take the game seriously and that are fed up with trolls I think many VTC's would also benefit from this
  6. sorry for sounding stupid but is there an option to change it from the V key?
  7. Can some please advise on what do to my ETS2 crashes every time I try to quick travel in single player, I have made a new profile with the same mods and that works fine and uninstalled and reinstalled and game but my original profile still crashes Thanks in advance
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