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  1. Passed my heavytrailer test yesterday. Soon ready to drive 24m trucks.

  2. Scania might become swedish again!

    1. Njord


      Not that i think it's always been Swedish since it's still being made in Sweden.

    2. Iveronline


      Then Sweden will be the boss of european trucks, Volvo and Scania.. :D

  3. Could've used the plastic mirrors and it would have looked better.
  4. It does have a point having a clean and nice truck if you now have your company name all over your truck. If you have a dirty and abit damaged truck people might not want to hire you for their cargo for example, while you are out on the road you are marketing the company aswell.
  5. Ah okej! Därför det inte gick att starta via mediaplayer. ^^
  6. Till nästa uppdatering, skulle du kunna lägga till 101.6 Tidaholm FM?
  7. Drunk truck driver with 2,04 in his blood caught in Sweden but got released day after.. http://www.skovdenyheter.se/artikel/354057/se-vansinneskorningen-med-204-promille This is just wrong..

    1. Njord


      He's from the east europe region and because of that those driver never get punished, they just get back to their trucks when sober and continue driving.

    2. Creatured
    3. Tandre


      I think you´ve missed somthing here, They get in jail for drunk driving, athought the makedonian driver who drive without license are free i think. Sure, there is more of the east-drivers driving drunk. But it´s still a SO small amount.

  8. Around 438 players on the server and no trucks around me and it makes my game start freeze up to 15 seconds, keeps doing that alot and i have never had that problem before.. started today But it goes away once the messanges pops up such as, Teamspeak , some polish comercial and all the other things which pop up. At the moment it's very frustrating to play when it keeps happening. I do not have any problems with my internet nor my PC so it's all the server/mod this time.
  9. Had the luck to get in to a truckschool, so next week i will start driving!

    1. Captain_Fat_Beard
    2. SprinterFS


      Start Trucking IRL...


  10. You're suppose to use the name source though.
  11. Here is my currently J-spec truck Really nice to drive with the 420, you get the chanse to use most of your gears without changing like a racedriver.
  12. It's kinda ridiculous how they put 20 highbeams all over their truck or hazzard lights. Anyways i will stick to " less is more "
  13. I do this all the time, but some are just ignoring it, could be because they don't look at their sidemirror , that they just wait until they are 100 meters infront or they don't know what it means and just think you're saying hello.
  14. hope it's ok with the lights in the sunvisor? They give me plenty of light. The lightbar on the roof, for the blinkers, because i don't like the look of the bars on this truck And no extra air horns. Ohh, and a light paint job is done aswell.... Nothing to mutch i hope ( not that i really care, it's my truck ) You kinda got everything the opposite way. Should've had plastic mirrors/doorhandles, stock sunwisor.
  15. Here is mine, although i got an v8 engine. R500 V8
  16. Is the server weird again? traffic lights are stuck and my game is not synced. Nothing wrong with my internet.

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    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      i did forward to this mwl4 he also find it very strange but he says we don't need to be worry :)

    3. KaizerNO


      haha got the same problem Njord :P oh wait.. i guess u know already :P

    4. JeffSFC


      Traffic lights worked for me up until yesterday. Only 2 I came across were stuck.

  17. Aw, you had to take the same profilepic i had hehe. Anyways, note to dev's i dont know if it's temporarily or not. But some traffic lights have been stuck during daytime. All i know is the traffic lights in Lodz during daytime was stuck earlier when i played.
  18. I have only seen one being glitchy, But my client have been freezing more often for few seconds.
  19. I have only heard rumors, probably the ones everybody else have already heard. That it will come this summer. Something i think is quite boring, the northern part of Sweden and Norway has such environment although both countries have a beutiful environment already.. But in the northern parts have alot of small roads with a big distance to each city/town, and during summer when the sun stays up all the time. And i can understand that you want to be able to drive in the north since you live there.
  20. Get windows for your mac, i think that's the only thing that will make you play MP on it.
  21. You don't have to make a new account just for multiplayer, you can use same as you do for singelplayer.
  22. They synced the weather due to that it rains most of the times, most of us are not a fan of it and prefer that the traffic lights are more important to sync rather than the weather.
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