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  1. OOOOOMMMGGGGG, Ats is downloading right now!!! HYPE HYPE

  2. Wow... Rip that plow & tractor https://youtu.be/fkriYQWmRpY?t=1m26s

    1. Creatured


      its a deere it can take a beating

    2. FirestarteR93


      ^+ its a big tractor - it has lots of strength

  3. Hoooly jesus... Right now there are 9200 players trucking around on the different servers.. wow

    1. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I'm not one of them. I'm too busy drinking Tea.

    2. Tygrys330


      Drinking tea while driving :P

  4. Nice! We are coming closer to a laggfree Rotterdam
  5. I can't manage to turn off rain, even though i have tried to turn it off in settings with the slice bar. Does anyone have a clue on how i can turn it off? Thanks in advance!
  6. I downloaded a V8 open pipe sound mod for my Scania T, and it is the best thing i've heard in my life.

    1. stilldre1976


      Same mate love that mod sounds wicked on a sub ;)

    2. NoTime4name


      Welcome to the club ;)

    3. Iveronline


      Well I've almost never played singleplayer before. I've just been playing MP. Just started playing som SP with mods and i love it <3

  7. When you are at a LAN party and everyone looks strange at you because you brought the G27

  8. 2 reports, 2 declines. RIP

  9. Doing some iPhone surgery, eating fresh hot dogs and drinking something we call "Christmas soda" http://imgur.com/myl9r4H

  10. Nei det var jeg ikke klar over! Har egentlig aldri brydd meg om det, men tenker å skifte nå som du nevnte det! Takk for tipset
  11. Someone explain to me, why do you have to use "^" whe quoting a post...?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Iveronline


      Makes sense now! Thanks d00d

    3. FirestarteR93
    4. Iveronline


      I will get "StarteD" with it right away, if you know what i mean

  12. God dagen! Skal si det er dødt her ass! Da kjører vi på med en liten introduksjon av meg! Ingame navn: [NOR] Joika Alder: 16 år. Bosted: Kristiansand Litt om deg selv: Gutt på 16 som elsker motor og biler, spiller innebandy og kjører lett motorsykkel. Blir litt gaming også! Tilbringer ellers litt tid med venner, vi finner på litt kødd På vinterstid er jeg veldig glad i stå på ski (twintip). Ellers jobber jeg litt deltid for en bedrift som leverer matvarer.. yeey.. De kjører Iveco 300hk, nok om det. Jeg gå nå i 1.klasse på videregående, studiespesialisering. Lastebilene dine, in
  13. My reactions are sick https://youtu.be/jbcbg5XL4DI

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    2. Iveronline


      hehehe, correct

    3. MrHarv98


      Indeed they are sick, You could've braked and stoppped but na you decide to yolo. Reactions are sick for real

    4. Iveronline


      Man, i was not ready for it. I was on a sundaytrip, enjoying my life, relaxing, listening to music. And the suddently this doode came out from nowhere giving me a heart attack... But it didn't look like it bothered Carlo at all :)

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