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  1. you also forget that there are people who play between realistic and fun. These people love speed, respect the players and the priority but these people are unfortunately not in your plan
  2. when I use the software and turn the game back on, the graphical setting resets normally I have all the parameters in ultra
  3. the graphical parameter does not register
  4. Russia not in Europe impossible
  5. I do not drive in Mercedes but this dlc looks good
  6. i like ats more the maps are more interesting
  7. I drive all over Europe with the dlc I'm bored on the CD it's too short
  8. before the server was full for hours now he barely reaches 3000 people and since it is a period of vacation there must be more people than normal the server is dead
  9. Fatigue simulation is not working in multiplayer
  10. moderators are tired of driving at 110 km h but it forces the others to drive at 110kmh a joke
  11. there is less player I think it would be better to go back
  12. since today's update, tmp takes a long time to light up and there are freezes
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