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  7. The new SSAO graphic feature in both ATS and ETS2 will definitely make both games look even better for people who have more powerful computers. Also the new color picker will be amazing to VTCs. I usually don't update ETS2 since I play TMP most times but the screenshots from SCS make the update look amazing. The reskin of Lille looks great and the new unique truck dealers are out of this world. I like updating my ATS to see the new features myself. Las Vegas actually looks like it is in real life. The new truck stops are simply perfect. I am hoping Idaho comes along with this update or at least a few weeks after.
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  11. I think this idea is great but it can be made better. For example you have to mention the id with @ since people could be saying the speed limit or some other number. I have a feeling this will be abused of course but that could be solved with a toggle in the client settings.
  12. Congrats to the winners! The photos are incredible
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