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  1. Every Sunday We Trucking Like: Be sure to check out our VTC page for all the latest screenshots and news from our community! https://truckersmp.com/vtc/27272
  2. HeyGuys! I am Sgt. Pepper, a full-time streamer on Twitch and TruckersMP community contributor! Along with an awesome Twitch community, we are also Sgt. Pepper's Long Haulage (S.PLH for short), one of the longest continuously running virtual trucking companies in TruckersMP today! We're a pretty laid back group, convoying regularly every Sunday for over six years, and we've got a ton of screenshots and videos to show from all this time. To see the most of what craziness me and S.PLH are up to, check out these links: My Twitch page My Youtube page
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