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  1. Yay! Cannot wait to drive with owned trailers!
  2. I think these DLCs will both include some great content. I personally think that SCS seems to always improve with every map DLC, truck, or other large asset they release. I think these two DLCs will be no exception I cannot wait to have the hundreds of extra kilometers of beautiful driving added in ETS2!
  3. I agree with this. While it may be a simple feature that would add to ATS, it might be more worth it to combine the change with something more major such as an American car (like a Crown Vic or Charger) to specialize the car to ATS.
  4. I'm a bit late to comment on this one, but here are my thoughts: I do see people spamming their horns quite often. I think it would be a nice feature to implement. I think it should be done in a way similar to the headlight kick, where say you hold your horn for so long and a warning pops up in chat saying you will be kicked in x number of seconds if you do not "cooldown" horn use for so many seconds. I like the idea
  5. I was thinking about a similar concept where the AFK kick time changes as server population changes. I've had issues where I walk away from my PC for 10 minutes to have a quick lunch and not be able to come back to my PC every 5 or so minutes so that I'm not kicked. Like you mentioned and I had been thinking, there may be some issues associated with an AFK kick system like this. However, it would be a nice feature to have in the game if it could be implemented without causing server desync issues.
  6. Excited to see 1.32 in MP eventually. I think there could be some new rules coming out of this, like not save editing to combine multiple owned trailers.
  7. Bird104

    Speed limits

    I definitely believe that the city speedlimits should be set just a bit higher.
  8. Quick question: Is the car only available in ETS2 or is it also available in ATS?
  9. When you launch ETS2 in singleplayer, what version does it say it is? Even the slightest version difference will not work with ETS2MP. Here is another forum post about help with downgrading your game: https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/23710-downgrading-and-upgrading-euro-truck-simulator-2-version/?hl=downgrading Make sure you choose the latest supported version of ETS2 supported by MP in the betas selection tab.
  10. Cannot wait for 64-bit ETS2MP! Thank you for the update!
  11. Like the others have said above, I would recommend using a cheat engine to change your money back. I have had a few friends use cheat engine to change their money back as they didn't want all the money their drivers had been making. Quick question about when you started playing multiplayer-Did you have any mods that were modifying the economy in any way when just playing singleplayer? If so, going over to the vanilla version of the game with one of these mods active may have caused the money to go negative.
  12. Additionally you can use myvtc.net and set up a company. This might be an easier alternative to making your own website as all of your job submitting and accepting tools are already setup and are easy to use.
  13. I know what I do to solve the issue of no jobs showing up (in the freight market) is to simply sleep or just service call as this usually resets the economy. For quick jobs, I would definitely try and do some of those in singleplayer first. Then, when you get your own truck, jobs should work with no problem in the freight market in MP. Hope this helped!
  14. Yay! Glad the ports were fixed! Thanks for the update
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