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  1. If I'm being completely honest, the game moderators and above are trained to do what they do which is ban people according to whether they break a rule or not and I am completely sure that they are here to actually make the community better instead of being corrupt. The system is quite slow but it is dealt with eventually but you can't really do anything about that since the staff to player ratio is massive and if I'm being honest I am still surprised that they deal with reports within a week or two. So overall I believe that the system shouldn't be changed since the game moderators are provided with evidence for your ban but if you think you've been banned falsely or haven't been given sufficient evidence for your ban, feel free to make a feedback ticket.
  2. Quick Review on how the VTC has grown since I joined (04/11/2018) As you can see, this is a simple review so don't expect anything too lengthy This VTC was in my opinion quite undeveloped when I joined, no requirements nothing. It was like a thing you could just be in for doing nothing, so you can get to be known as a 'VTC Driver'. It wasn't until later November/early December stuff actually started happening. We got a lot of new management members who were experienced within the TruckersMP mod which helped the VTC to develop. This is when we started getting some new stuff enforced e.g monthly requirements and ranks so this made the VTC more active again. One downside was we still had a weebly website which wasn't really a positive thing nor a negative thing. But then hey, suddenly a wild @Numark appeared late December and started to make us a custom website along with a custom dashboard, this is when things really went uphill and everything was bound to be good for us. Numark took a huge part with the help of growing the VTC. January to March wasn't anything too special for the VTC, ya know the occasional updates and what not but we saw a growing amount of members starting to join which really does motivate the whole VTC. April was our big event, our 1 year anniversary and it was well organised so everything went to plan, thank you to all who came! And now, May. Our Web Developer: @Numark is releasing v2 of our website and making it even better than it already is. I am excited to see what will happen in the future! I'd just like to say, the VTC has grown and expanded within this 6-7 months, and we are always open hands to new members.
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