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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Auto patcher Released!

    I never thought of something like this, cool feature.
  3. Version Released

    Awesome, thank you for the update
  4. has been released.

    Awesome! Thanks for this update!
  5. has been released.

    Right on, good work!
  6. You've made it!

    I like Hamburgers!
  7. Different name on the Multiplayer map.

    Alright, thanks =)
  8. Hi, I changed my name on steam, and I did the same on the MP website. But I still have my old name on the Multiplayer Map. I wonder if it's possible to fix is, or if I got to live with it for now? Thanks.
  9. Lag. Lag. Lag. And did I mention that it's a lot lag in Rotterdam? And there is also lag.
  10. 0.1.8 has been released.

    Awesome guys! Mercedez HYPE.
  11. Show kilomers/mph after name!

    Okay but how do you know I'm not a real life driver? I dont wanna sound rude. Just saying.
  12. Show kilomers/mph after name!

    Alright! Thanks for your feedback guys, and I agree Just a suggestion =)
  13. Show kilomers/mph after name!

    Suggestion Name: Show kilometers/mph after name. Suggestion Description: I thought that Kilometers/mph should be showed after the names of the people driving so we know how fast people are going. Any example images: It could look like this, my name for example: ''[s.PLH] Sour Milk [sWE] (37) (km/h 50) Why should it be added?: This should be added so that it could be easier to prevent rear-ramming of other players beause of desync. Because if we can see how fast the other person is going we can keep the same speed and maybe not accidently rear-ram the person. Tell me what you think about this. Thanks.
  14. Teleport to other players.

    Teleport request to other players. I thought that you could be able to write /tpa [player name] in the chat, and then the player would have to accept wheter or not he/she want that person to TP to the player. For example: The players writes ''/tpa [player]'' The player gets a message saying: ''Player has requested to teleport to you, to accept write /tpaccept, to decline this request write /tpdecline'' This should be added so that people could join each other much easier, with a trailer and without the need to go in to Single - Player to teleport to the location. it would save time and it would be more simple. Please tell me whatever this is a good or a terrible idea.